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Update: There was an unfortunate but necessary to roll back the members table. This means you will need to rebind the account, and possibly reset your password again. We apologize for the inconvenience, and promise that this won't be needed again.

Update: We're still in the process of fixing all of the known issues with merging and logging in to old Minecraft forum accounts. If you are unable to login, please try these possible fixes:

- Reset your Minecraft forum password here.
- Clear your browser cookies/cache.

After months of hard work from our development team we're proud to present to you the brand new Minecraft forums! Please pardon the dust, we're working on addressing any issues as quickly as possible. You can find the Known Issues thread here. Please be sure to report any you come across!The updated website includes many new features. Let's take a look at what's new and what's improved, shall we?

Front Page

The front page of Minecraft forum now includes a news section, in which we'll bring you daily Minecraft content in the form of news, tips for the various game modes, patch information, user-created Minecraft content, and more.You'll also be able to find quick links to the most recent forum topics, all the latest submitted videos and a Twitter feed from notch.


That's right, Minecraft forum now has a video section! We have our own ideas on what to do with the section, but we want to get the community involved as well.We encourage you to submit your Minecraft-related videos to the section. Why, you ask? Because we'll be spotlighting great Minecraft video content on the front page!

Improved Forum System

We've moved the forum to an updated version of Invision Power Board, one of the top forum solutions in the world. The forum is also integrated with Curse Auth, allowing you to log in to Minecraft forum with a account. This will enable you to use a single login for most websites Curse offers.

Easier Moderation

Part of moving to Invision Power Board was also to make moderating the forums easier for our moderation team. The IPB moderation system is streamlined over other forum software, allowing quick and easy moderating of topics -- whether a single topic or mass moderation.


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