Mists of Pandaria Build Contest Results!

Shapeways Contest Winners

Some time ago, we began a Shapeways Build Contest, which ended in November. I had a lot of great builds to go through, and picking a grand prize winner wasn't easy! There were so many great submissions, and settling on a favorite was no easy task. Today, that wait is over - let's see some winners!

First, let's take a look at our runners-up, who will each receive a $100 Shapeways gift certificate!


Temple of the Jade Serpent, by Speech500

A submission by ScottHughes

Chen Stormstout, by DeviaAnimus


All very incredible builds! Now, I had a hard time picking a winner, because frankly, every entry was very well done. Still, a winner must be chosen, and so without further delay, the winner of the Shapeways Build Contest grand prize (an awesome XBOX360) is:

The Village, by Remdir

Thank each and every participant for their hard work and amazing creations in this contest! You guys are incredible, and winner or not, everyone should be proud of their work. There were no bad entries - not a single one - and every one of them demonstrated a level of care, craftsmanship, and determination that only the awesome Minecraft community could ever hope to achieve.

More contests are always on the horizon! In the meantime, enjoy your weekend, and keep on building!

Snapshot 12w50b Update

Yesterday's Snapshot received an update to version 50b, be sure to get your updated version if you want to test the latest changes!

Client Download: Download

Server Download: Download


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