Minecraft News; Snapshot Updates, Pocket Edition & More

Minecraft + Mojang News: Zombies vs. Doors and Villagers!

This week, David & Toby cover the multitude of features that have been added in this weeks' Snapshot release! They cover additions such as enhanced zombie AI (and door-breaking abilities), rare drops from monsters, improved villager AI, improvements to cats, and more - click the image above to check it out!

Pocket Edition Updates

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the upcoming Minecraft - Pocket Edition updates, and with the promise of Survival being added to the hand-held port, players have been anxious to enhance their portable experience. Now, the wait for an update is drawing to a close - Carl tweeted only minutes ago that the Pocket Edition updates will be released as early as tonight! The Android version will likely see the update first, with other platforms following suit in the near future.

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