Community Creations - 1.2.5 Goes Out With a Bang - Biggest Cannon Ever

The Ultra-Dense Cannon

Many cannons have been made in Minecraft over the years, and they have come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, power levels and directional versatility. Still, one cannon stands out above the rest - Conundrumer's Ultra-Dense Cannon! Touted as the "cannon to end all cannons", this gigantic monstrosity of redstone, pistons and explosives has an incredible operational range of 160km (142km vertical), and a staggering 6,804 blocks of TNT! It does have one quirk, however: it will only work in 1.2.5 Minecraft! Due to mechanical changes to the piston in 1.3, this cannon will no longer operate in the new update.

So, with the Ultra-Dense Cannon, we give the 1.2.5 update a huge sending-off. You could say that it is going out with a bang!


Minecraft News - 1.3 Pre-Release & MineTV!

This week, David and Toby take an in-depth look at the 1.3 Pre-Release, covering the surprisingly complex list of additions and changes. In addition, they take a quick look at the recently launched livestream series "" (which they also star in!), and much more - give it a look!


Pico gives us an in-depth look into the many perks of Curse Premium, with generous amounts of tongue-in-cheek humour - check it out!


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