Minethon 3: Benefiting AbleGamers

For the next 72 hours, Minethon is running a livestream charity event which will benefit AbleGamers! Donations of $15 or more will let you play with the livestreamers, but there is no minimum amount. Feel free to drop by and hang out, either by clicking the banner above, or by clicking right here!

I will be hanging out in the charity stream most of the day, if you want to drop by and chat as well. See you there!


It's simple. We play seventy-two hours of non-stop Minecraft live via Twitch TV. Think of it like a reality TV show. The cameras never stop rolling, so for the entire weekend, we're here to entertain you. All we ask in return is that you spread the word, and if you feel so inclined, to donate to AbleGamers Charity. All donations are processed securely through PayPal, and go directly to AbleGamers Charity. The MineThon Volunteers can't touch or make a cent.

In fact, apart from the generous contributions of our sponsors, MineThon is funded entirely out of pocket. To date, the MineThon Volunteers have funded $1,500 into MineThon and raised over $15,000 for charity. We see it as a charitable profit, and we're proud of those numbers.


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