MCX360 Updates Today!

MCX360 Updates Have Arrived
It wasn't long ago that we touched on some exciting updates for MCX360. Many players asked when the update would arrive; the answer is, the game updates today! Abundant bug fixes, a number of new features and more await players of the popular sandbox console port. There is no special process to update the game, just log in, and it will notify you of the update, and proceed to patch itself. Nothing is easier!

Well, building a 1x1 dirt pillar is pretty easy...

Minecraft Redstone Tutorials - The Basics

Many long-time Minecrafters are familiar with redstone - it has, after all, been a cornerstone of the game for a long time - but what if you're relatively new to using it? Perhaps you never got around to learning about logic gates and basic circuitry? If so, Flabaliki has you covered, with this basic introduction into redstone mechanics! Keep in mind, this is the very basics - he introduces redstone and some of its simpler uses - however, Flabaliki has created an entire series dedicated to exploring the myriad features of redstone, including logic gates, piston machinery and more. Check it out!


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