Mojang Adds New Payment Options, Minecraft Support

For those of you who have been waiting for new payment options before purchasing Minecraft, your day may have finally come. Mojang has added over 100 payment options through MoneyBookers and PayPal.

According to Mojang's Daniel Kaplan, these new payment options will be especially helpful for those who want to use American Express, or those located in Germany and Poland.

On the support side of things, Mojang has introduced a new automated support that Kaplan feels should help with most Minecraft account-related issues. You'll be able to get all of your account support through the automated system, including a list of all usernames attached to an email, info on your account, and more.

From here out, if you send an email directly to Mojang about account issues you will receive an automated response directing to the new support system on the Minecraft website.


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