Community Creations - TimeBomb; Taco Bell

Time Bomb - A New Game Mode

Did you ever play tag? If so, this interesting take on the game will certainly get your attention; TimeBomb - devised by ExplosiveTNT and GamePlayerHD - is a game mode where players are spawned into an arena, with a certain number of them carrying TNT. The idea is to tag other players with it, so they wind up carrying the TNT instead of you; once the 1-minute timer runs out, whoever's left carrying the TNT blows up, and the survivors get points! Of course, it's not as easy as merely tagging your opponents. The maps are also covered with various wool blocks, each one providing a different effect when walked on: green wool makes you instantly jump very high, blue wool makes you run very fast, and black wool is...bad. Don't touch the black wool.

Curious to try this game mode yourself? Check out the author's thread: click here!

Taco Bell in Minecraft Shows Off SMP Revival Texture Pack

You read that right - this is a fully recreated Taco Bell restaurant! Pico and David give us a tour of their latest creation, while showing off the SMP Revival texture pack, check it out!


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