30-Second Show: "Potion"

"30-Second Show" is a bite-sized comedy sketch series by me, Sacheverell! Follow Captain Deathbeam and XenoFace (of "Deepship 13" notoriety), as they take a look into Deathbeam's past, and life on planet Argon! With lighting-fast pacing, you can watch an entire episode on a bathroom break, a walk across the house, or while you're griefing your little brother's cobblestone house! (Cobblestone house griefing not actually advocated in this film.)


Special thanks to the Voxel Box's MCKupo for the title screen, and a special contribution for a custom painting by 3D animating phenom, Slamacow! Can you find the hidden 3D Steve?

Also, if you're interested in using the texture pack for yourself, be sure to pick up "Defscape", by d3fin3d! You can get it by clicking here.


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