Mod Spotlight: The Aether

Today, we had the opportunity to take a look at the much-anticipated Aether Mod, led by kingbdogz, Shockah, KodaichiZero, Flan and _303. It certainly lives up to its prestigious reputation, adding a huge number of features to the game - so many that we almost don't have room to list them all here.

The crafting system has seen a lot of additional content, everything from new tools with special abillites (like doubling the number of blocks you mine with them) to more exotic crafting equipment, like the much-needed Incubator, for growing and training your own flying mounts; and an Enchanter, which can create and upgrade a wide variety of items; and entirely new items unique to the Aether, such as the dart shooter, which can fire a variety of special projectiles directly at a target.

The flora and fauna of the Aether is certainly uniquely its own, with flying pigs and colorful sheep roaming the landscape, poisonous plants, and the elusive Moas - flying bird-like creatures which drop very special eggs - and the massive Aerwhales, those gentle, drifting giants of the sky. Also included are a large variety of custom blocks, only found in the Aether. 3 blocks which really stand out are cold (and blue) clouds, which can cushion (or launch) a player on contact; and quicksoil, essentially the inversion of soulsand. Players walking on this will quickly gain momentum, reaching incredible speeds on a long stretch.

There is much, much more in Aether than what is listed here - enough features to keep anyone busy for a long time. Watch for Aether Mod's release, coming soon!


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