Banner Contest Winner; Scrolls & Other Updates

Community Creations Contest Winner!

Over the last few weeks, people submitted their own banners for use in the new Community Creations series, and there were a ton of great ones! Who was the winner of this contest? Well, the community has picked their favorite, and the clear winner was Eli354! Congratulations Eli, your banner will now be at the top of every Community Creations post we make going forward!

Speaking of Community Creations, check out this variation on Minecraft PVP, a specialized map designed for solo- or team-based PVP matches, complete with automated area separators, limited resources and more!


Curious About Scrolls Gameplay?

I've been playing quite a bit of the Scrolls alpha lately - curious to see Scrolls in action, from the start of a match to the end? Here's a chance to do just that! I play a quick round with the AI to demonstrate the game's mechanics, layout and other features in this demonstration video - can you spot some places where I could've employed a stronger strategy, or used a different tactic for better effect? Can you spot the hidden secret in the game? Give it a watch and see!

Also, be sure to check out the official Scrolls Forum for all things Scrolls!


This Week in the Gaming Network

Pico gives us a heads up on new releases. Rainbow Moon, Quantum Conundrum and Ice Age:Continental Drift. Subscribe here for weekly game release updates. Thanks!


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