New MCX360 Skins Incoming - Skin Pack 4 Approaches

A new Skin Pack is on the horizon for everyone's favorite console sandbox game! Until recently, there were not many details known about the still-highly-elusive pack. However, in recent days, there have been a number of skins revealed, including (but not limited to) Dragon Age skins, and even skins from Borderlands 2!

These skins are going to be available as part of the larger skin pack that will most likely retail at 160MSP, as all previous skin packs have gone for. Of course, this isn't the first time we've seen Minecraft and Borderlands 2 cross paths - remember the creeper caves? You can check out more details about the new BL2 skins over at FPS General, and as always, keep an ear to the ground right here as we set out sights on the most awesome skin pack yet!


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