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Pocket Edition Submitted, Not Released Just Yet

A new update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition (0.3.3) is in the pipeline, but has hit an unexpected snag in the process.  It is not currently known when it will clear for release, but in the meantime, there are exciting things on the horizon for future Pocket Edition updates - things like beds, chests, and the very real possibility of wheat and bread!  It is not currently believed that bread is indicative of a hunger system, but rather a means to gain health back more quickly.

Speculation of TNT and creepers has come to the fore, but neither are currently confirmed at this time.  We will keep you posted on developments regarding the most recent patch submission, and future updates.

Want to Try Out PC Minecraft?

Users have long awaited the means to try out the full version of Minecraft before buying it, just to see if it suits them.  Now, the means to do so is finally at hand, with the PC demo of Minecraft!  If you would like to try Minecraft before deciding to make a purchase, you can play the demo by registering an account, and downloading the Minecraft game client. Then, you just log into Minecraft with a non-premium account, and you will see an option to play the demo mode. This version of the game is 100 minutes long, or five in-game days.  Not only is this useful to see if you will enjoy the game, but it is a great way to make sure your PC can handle the game as well!

Keep in mind, if you have downloaded the Minecraft client prior to August 1st, 2012, you will need to download a new version of the Minecraft launcher in order for it to be displayed. To do so, simply delete your old Minecraft launcher (and only the launcher), download the most recent version from Mojang's site, then start the game normally.  Easy!

MineTV, Episode 2:  Video-maker Direwolf20

Posted Image

This week on MineTV, we had a chance to sit down with Mod Tutorial and Let's Play guru Direwolf20, to chat a bit about his video series, the 1.3.1 update, and more.  Check it out!  Also, be sure to check in frequently for your chance to join the live studio audience for future episodes of MineTV!

Minecraft & Mojang News:  Update 1.3, & Minecon Announced!

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This week, David and Toby go over the 1.3 update, all things Minecon 2012, and more - give it a look! Back to Top

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The 1.3.1 update is now live! Your client should prompt to update automatically - if it doesn't you can manually update the version from the launcher by pressing the Options button before you log in, and pressing the "Force Update" button. While the update is 1.3.1, the only significant changes from 1.3 were some minor fixes and obfuscation.


  • The block-breaking animation is now shown while the GUI is hidden.
  • TNT no longer does damage to players in peaceful difficulty.
  • Respawning in superflat is no longer random.
  • Added rotatable Wood blocks
  • Strongly decreased the amount of Experience you get from furnaces
  • Depending on difficulty, creeper damage is scaled now

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a few misalignments and oddities in the item spritesheet and the creative mode's inventory's graphics.
  • Fixed a crash bug.
  • Fixed the chest armor slot being inaccessible in Creative mode's survival inventory tab.
  • Fixed rotated wooden logs mined using Silk Touch enchanted tools dropping as rotated wooden logs.
  • Fixed being unable to place half slabs in the small gaps between another half slab and the side of another block.

  • There is a visual bug when trying to push someone off a cliff, they fall off then warp back.
  • Sometimes when pushing someone off a cliff they do fall - you are not meant to be able to push people as of 12w23a.
  • It appears to be a server-side feature only, yet has not been applied to the client so far, as you can still push mobs or other entities in singleplayer.
  • It also appears to be a PvP-only feature. In SMP, you can still push mobs and entities too.
  • When standing still in the same place as another player the other player glitches about.
  • Player occasionally gets hurt from touching a wall mainly when being pushed by water into a block.
  • Player can be damaged when standing in front of a villager attempting to open a door. This may tie into the suffocation bug listed above, or might be something with the way the villager opens the door.

As always, you can check out the full changelog at the official Minecraft Wiki (click here!) - more updates, articles and videos will go up today. Keep an eye out!


Mod API Feedback Wanted

EvilSeph wants your feedback for the upcoming Mod API! Head on over to his thread by clicking here, read through the proposals, and give your feedback! Back to Top

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Left 4 Dead 2 - Minecraft Edition Playthrough

Posted Image

Following in the footsteps of yesterday's "Left 4 Dead" theme, we bring you a detailed, half-hour playthrough of the Left 4 Dead 2 Minecraft conversion, "Deathcraft"!  Even if you don't own a copy of the popular zombie shooter, you can still see your favorite Minecraft critters (and others) in an entirely different environment - give it a look!


MineTV, Episode 2:  YT Video Producer, Direwolf20

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Episode two of MineTV is tomorrow, featuring special guest and video producer, Direwolf20! Want to be in the studio audience for episode two?  Signup is even easier than the first time!  Just click this link (or the MineTV banner, above) to signup for entry into the LIVE studio audience, which is present on-set during the broadcast of the show!  Become famous!  Wave at your friends!  Get your picture taken with Direwolf20, and the MineTV crew!

Not familiar with Direwolf?  Now might be a good time; he makes tons of awesome videos about mods, tutorials and Let's Plays, all with his signature delivery style!  Click his name above, and find out what sixty thousand subscribers already know!

The show will broadcast LIVE at the usual channel; schedules and links are below:

  • 7:00 pm EST
  • 6:00 pm CST
  • 4:00 pm PST
  • 11:59 pm GMT

Livestream channel: Click here

Having some trouble with timezone conversions?  Click the link below, and align the green slider until it says "7:00 pm" for New York - the time listed for your timezone is when the show goes live!

Timezone conversion made easy


Minecraft 1.3 Update Goes Live Tomorrow!

Had a chance to test out the 1.3 update pre-release yet?  If not, the wait for 1.3's official release is nearly at an end - it goes live tomorrow!  When the patch goes live, the client should prompt you to update automatically.  If it doesn't, you can force the update to patch correctly by clicking the Options button on the Minecraft launcher, and pressing the "Force Update" button - easy!

We will be posting any updates that may have been included with the official 1.3 update; however, it is expected that the pre-release contained all the features present in the live version, to ease the transition for mod makers and texture pack artists into the new version.

See you in 1.3 soon! Back to Top

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Download the 1.3 Pre-Release:  Click here to download

Server:  Download

Yes, modders and texture pack artists can breathe a sigh of relief: the 1.3 Pre-Release is finally here!  Rather than cover every nuance of the previous Snapshots, let's look at the most salient changes in 1.3:

  • The game now runs an internal server in single-player mode
  • The single-player server can be shared on LAN, with LAN server detection
  • Made it possible to use client-side commands by enabling cheats (this is defaulted as disabled for old worlds)
  • Added an optional “bonus chest” to get started quicker
  • It’s now possible to trade with villagers. Added emeralds as a currency
  • You gain enchantment orbs from other tasks than just destroying monsters. Max enchantment level has been decreased to 30
  • Servers can automatically suggest and distribute texture packs
  • Added new world map elements (does not need a new map, but they’ll only appear in new areas)
  • Added cocoa beans
  • Added an Ender chest
  • Added tripwire
  • Stairs and levers can be placed up-side-down
  • Wooden logs can be placed sideways

Additionally, Mojang is hosting a special contest!  What is it about?  Well, let's hear what they have to say:

That is pretty sweet!  Think you have what it takes to make a 30-second 1.3 commercial?  Give it a shot - you just might win!


Didn't get a chance to see the debut of MineTV, but still want to see the interview with Mojang's Marc Watson?  Click this link  to see the full interview!


MCX360 Fix Incoming - Pistons & More

MCX360 will be getting a fix in the near future, with a particular focus on piston-related crashes, some rendering issues, and a host of other minor bugs.  The fix may take up to two weeks for deployment, but once it does, it will automatically update the MCX360 client on its own.  Keep an eye here for future updates! Back to Top

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UPDATE: The 12w30e Snapshot is ready for testing! This polished Snapshot mainly aims to fix a few final loose ends before the 1.3 Pre-Release, scheduled for tomorrow.
  • Corrected Ender Dragon Egg teleportation
  • Added rotatable log blocks
  • Strongly decreased the amount of enchantment orbs you get from furnaces
  • Fixed cocoa placement on sideways logs
  • Fixed Survival inventory in Creative mode
You can get the most up-to-date Snapshot by clicking the links below.

Client: Download

Server: Download


MineTV Debuts Tomorrow, with special guest: Marc Watson!

Posted Image

Everyone loves a good mod spotlight, texture pack review, or awesome video - what could possibly be better? How about all 3 at once, and more, LIVE? If the idea of high-profile guests, the latest in Minecraft entertainment, community interviews and features interests you, read on.

MineTV - a new livestream show - will be shown every Wednesday at 9:00pm EST (GMT -5), starting this Wednesday, July 25th! This isn't any ordinary livestream, however; We have hand-built a TV studio, complete with stage, working green-screen, and stands for audience members. Users will not only be able to watch the interviews, reviews and more on the stream itself, but limited numbers of people will be a part of the live studio audience as well!

We mentioned guests on the show, but what kind of guests? Anyone the community has an interest in, of course! High profile video makers, modders, texture pack makers, and more - this week's special guest is none other than Mojang's Marc Watson!

Want to be a part of the live studio audience for the first episode, and get your name forever written in the annals of livestream history? Shoot us an email at [email protected], with the following information filled out:
  • In-game name
  • One question you would ask Marc Watson of Mojang, if you could
Optional Info:
  • Age
  • Country of origin

That's all you need to do! If you are accepted, you will receive an email with all the info you need to connect to the studio server.

Want to take a tour of the studio before the show? You can visit us on the studio test server all day today! Details are below - we look forward to seeing everyone, and thanks for supporting MineTV!

Livestream: Click here
Studio Preview Server: killion.evolutiongaming.org:1337


Mists of Pandaria Poll

We have a quick poll at the top of the thread (If you're reading this on the front page, you can see it by clicking here) - are you excited about WoW's Mists of Pandaria? Vote in the poll and let us know! Back to Top

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UPDATE:  The download links have been updated - 12w30b is now ready for testing!


It's getting really close to 1.3 release time, checking that everything runs as expected is exceptionally important. Mojang's plan is to release one or two snapshots, and then the 1.3 pre-release by Wednesday or Thursday. The pre-release is intended to be identical to the official release next week, in order to give modmakers and server admins a week’s head start. This is why Mojang needs to do a snapshot first, since they can’t do changes to the update after the pre-release is out.

This snapshot consists of all the bugfixes that Nathan (@dinnerbone) and Eric (@_grum) have been working on the last two weeks. Get it here:

Client:  Download

Server:  Download

Also, be sure to check on the wiki for updates as they occur!



Maybe: Made creepers stronger - Relevant logs from #minecraft on freenode on July 19th

Depending on difficulty, they do more damage now:
  Easy: 16.6% more damage
  Normal: 33.3% more damage
  Hard: 50% more damage

  • Improved performance
  • Accelerated chunk loading
  • Decreased lag spike frequency
  • Made the Nether less laggy
  • Made chat work smoothly even when the server is laggy
  • Decreased unnecessary world updates
  • Decreased packets sent between client and server
  • Added VSync
  • Has to be toggled manually in options.txt
  • Added Fullscreen mode
  • Has to be toggled manually in options.txt
  • You can now use decimals when /tp'ing to specific coordinates
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Fixed existing signs not showing text
  • Fixed Mob Spawners all looking like pig spawners
  • Fixed cmd+c, cmd+x & cmd+v not working on OS X
  • Fixed sneaking players' nameplates not staying hidden when loading the chunks the sneaking players are in
  • Fixed multiple chunks often not displaying
  • Fixed trying to spawn an entity that is not a mob via spawner editing crashing the game
  • Fixed higher server-set view distances instantly kicking joining players
  • Fixed sections above Y=191 becoming invisible when loading worlds
  • Fixed not completely generated chunks not updating to visually when walking into them
  • Fixed compasses not pointing to spawn but to X=8 & Z=8 after respawning
  • Fixed other players' fishing lines looking like they start from their feet
  • Maybe: Fixed a bug with Unbreaking-enchanted tools and destroying blocks
  • Fixed being able to move LAN servers in the server list and crashing the game
  • Fixed opening SP worlds to LAN, saving and quitting it leaving the server running and showing up in the server list
  • Fixed pushing a minecart with the movement keys causing the camera to shake in the direction pressed
  • Fixed potion effects losing their graphical effects when traveling between dimensions
  • Fixed ghast's fireballs getting stuck mid-air when unloading their chunk, might apply to fire charges and blaze's fireballs as well
  • Fixed the last slot in the opened creative inventory's hotbar being one pixel too short on all but the survival inventory tabs and a few pixels being off on the survival inventory tab
  • Fixed blocks disappearing when you placing them under yourself and jumping
  • Fixed the client trying to trample crops instead of letting the server dictate trampling

A big thanks to redstonehelper for his help in compiling the list! Back to Top

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MCX360 continues to dominate Xbox Live Arcade, recently surpassing over 3 million sales! Combined with the Pocket Edition (over 2 million sold), and the ever-popular, original PC Minecraft (weighing in at over 6.6 million sales), Minecraft has sold over 12 million copies, worldwide!

If that wasn't enough to be excited about, there's more good news! According to Major Nelson, MCX360 continues to hold the #2 spot for top titles (based on unique users), beating out games like FIFA 12, TES: Skyrim, Battlefield 3, and Halo: Reach, just to name a few. In many ways, this accurately reflects one of the best aspects of Minecraft - the community that brings it alive. With numerous servers, mini-games, amazing architecture and incredible maps, millions of Minecrafters give life to a unique community all their own.

Congratulations to Mojang for the amazing sales milestone, and to everyone out there in the Minecraft community for making it what it is today!


This week, Pico gives us news about ComicCon, War Z, World of Tanks, Endless Space and more. Be sure to subscribe to stay updated on the latest gaming news from all across the network! Back to Top

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The time has finally come - the finalists for the Community Creations banner contest have been selected!  Please review the banners listed below, and vote on your favorite!  Next Friday (July 6th, 2012), votes will be tallied, and the winner's banner will be used for every Community Creations front page feature in the future!

If you are viewing this contest from the front page, the voting poll can be seen by clicking here.


Posted Image


Posted Image

Productions Resolute:  

Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image

Good luck to every contestant!  There were a massive number of entries, and it was not easy to pick the top 10!  We would like to thank every single artist who submitted an entry, you are all incredible.

Remember, pick your favorite banner from the ones listed above, vote on your favorite banner's artist, and next week, we will see who becomes the new official banner of Community Creations!


Posted Image

This week, David and Toby talk about Scrolls, Spawners, the exciting mod API (coming soon), and much more - check it out! Back to Top

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Note: This is a post from EvilSeph, part of the Minecraft development team.

Hi everyone!

While we continue working on the foundation of Minecraft itself, we'd like to get started on our promise to involve the community in shaping the official API by having our first planned Minecraft API discussion. This Saturday we're hoping to have an informal discussion on the community's thoughts and ideas on what they feel the API should provide and how it should be shaped. We already have some topics in mind of our own that we'd like to cover, but we encourage you to prepare some of your own topics of interest for the discussion for you and us to get the most out of the opportunity.

To keep things manageable, we'll most likely have to limit the amount of people that are able to talk. As such, we'll be giving representatives from modding groups that develop a modding platform, like Bukkit, Spout, etc. priority when selecting who will be provided with voice. If you're a part of a group that is interested in attending, please elect two representatives (one backup in case the first can't make it) and RSVP in a post below.

If we feel that more participants will be manageable, we'll provide other modders with the ability to participate. We wish we could just let everyone talk, but that would be a bit too crazy, sorry. If you believe that there is a better way to go about doing this, feel free to mention it in a post below and we'll take it into consideration.

If you're interested in joining us for the discussion, we're planning to hold the meeting this Saturday at 20:00 CEST on the Esper IRC network in the channel #minecraftdev. If you can't make it, we'll be providing logs of the meeting after the fact. For people who won't be actively participating in the meeting, we'll have another channel #minecraftdev-discuss where anyone is able to discuss the current topic in the meeting.

To keep things manageable, we'll most likely have to limit the amount of people that are able to talk. As such, we'll be giving representatives from modding groups that develop a modding platform, like Bukkit, Spout, etc. priority when selecting who will be provided with voice. If we feel that more participants will be manageable, we'll provide other modders with the ability to participate. We wish we could just let everyone talk, but that would be a bit too crazy, sorry.

If you're a part of a group that is interested in attending, please elect two representatives (one backup in case the first can't make it) and RSVP in a post below.

An informal discussion to get an idea for what future discussions should be about, a feel for what ideas people have regarding the API and so on.

This Saturday, June 30th 2012, at 20:00 CEST (check what time this is in your time zone).

Moderating meeting will take place in #minecraftdev on the Esper IRC network, irc.esper.net. Regular discussion will be taking place in #minecraftdev-discuss.

List of Attendees:
  • Afforess from Spout
  • Searge from MCP
  • Amaranth from Bukkit
  • UltraMoogleMan of WEDGE fame
  • RoyAwesome of Spout GUI fame
  • TkTech of #mcdevs and MCEdit fame
  • Jarvix from Canary
  • LexManos from Minecraft Forge
  • FlowerChild of Better Than Wolves fame
  • ShaRose of GuiAPI and ID Resolver fame
  • Cojo of Tropicraft fame
  • Corosus of ZombieCraft and Tropicraft fame
  • medsouz of SocialMiner fame
  • Xie of Xie's Mods fame
  • Snowl of MCForge (classic) and LibMinecraft fame
  • DV8FromTheWorld from Minecraft Port Central
  • Kulttuuri from MinecraftEDU
  • Eloraam of Minecraft Forge and RedPower fame
  • sk89q of WorldEdit, WorldGuard and CraftBook fame

  • Our plans for involving the community in the API development process for the future.
  • Our considerations on how we might handle contributions.
  • Our plans for keeping the community in the loop.
  • The direction we're taking to prepare for the API.
  • General Q&A.

Hope to see you there!

// The Minecraft Team Back to Top

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This week, David and Toby talk about the recent MCX360 update, some teasers revealed about Minecon 2012, and more - check it out! Back to Top

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