MCX360's Future; MineTV, with Mystcraft

MCX360 - Past, Present, Future

4J Studios revealed a great deal about the forthcoming Minecraft: Xbox Edition update. 1.8.2 is set to close the gap between the current PC build, adding Creative Mode, new mobs and new foods, and...then what?

One of the bigger challenges facing the console port is the difference between the XBox itself, and the myriad options available to PC users, both good and not so great. Things like infinite worlds aren't practical on a system with limited storage space, and modding the game is, at present, not possible. So, where does the game go after 1.8.2?

As it turns out, modding will - after a fashion - be considered strongly for future releases. While mods as we know them may never be a reasonable option, there are alternatives; 4J has been thoroughly examining what it is about mods that draws people, the ins and outs of what makes them fun. It is here that they have a bit of an advantage in development that the PC version didn't, the power of hindsight. What do people enjoy most? Why do they enjoy certain game modes, decorative options, or map types? Knowing this, they can easily develop the game in its own distinct direction. While it has not been explicitly stated that they plan to diverge wildly - if at all - from the current PC builds, current trends strongly suggest that they would like to.

What this means for the future of the console sandbox is potentially very exciting, certainly. The ability to tailor the game to console players, and to draw from the huge pool of experience available to the game, gives them the ability to fine-tune the console experience to match players' expectations. We hope to hear what specifics this may entail in the coming days.


MineTV - Mystcraft!

This week's MineTV has a very exciting guest: the creator of the popular Mystcraft mod, XCompWiz! As with last week's episode, spaces in the stands will be on a first-come-first-serve basis - details are below!

  • When: Today (Wednesday, September 19th) at 6:00 (18:00) EST
  • You can check time conversions by clicking here
  • Where: We will be streaming right here, and a personal "Sach Cam" at my own Twitch channel
  • We will let people know how to gain entry to the studio audience a bit before we go live, so be sure to arrive early if you want entry!
  • Who: Mystcraft creator, XCompWiz!

Not familiar with the dimension-warping power of Mystcraft? Ever wanted to create your own custom realm, tailored exactly with what you want in it? How about many such realms? Maybe you want to create an endless, alien desert with red skies, yellow clouds and green sunsets? How about a sky dimension with mycelium, grass and snowy islands under an endless sunrise? An empty void, with naught but the island you spawned on for comfort? The ability to travel effortlessly between all of them? You can do all of this - and so much more - check it out by clicking here, you won't be disappointed!


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