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Going to Minecon this year?  If so, we have a special treat for all the attendees who drop by our booth - the annual Diamond Deposit Scavenger Hunt!  What does it entail?  Simple - winning free stuff!  Here's how it works:

  • Get a Scavenger Hunt card (comes with your Minecon goodie bag!)
  • Fill out your info on the back
  • Visit each of our partner's booths, and get your card punched there
  • Bring your fully punched card back to the booth, turn it in

That's it!  Once the Scavenger Hunt is over, we will draw winners at random, and give away prizes!  We have some pretty awesome prizes available, too!  Our generous partners have offered the following for the giveaway:

Shapeways: $300 Shapeways Gift Certificate
J!NX: €100 Gift Certificate (x5)
Intel® : x4 Intel® Solid-State Drives (x2 intel® SSD of 240Go & x2 Intel® SSD 480Go)
57Digital: iPad Mini
Microsoft: Xbox + Minecraft Download
CraftStudio: Xbox Kinect Bundle
Curse: Alienware M14x Laptop (courtesy of Alienware!)

So, if you want fabulous free stuff, drop by our booth at Minecon, get your scavenger hunt on, and get ready for your chance to win some awesome loot!

A huge thanks to our incredibly generous sponsors:

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Alienware:  http://www.alienware.com
Shapeways: http://www.shapeways.com/
J!NX: http://www.jinx.com/
Intel: http://www.intel.com...drives-ssd.html
57Digital: http://www.57digital.co.uk/
Xbox: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/
CraftStudio: http://craftstud.io/
Curse: http://www.curse.com/

Disclaimer : *Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. Copyright © 2012, Intel Corporation. All rights reserved. Intel Inside, Intel Core, Ultrabook, Intel, Intel SSD , and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries. For more information and details, visit http://www.intel.com/ultrabook Back to Top

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Excited about attending Minecon 2012 this year?  Why wouldn't you be, it's going to be awesome!  There will be a whole host of special guests, booths, and for anyone who attended the 'con last year, less lines.  Still, there are a few things Mojang wants to make sure any attendee is aware of!  From Mojang's own Lydia Winters:

Lydia Winters said:

So you wanna be FAMOUS?

Do you have something interesting you want to talk about at MINECON? Submissions for panelists are open now. We are looking for speakers on all kinds of topics like building, redstone, running a server, Minecrafting with your family, creating videos, basically anything! Submit your panel here: http://bit.ly/TlBvGG. You have until October 31st @ 11pm PST.

Epic Creative Build Contest

Do you dream of meeting the Mojang team? Here’s your chance. Enter the official MINECON build contest. There are only 1,000 spots available, so sign up quickly: http://bit.ly/OVHRQy. It’s an individual two week creative build contest. The top three builds will be showcased on stage at MINECON and the winners will get to meet the Mojangstas.

Register your Babies (literally)

Children under seven are free, but we need to get a head-count of how many will be attending. If you are bringing small children with you, please login to manage your ticket, then scroll down and add in the number of children under seven attending with you.


MINECON will be open each day from 10-17 (10am-5pm). On Saturday night, the Walt Disney Studios party will start at 8. The Sunday night .party() details haven’t been released yet (don’t forget it is 18+ ONLY).


Some things that will make this year’s MINECON incredible:

  • All of you
  • Amazing panels about everything Minecraft you can imagine
  • A killer exhibit hall with hand picked exhibitors
  • An interactive area… nope… I’m not telling you ANYTHING else about this one
  • A private party at Walt Disney Studios. Ride ALL the rides with fellow Minecrafters – Too much awesome to describe

Badge pickup

Badges will be picked up on-site. You will get an email soon that gives you all the specifics of what you need to bring with you.


We’ll be sending out multiple emails over the next month to keep you updated on what’s happening! Also, the MINECON website will be getting an update soon!
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Mollstam announced that more Minecon 2012 tickets are NOW AVAILABLE!  Click the banner above (or this link), and secure your tickets now!

Well, that went fast - tickets are already SOLD OUT AGAIN!  Be sure to keep an eye out, as we keep you posted on ticket availability! Back to Top

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That'sssss a nice game you have there...

As many of you know, Borderlands 2 launched earlier today.  What came as a surprise to many was the surprise introduction of Minecraft cameos in the game - and there's more than just a few in there!

During the course of the Borderlands 2 campaign, fpsgeneral.com guru "NateRios" discovered a plethora of blocky goodness; players will meet some familiar enemies, and have access to customization options from everyone's favorite cross-platform sandbox blockbuster.  The creeper above is only one such cameo - there are player customization options, Minecraft blocks in the maps themselves, and more!  You can check out the full gallery in the links below.

Also, if you're interested in checking out all that Borderlands 2 has to offer, be sure to take a look at fpsgeneral.com for all things Borderlands, and more!

Speaking of borders, Minecon 2012 Paris tickets have once again sold out today!  They are going super-fast, but fear not!  Another batch of tickets will be released on Thursday, September 20th at 7:00 PM (19:00) CEST!  If you have any plans to hit up Minecon this year at Disneyland Paris, get these tickets before they're gone - there is no telling when more will be released - links below!


BL2 Minecraft gallery:  Click here

Borderlands 2 Wiki:  Click here

Minecon 2012 Ticket Info:  Click here Back to Top

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Minecon 2012 tickets went on sale recently, but quickly became unavailable.  Some estimates suggest that the available tickets were sold out within two hours of going live.  So, what are the rest of us interested in going to Minecon left to do?  Tobias Mollstam to the rescue!

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That's right, on Tuesday, September 18th at 5:00 pm (17:00) CEST, a NEW batch of Minecon 2012 tickets will be available for purchase!  It's not too late to secure your place at Minecon 2012 this year, so be sure to buy your tickets once they become available - they won't last long!

Minecon 2012 will be taking place from November 24th through November 25th, 2012, in beautiful Paris, France.  Every attendee will get a chance to mingle with other Minecrafters, see notable personalities from the Minecraft community - including modders, YouTube video and series makers, and many more - and the ever-awesome Mojang team!  Are you ready to hang out at the most awesome Minecraft convention yet?  If so, click the banner above (or this link), get your tickets - we'll see you there!


MCX360 1.8.2 Teasers - Food!

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4J Studios gives us a look at another awesome feature in the 1.8.2 update for MCX360 (coming soon): more food types!  It won't be quite as dangerous to go Endermen hunting with your trusty steak in hand - check it out!


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Pico brings us our weekly gaming news! Endermen and Blue Cave Spiders come to XBox 360, the November 18th launch of the WiiU, Guild Wars 2 for hitting the mark of 2 million copies sold, Steam Greenlight games of note, Terraria comes to XBLA and PSN, and the arrival of the NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660 and 650 - take a look! Back to Top

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It's the moment we've all been waiting for - Minecon 2012 registration is now open!  That's right, the countdown to sign up for tickets, make reservations, and get ready for the most awesome convention ever, at Disneyland in Paris, France, has begun!

Minecon 2012 will be taking place from November 24th through November 25th, 2012, in beautiful Paris, France.  Every attendee will get a chance to mingle with other Minecrafters, see notable personalities from the Minecraft community - including modders, YouTube video and series makers, and many more - and the ever-awesome Mojang team!  Are you ready to hang out at the most awesome Minecraft convention yet?  If so, click the banner above (or this link), and be ready when the countdown hits zero!  Once registration opens, you can make your preparations to take part in Minecon 2012 - we'll see you there!

While we wait for the big moment, here's some early details about Minecon 2012 - more info can be found as it becomes available right here, and at the official Minecon site!

  • €99 early-bird rate for MineCon tickets grants admission to the Disney Events Arena, from 10 am to about 6 pm.
  • Saturday evening party at the Walt Disney Studios Park, reserved for MineCon with free rides for everyone!
  • Discounts on Disney hotels (from €78) and park tickets.
  • 18 and over get access to .party() in Paris on Sunday night.
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Mojang at PAX!

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Mojang has been busy at PAX all weekend, and we have been bringing you some pretty awesome updates on all things Minecraft going on there.  So, what's going on today, you ask?  EvilSeph has reminded us that there is a Minecraft Panel going on today, at 4:30 pm, PST!  Be sure to check out the panel - if you're not at PAX today, you can watch it live, on the PAX Twitch channel - click here to check it out!

Not enough Minecraft to whet your appetite?  How about this: Notch has announced that Minecraft's "Adventure Update" will be playable on the show floor!  The expansion, which is currently heavily in development, will add more than 40 new features in the sandbox blockbuster, such as NPC villages, additional farming activities, and randomly-generated dungeons!

Keep an eye out for more updates to Minecraft, PAX and more, right here!


Notch's Beard is At Stake!

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Speaking of awesome things related to Penny Arcade; a few weeks ago, QubeTubers hosted a popular charity event, which was frequented by nearly every major Minecraft personality in existence, including a number of Mojangsters!  The drive is still going on through today, and has cleared an impressive $70,000 in donations for the Child's Play charity!  However, there is an extra prize for clearing that $75,000 mark:

Notch will shave his beard.

That's right - if the QubeTuber's Charity Event clears $75,000 before the event ends, Notch will shave his beard off.

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So, if you want to help out the most awesome children's charity ever AND see Notch sans beard, be sure to head over to the QubeTuber's Child's Play Charity Event - there's less than $5,000 to go for a beardless Notch, and countless children will see the benefit of your generosity.  Check it out! Back to Top

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12w34b Released

An updated version of yesterday's Snapshot was released, to address a few bugs.  In particular:

  • Fixed item frame crashes
  • Fixed nether portal stuff
  • Changed recipes for buttons
  • Minor armor gfx changes

There was also mention of a "hidden feature" being adjusted, but no specifics were revealed at this time regarding said feature.

Client:  Download

Server:  Download


Minecraft Weekly News - PAX, Pots and Portal Cows!

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This week, Toby tackles current Minecraft events, including Mojang at PAX, potted plants, and all sorts of goodies - give it a look!

In addition, the full episode of MineTV #3 was uploaded recently due to popular demand - see the entire interview with "Equivalent Exchange 3" author, Pahimar!  We talk about the mod, recent goings-on in Minecraft, and the utter annihilation of the MineTV studio - give it a watch!

Posted Image


Minecon 2012 Update

Just in case you missed it yesterday, Mojang has set up their official Minecon site!  Be sure to check in frequently for updates on all things Minecon, including tickets, scheduling and more - click here! Back to Top

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The Snapshot

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We have seen some interesting teaser pics from Dinnerbone over the last few weeks, and this Snapshot includes a number of features related to those screenshots!  A number of these will be familiar to everyone - item frames, stone walls, dyed armor - but there are a number of additional awesome features not mentioned before!  Check out the full list below:

  • Added item frames
  • Added cobblestone walls (yes, mossy too)
  • Maps now align to a grid, making it easier to create adjacent maps. Maps can also be cloned
  • Stairs now auto-arrange into corners. This is a test and may change based on feedback
  • Mobs can travel through portals
  • Leather clothes can be dyed
  • Removed the “wip block” from the creative menu
  • Added two new crops and associated items
  • F3+P will toggle the auto-pause when the window loses focus (it’s for debugging, mainly)
  • F3+H will toggle detailed item descriptions (also for debugging)
  • Added arrow-sensitive wooden buttons
  • Trapdoors can be placed in top-most position (based on cross-hair aim)

Download the client:  Download

Download the server:  Download

Minecon Registration to Open Soon; PAX Contest

Registration for Minecon 2012 isn't far off now; the official registration site is expected to be live in less than 24 hours, but actual registration for the convention will not be possible until some time next week.  Links to the registration site (and the exact time that registration opens) will be revealed in the near future.

UPDATE: The Minecon 2012 site is NOW LIVE!  Click the link below to check it out - details for registration and more will become available within the next week.

Official Minecon 2012 Site:  Click here

In the meantime, Mojang is hosting a pretty awesome PAX Fan Art Contest, definitely worth checking out!

MineTV Updates

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The video above is a highlight reel of MineTV's Episode 3, with mod maker and hilarious commentator Pahimar!  At the time, it was believed that a 2-hour episode might be a bit long for people to sit through, but due to a rather overwhelming volume of mail demanding the full episode, it will be uploaded in its entirety later today - be sure to subscribe to the channel for real-time updates! Back to Top

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This week, David and Toby talk about the recent MCX360 update, some teasers revealed about Minecon 2012, and more - check it out! Back to Top

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