The Making of Minecon

Ever wonder how a massive convention like Minecon gets off the ground? What goes into organizing, putting together, and maintaining a show like this? We're about to give you a sneak-peek into the answer to this very question!

First, we sat down with Christine Hilgert and Kate Gemmell, the "Meeting Expectations" Managers of the convention, who speak about how they were contacted, who they contacted for help (including us!), and how they went about determining the best way to lay the groundwork for Minecon. Every day at Minecon, these two could be seen on the convention hall floor, checking on and checking in with everyone present, streamlining events and more. They were really great to work with, and we appreciate and enjoyed the time they took to have a chat with us here. Thanks!

Next up, we have a chat with Vu Bui, Mojang's Minecon Manager. He touches on how he was brought on-board, the semi-spontaneous nature of how Minecon came to be, and how he came to help with conventions, starting with consulting for the Mojang booth at PAX.

We will include more behind-the-scenes segments of Minecon in the near future - check in frequently!


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