Minecraft News, and Minecraft Realms

David and Toby give us a rundown on this week's Minecrafty goodness, including the elusive "Minecraft Realms" feature, currently in testing!

So wait, what is Minecraft Realms? It appears to be an in-development alternative to server hosting, where users will be able to start a server up at the push of an in-game button, and invite their friends to play, all from within the game. I have had a chance to test this out myself, and so far, it has been very easy to understand and use! A very promising feature indeed.

Youtuber BebopVox has also compiled a list of currently known features about Minecraft Realms:

  • Mojang hosted servers through a company like Amazon or Multiplay
  • Currently free for 100 people during Beta
  • Passes were given out randomly to help test
  • Looking to charge in the future, unknown price for how much time
  • DanFrisk from Mojang leading the project
  • Currently no permissions for op/mod etc... as a host.
  • Overall keeping it simple to play with friends, 1 click play.
  • If invited, you cannot make a server, only those 100 people can
    • currently, only 100 players were invited to test this feature, and they can invite whoever they like to their Realm servers. However, even if invited, those players do not gain the ability to make a Realm server of their own. Not just yet, that is
  • Currently only 1 server can be made at a time if hosting
  • Hosting a max of 4 people

You can read more details about Realms in his Reddit thread, and of course, on the official Wiki!


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