Pocket Edition 0.3.3 Update Live!

In case you haven't seen it, Minecraft - Pocket Edition has received a new update! Some of the additions to the handheld sandbox include:

New features:
  • Added skeletons and spiders.
  • Added bow and arrow.
  • Added bone meal and flint.
  • Mobs can drop items.
  • Torches can now be placed on fences.

  • Item decay time extended to 5 minutes.
  • Boosted brightness slightly.
  • Item slots has been expanded to a minimum of 6 slots (minus one for inventory).

Bug fixes:
  • Crash bug with furnace
  • Removed fire (except on mobs in sunlight), only tested for newly started maps.
  • A bug where cactus and door placed next to each other would remove the bottom door block (and top one if a 2 level cactus).
  • Removed particles from spawning when you hit the edges of the world.
  • Stairs now block light.
  • A bug where fence gate would not appear in the user’s hand but in the world.
  • When a user sood on a slab and created another one, the user simply fell through.
  • You can no longer get unlimited diamonds, gold and iron by breaking apart blocks of them and building together as a new block.
  • Swords now take damage from hitting mobs.
  • Golden tools are no longer tougher than wooden tools.
  • The rear end texture where upside down on some animals.
  • The D-pad on ipad no longer intersects with the item slots.
  • Users can no longer place sugar cane in water.
  • Dark green leaves have correct textures when cut by shear.
  • Dandelion “egg” fixed.
  • Blocks placed on snow aren’t duplicated in multiplayer.

Be sure to update your game to see the new features!


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