Captain Sparklez - Minecraft Style

There aren't many people left who haven't heard of the wildly popular South Korean pop song, "Gangnam Style". Today, we present you the parody done up by none other than Captain Sparklez! I'd ask you to enjoy it, but I already know you will.


How Do YOU Buy Video Games?

How do you purchase video games? We'd like to know about it, and there's even a pot of gold at the end of the survey rainbow - the last question asks you to enter your email, and on November 5th, winners will have their email randomly selected to receive a $100 gift card! Easy survey, easy prizes, what's not to love? Link to the survey is below.

Click here


Mists of Pandaria Build Contest Extended

Don't forget, the Mists of Pandaria Build Contest is still going on! Submit your entry for a chance to win a free XBOX 360, or Shapeways gift certificates!


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