Community Creations - Puzzle Map, "The Code"

If you have been looking for a challenging puzzle map, look no further. Today, we take a look at The Code, by jespertheend! The Code is a series of surprisingly challenging puzzles, each harder than the last, and many related to ones before them! What lies inside? Well, therein lies the trick of a puzzle map - telling you too much about it would ruin the puzzles - but I promise, it is well worth the download! Give it a try for yourself, and see how far you can make it without having to use spoilers!

In The Code, you need to solve a puzzle to get a code to advance - every solution is in the form of a code. If you rename paper to that code using the anvil, then throw the paper in the hopper, a new room will open. Altogether, there are 30 puzzles, and uses many features from the recent 1.5 update as well!

Want to try the map out for yourself? Click here to try out The Code!


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