Snapshot 13w01a Available for Testing!

Yes, it's time for the first Snapshot of the year, 13w01a! What sort of awesome redstony goodness lies inside?

  • Redstones circuits are more consistent, and pistons should be more stable
  • Added the Redstone Comparator
  • Added the Daylight Sensor block
  • Added a Hopper block (still work in progress)
    • Places and takes out items in Hoppers, Chests, Furnaces, Chest Minecart, Dispencers, and Brewing Stands. Still W.I.P.
  • Added a Trapped Chest that activates redstone
    • Gives out a signal depending on the amount of players looking inside. 1 person = 1 signal, 2 people = 2, etc.
    • Crafted with a Chest and a Tripwire Hook.
    • Large Trapped Chests can be staggered with Large Chests to allow more compact storage.
    • Texture is slightly different than a normal chest.
  • Added Weighted Pressure Plates that detects item stacks
  • Added Block of Redstone (works as a pushable redstone torch)
  • Added a new Nether Quartz Ore to the Nether
    • Drops Nether Quartz
  • Added a Nether Brick (item) for crafting Nether Brick blocks
    • Obtained by smelting Netherrack
    • Crafting recipe is 2x2 Nether Bricks.
  • Inventory changes
    • Holding down the left and right mouse buttons and dragging when holding an item now splits the items across the boxes you dragged over. Left button splits them equally across the boxes and leaves the remainder in your hand. Right mouse button drops them one by one as you drag.
    • Double-clicking an item stacks as much of that item in your inventory as possible (up to a full stack) and picks it up without stacking any other loose stacks together.
    • Double-shift-clicking an item in a chest moves all of that item into your inventory neatly stacked into as few stacks as possible. The opposite is also true, moving all the items to the chest in as few stacks as possible.

Wow, and that's just one Snapshot! Are you ready to try this stuff out yourself? Let's get to the download links!

All the Snapshot details can be seen by clicking the picture above!


Snapshot Client: Download

Snapshot Server: Download


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