Minecraft Forum IRC

The Minecraft Forum chat uses IRC, connection is possible through your own IRC client or the web client. If you are using your own client please connect to irc.esper.net and then /join #yourdesiredchannel, if you are connecting via the web client please click on the name of the channel you would like to join below.




  • Read the channel topic
  • Be friendly, respectful and patient
  • Speak English
  • Ask permission from an @operator before adding an IRC bot to the channel

Do Not

  • Advertise or spam, this includes threads, servers, videos and other websites
  • Post inappropriate (adult content, profanity) or malicious material (malware)
  • Use auto-rejoin
  • Flame or insult other members
  • Impersonate other members or staff


This channel is a public channel for Minecraft players to seek and provide help to others, the rules for this channel can be found here and must be followed at all times. This channel is not managed by Minecraft Forum staff and cannot be used for Minecraft Forum support.