MCX360 Sells Over Two Million, Fixes Arrive Soon

2 Million Sold, and Counting

That's right, Mojang and 4J Studios' Xbox 360 edition of indie hit Minecraft recently sold more than two million units worldwide on XBLA! MCX360 sells for 1600 MS Points, or $20 - Notch tweeted the day after launch that the game had become profitable (saw more money gained in sales than spent in creating it) within the first full day of sales, a figure that continues to climb exponentially.

Microsoft Studios, while initially non-specific about the sales numbers after launch day, confirmed that MCX360 broke all previous sales records on Live Arcade, beating out the previous fastest-selling game on the platform, Trials Evolution, which sold over 100,000 copies in a day, by over four times the numbers.

As popular as MCX360 has become, it shouldn't surprise anyone that many people have been requesting bug fixes and updates to the console ported sandbox blockbuster. Fortunately, according to 4J Studios' 4JSteve, fixes are on the way in approximately 3 weeks.


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