Minecraft Gets the Fighter Treatment

Everyone here loves Minecraft, that goes without saying. How many of you are also fans of old-school 2d fighter games? What if the two were to merge? This question has not gone unanswered, thanks to the makers of Craft Fighter!

Craft Fighter features many of your favorite Minecraft characters, monsters, and critters as playable fighter characters, each with their own suite of special moves! Built using the Craft Studio game-building engine - developed by Elisée - this highly polished game will entertain you for endless hours, even as you prove once and for all among your friends who is the superior fighter! Not too hot on the idea of fighting other players? Not a problem, the game features a single-player mode as well!

Click here to try it out for yourself!

Craft Fighter was developed using Craft Studio, a game-building program that is surprisingly easy to pick up and learn. Want to make your own game using this engine? Click here, and check it out!


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