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Over the last week in Snapshots, we have seen a lot of exciting things coming up - Ender Chests, villager trading, the merging of SSP and SMP modes into a fluid, single system - what else could possibly be added to this pile of goodies to make it even better?  We can think of one thing - tripwires.

Nathan "Dinnerbone" Adams uploaded this video showing off some experiments with tripwire - it appears that it can be set off by crossing the tripwire boundary (as expected), as well as being set off by "using" it much as one would use a switch or button.  What other awesome features are on the horizon?  We'll keep you posted as they develop!


A Minecraft Wedding

Posted Image

Anyone in attendance at Minecon 2011 will undoubtedly remember this touching event - Matt's proposal to Asia on-stage, alongside Mojang!  Their marriage is now official, and the wedding ceremony was something any dedicated Minecraft fan could be proud of - Minecraft-themed Jones Soda, which features many of the in-game items and creatures; a number of high-quality character model statues that were on the showroom at Minecon including Steve, creeper and more.  There were also a number of hand-made pieces for their ceremony made by the happy couple and friends, such as Minecraft trees and other bits of the world.  Other gems included a Minecraft-diamond necklace, and - something no Minecraft party should be without - a Minecraft cake.

From everyone here at the Minecraft Forum, we would like to congratulate Matt and Asia on having easily the most awesome wedding in history, and wish the happy couple well!

Want to see more pictures of their awesome wedding ceremony?  Click the image above (or this link) for the full set! Back to Top

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Lydia Winters - more popularly known as "Minecraft Chick" - confirmed that Minecon 2012 would be happening, and that it would be held in Europe!  While no specific country or dates were yet named, we expect such details to be revealed in the very near future.  Will it be in the UK?  Perhaps even Sweden?  France?  Check in frequently - we'll let you know soon!

Minecon 2011 was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino, with an estimated attendance of over five thousand people.  There were numerous booths, seminars and Q&A sessions with various Minecraft groups and personalities, including opportunities to meet Mojang in person.  The opening ceremony included a history of Minecraft, as well as marking the official launch of Minecraft 1.0, the full release of the blockbuster sandbox title.

It wasn't long ago that Minecraft saw 25 million registered users (they're already up to 26 million since that particular landmark was set), and the number just keeps growing.  Along with the runaway success of Minecraft - Pocket Edition and the upcoming Minecraft - XBOX Edition, the epic block-builder continues to take the world by storm.  Massive updates are on the horizon for the PC version, including the highly anticipated Mod API, NPC trading and so much more.  Just how far can Minecraft go?  Only time will tell!


Everyone loves Minecraft, but just how much?  We would like to know!  Head over here and take our Minecraft poll, and tell us what you think about all things Minecraft! Back to Top

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We saw a lot of neat things at Minecon, many of which we have already covered here.  Still, even the most awesome convention in the world wouldn't have been worth it without you guys, and we saw a LOT of you there - roughly 5,000 attendees packed into the convention, waited in long lines, traveled from booth to booth, saw numerous panels and even met Mojang in person.

At our Curse booth, we had a green-screen photo op, where people could get themselves inserted into the Minecraft world, and from where I was sitting, it seemed like nearly every attendee paid us a visit at some point!  It was really awesome getting to meet some of our users, and see the creative ways they could immerse themselves into their chosen backgrounds.  Below, we show off some of our favorites - check it out!  You can click on any of the images for a larger version.


Posted Image

I didn't know they implemented back-stabbing mechanics in the game already!

Posted Image

Pico likes hitting sheep until they do her bidding.  Give me your secrets, sheep!

Posted Image

Everyone says that creepers just want a hug.  He went above and beyond!

Posted Image

Steve has taught us that punching trees is not only a viable wood-gathering method, but that we can't be injured from it!

Posted Image

While the other guy tried to make nice with Mr. Creeper, this one seems less amorous and more terrified.  Better get out of the blast radius!

Posted Image

She seems less concerned with the spider and more focused on the guy with a pickaxe.  Maybe he's a griefer?

Posted Image

She wields this spider like a fencing foil, which sounds strange at first, until you consider how awesome it would be to chase other players around attacking them with your own spider.

Posted Image

He was waiting for someone else, but the creeper showed up instead.  ...unless he was waiting for the creeper...

Posted Image

One may think he's trying to keep the creeper at a distance, but what you don't see off-camera is the legion of silverfish rushing at him.

Posted Image

Father/son traditions are as old as time itself, and this is no exception.  If you can't teach your boy how to hunt mobs, who can?

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We recently showed you a bit about what went into the making of Minecon, covering the logistics of setting up the convention, and the overall experience itself - and now, there's more!  This episode touches a bit more on the personal side of Minecon; we talk about the attendees, including a few stories about getting to Minecon, meeting Minecraft Chick, and more.  We also address the "rock star" aura of Mojang's employees, noting the air of mystery and presence that follows them in the wake of their smash-hit indie title.  If you want to see a more personal side of Minecon, this is definitely worth a watch!

Minecon was, without a doubt, one of the best conventions we've had the pleasure of attending; the attendees were great to meet, Mojang had some great shows put together, and the numerous sponsors had a staggering amount of actvities, including a sneak-peek at the XBOX version of Minecraft.  We had a great time this year, and look forward to doing it again! Back to Top

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We had a great time at Minecon this year!  Without a doubt, one of the most exciting aspects was getting a chance to give back something to the community for all their support and encouragement, in our Diamond Deposit Scavenger Hunt!  Before we announce the winners below, we would like to give a special thanks to each and every person who came to see us - it was incredibly exciting and fun to conduct the scavenger hunt, and we couldn't have done it without you!

Now, let's get to the winners of this year's Diamond Deposit Scavenger Hunt!


Posted Image  Minecraft-Themed 250GB Xbox   

  • DeltaKilo81

DeltaKilo81 is now in possession of one of only three customized Minecraft Xbox 360s in the world!  Want a shot at the last one?  It's not too late - sign up now for a chance to own an ultra-rare collector's item!  You can see more details in this video - check it out!

Posted Image Ultimate Razer Gaming Peripherals Pack  
Naga gaming mouse, Goliathus extended speed mouse mat, Anansi gaming keyboard, Electra gaming audio

  • Robert Bund
  • Josh Young
  • Natty Coleman (realitybroken)
  • Franz Michael

Razer gaming peripherals are world-renowned for their high quality, incredible precision and unmatched performance - specifically tailored for gamers, by gamers.  Congratulations!

Posted Image Minecraft Branded Xperia PLAY 4G (signed by Notch)

  • Jordan Chipman
  • Jonathan Bottger

Xperia Play is a gamer's dream smartphone.  As the first Playstation-certified smartphone, this feature-packed handset is everything a gamer-on-the-go could ask for!

Posted Image Solid-State Drive

  • Criswell
  • Matt Slote (5c11)
  • GI Ibinezie

These 160GB monsters have incredibly fast load times (over 270 MB/s!), so you spend more time playing, and less time waiting.  With built-in data-loss protection, incredible performance and variable sizes for your needs, these solid-state drives are a must-have for any hardcore gamer!

Posted Image Xbox 360 250GB Kinect Holiday Bundle (signed by Notch)

  • Duncan Platt
  • Spencer Reed
  • Zachery Young (Big Zed)

Kinect brings games even closer to the real world, by making you the controller!  With a fluid, innovative interface and a library of awesome titles, Kinect is a definite hot-item for the modern-day gamer!

Posted Image Custom-built gaming PC
Featuring a Core i7 (3.40ghz) Processor, 8GB RAM, MSI Overclocking, liquid-cooling and nVidia-powered graphics

  • David Haskins

Cole2's World offers the finest in Minecraft server hosting - with superior servers and a unique ranks/rewarding system, Cole2's World is a sure bet for stable, high-performance Minecraft servers!

Posted Image $100 J!NX Gift Certificate

  • Jacob Ross
  • Tyson Acree
  • TheDemon021
  • Cameron Stanton
  • Amber Breitigan

J!nx has been a gamer-clothing powerhouse since 1999, providing a huge assortment of excellent, high-quality gamer T-shirts, accessories and more!

Congratulations to all the winners!  We would also like to extend our sincerest thanks to our partners for their participation in this incredible event - you guys are amazing!  Finally, we thank you guys, for your participation, support and love of the game.  We had a great time putting this together for you, and we look forward to doing something even bigger at next year's Minecon - we'll see you there!


Pico goes on the Scavenger Hunt!


Xbox Giveaway Contest Details!

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Ever wonder how a massive convention like Minecon gets off the ground?  What goes into organizing, putting together, and maintaining a show like this?  We're about to give you a sneak-peek into the answer to this very question!

First, we sat down with Christine Hilgert and Kate Gemmell, the "Meeting Expectations" Managers of the convention, who speak about how they were contacted, who they contacted for help (including us!), and how they went about determining the best way to lay the groundwork for Minecon.  Every day at Minecon, these two could be seen on the convention hall floor, checking on and checking in with everyone present, streamlining events and more.  They were really great to work with, and we appreciate and enjoyed the time they took to have a chat with us here.  Thanks!

Next up, we have a chat with Vu Bui, Mojang's Minecon Manager.  He touches on how he was brought on-board, the semi-spontaneous nature of how Minecon came to be, and how he came to help with conventions, starting with consulting for the Mojang booth at PAX.

We will include more behind-the-scenes segments of Minecon in the near future - check in frequently! Back to Top

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During Minecon, we had the opportunity to see a wide variety of exciting releases and demos.  Today, we're focusing on the Xbox 360 Minecraft port, by 4J Studios! The booth was demoing the first build of Minecraft on the popular home console, and it was impressive!  Here, Pico speaks with the on-site staff about the game, and sits down for a play-through.

A number of features from the PC version made their way into the port, such as seed-generated worlds, basic Survival mode, the crafting system, and more.  The game handles very well, with smooth animations, a strong fps rate, and a highly intuitive control system.  While player controls are solid, one strong suit of the control system is the menu and inventory navigation setup, which is incredibly well done - swapping items between the tool bar and the inventory is quick and simple.  The crafting system also has an innovative approach, with built-in blueprints that clearly show how to build various in-game objects!  

First, you select a given material from the blueprint area.  To the right of your selection, the menu shows you the various things which can be made with the chosen material - highlighting the desired item shows a detailed breakdown of what is needed to make the item, similar to having someone place the required materials on a workbench for you.  If the correct type and amount of materials are in your inventory (say, 4 wood planks for a workbench), you only need to click on the item blueprint, and it is instantly produced and dropped into your inventory, ready to use!  There are sub-categories for easy navigation, for construction items, tools, food and more.

We would like to thank Microsoft and 4J Studios for giving us a hands-on look at this amazing console port, and we anxiously await the full release! Back to Top

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Among the many exciting events at Minecon, one highly anticipated panel was the Q&A session with the Bukkit team!  We've put together the Q&A into segments - take a look at the first two installments below!

Part 1:

Part 2:

In between sessions, autographs and other obligations, the Bukkit team (EvilSeph, Dinnerbone, Tahg, and Grum) were hard at work getting Bukkit ready for the final release of Minecraft.  There is currently a stable dev-release of Bukkit (which you can get right here); the final release will be ready in the near future.

Just in case you missed the introduction to the Bukkit panel, you can see it right here.  We will be adding more of the Bukkit session in the very near future, so be sure to check back frequently! Back to Top

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Posted Image

The Minecraft Forum Exchange is now live!  Chat with attendees, Curse/forum staff, or whoever else happens to be here!  Just click here and begin chatting immediately! Back to Top

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Posted Image

As we've mentioned before, we're very excited to be attending Minecon this year!  Now, we'd like to give you some inside details about how the Scavenger Hunt is going down!

The scavenger hunt will work like this:

  • All Minecon attendees will receive a Diamond Deposit Flyer in their attendee bags (you can also pick up a flyer from one of the partners if you lose yours, but just note, we will only allow one entry per person).
  • Attendees need to take their flyer to each of the partners booths and perform an interaction there to receive a diamond sticker.  For example, at the Curse booth we will ask you to make a comment about your Minecon experience at the Minecraft Forum Exchange station.  
  • Once you have collected a diamond sticker from each of the partners return to the Curse booth and deposit your completed Diamond Flyer in the Curse Bank.
  • Around 3:15 pm on Saturday Notch will be at the Curse booth to draw the winning flyers from the Curse Bank.

All the prizes for the scavenger hunt will be on display at the Curse booth, so come on by and check out all the cool stuff you can win.  Curse and our partners are giving away some SERIOUS loot, so you won't want to miss your chance to enter this one.

Still, what to do if you're not able to make it to Minecon this year?  No worries, we've got you covered!  When Minecon starts on November 18th, Curse is going to open a US Premium sweepstakes on our homepage where one lucky entrant will win a sweet custom Minecraft-themed Xbox 360 for themselves.

Posted Image

So, get signed up and enter for your chance to win!

Finally, we've also made a 3rd Minecraft-themed xbox for one very special kid.  On Saturday during Minecon, Mojang is throwing a VIP charity lunch to benefit the Make-a-Wish Foundation.  At the event, Curse will be giving one of these Xboxes to a Make-a-Wish youngster who is a huge Minecraft fan, and whose wish it is to attend Minecon.  Mojang and Curse are working together to ensure they have the most amazing Minecon experience imaginable!

We're very excited to be attending Minecon, and look forward to seeing all of you there, whether in person or right here on Minecraft Forums! Back to Top

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