Interview with SamCube, Creator of Wondercraft!

For those of you who haven't had the chance to check out WonderCraft, it is a captivating, in-depth Minecraft-inspired comic series, done by the talented SamCube, known on the forums as "Wondercraftnet". It is a surprisingly deep story line, with some new twists on the "stranded adventurer" theme.

We had a chance to do an interview with SamCube, take a look!


Sacheverell: So, what got you into graphic artistry, would you say?

SamCube: Comics, superhero comics, in my childhood.

Sacheverell: That's awesome! Comics are a big inspiration, I think.

SamCube: My father got lots of them. He also was good in drawings. He made a lot of caricatures of his work partners!

Sacheverell: That's pretty cool. So, what made you want to do Minecraft-style comics?

SamCube: I played the game. And I was playing it (always single player at first) I feel that sense of adventure and exploring. When something great happens to me I always thought, "That could be great to draw it!" so as I was discovering the game I take a few notes, and wanted to make up a story, to play a role within the game, too.

If you have played to Minecraft, sure you have asked yourself: What am I doing here? Who am I?

Sacheverell: Oh, definitely! That's why I thought your comic was really interesting, it gave the in-game character a purpose, a story.

SamCube: Yeah, because we love stories! Minecraft was such a great playground to me. The game mechanics, the graphics and the creatures. Great ingredients for any story.

Sacheverell: Absolutely. So, in the long run, what direction do you see the comic going in? Are there long-term plans for it?

SamCube: Yes, sure. First, in the Chapter 2 I want to go deep into the main character story. We will visit different flashbacks, meet his father and his purpose before he lost his memory. The story will evolve until we can see some "Multi-player" like kind of game - I don't want to tell too much of it, but just have to do something with the WonderCraft, some kind of relic.

Sacheverell: Sweet, I'm definitely looking forward to that. Your artistic style is very distinct and unique - about how long would you say it took to settle on that style?

SamCube: I think it was some kind of natural. I almost did not any preparation for this. That's quite surprising because I spend a lot of time in my sketchbooks defining the characters, objects and everything. With Wondercraft I took it more like a challenge, it has to be spontaneous. The thing is, I don't recognize this style in my previous comics.

Sacheverell: That's actually really impressive - not many people can do a freeform style like that!

SamCube: I'm just dicovering it, too. But it has to do with enthusiasm.

Sacheverell: It definitely helps to have a project you love doing.

SamCube: Definitely. For me it's really a pleasure. I draw like 8 to 10 hours a day with my other works, when I finish, wondercraft is how I spend my time. Like being a child again and playing with toys, really!

You can see more of Wondercraft right here! As an added bonus, here's a video of SamCube doing an Enderman concept sketch:


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