Notch Interview, MCPE Updates, & More

Notch Interview at PAX

During PAX, there was an on the topic of Minecraft - its past, present, and future. Meanwhile, Minecraft founder Markus "Notch" Persson was being interviewed on his views on Minecraft, a brief look at the trademark fedora, his still-in-development title "0x10c" - and some of the exciting directions it is going in - and much more! Want to see the full interview? Click the image above, or this link.

An example question asked of Markus by PAX Senior Editor, Ben Kuchera, was: at what point did Notch feel Minecraft had gone from "just a game" to a complete success story?

Quote from Notch »
I think it started when Valve posted about it on the Team Fortress blog. Valve is probably the company I respect the most, if they ever release Episode 3. When they actually posted about it, and said the reason they did it was to get in contact with me, that’s when I went ‘Oh my god, people actually care about it.’ Which meant a lot.

The numbers were already kind of high, it was selling well, but it felt like it could end at any moment. But that’s when it got some industry cred, and felt like a turning point.

Check out the full interview right here!


Minecraft - Pocket Edition Updates Tomorrow!

Don't forget, Minecraft - Pocket Edition has an update going live TOMORROW (September 6th, 2012)! Keep an eye out, as we reveal the full change log soon! While we won't reveal every change coming just yet, there is one thing you can definitely expect to see on your hand-held Minecraft tomorrow...



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