New Server List Feature Goes Live Today!

Searching for servers is always an adventure - head over to the Servers section, and scan down the threads until you see a server that jumps out at you. Maybe you do a search, with specific terms like "spleef", "hunger games", or "paintball". Sometimes, you find what you're after, and sometimes you don't. Sometimes, you want to browse servers with a lot of detailed information, including the server rules, history, staff, themes and more - but, what if you just wanted to browse a short, easy-to-use list?

Well, now you can!

Today, we have launched a brand new Server searching tool, for all your server needs! Using it is easy - you can set parameters like name, available slots, country, whether or not the server is actively online at the time of search, the maximum number of players, and much more!

Want to give this new server tool a try? Of course you do! Click the link below, and find a new server today! Remember, to use the "Join" feature, you have to use the Curse Client, which you can get by clicking here. Enjoy!

Server List Tool: Click here!


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