Community Creations - Working Claw Machine (14w02c)

Have you ever been to a store or a restaurant with one of those claw machines? You know the kind, with prizes at the bottom, and the idea is to maneuver a mechanical claw to pick up a prize, and deposit it in the prize slot? Now, you can take a shot at winning prizes without ever leaving the comfort of your chair; redstone guru sethbling has put together a fully working claw machine!

The "claw" (made from villagers, and one very distraught-looking iron golem) is controlled with pressure plates, and the prizes include ocelots, witches, creepers, and one particularly rare-to-catch slime. How many prizes can you win?

The machine was created using new features added in the recent Snapshot, 14w02c, and can be downloaded in the video description by clicking here.

Be right back, I'm going to win that slime...


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