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    posted a message on Downtown Destruction
    Downtown Destruction
    (A minigame by Kooleyy, Pollieboy, and Vilder50)

    Downtown Destruction is an shoot-'em-up arena brawler with a desaturated colour pallete. Take your Missile Launcher and throw yourself into a large black and white town where you fight for your survival! Set and avoid traps, use your abilities to your advantage and outsmart your opponents!

    This map has 5 gamemodes. You can play free for all and fight all your friends at once. If you want to play together with your friends you can do so in the team and revive mode. Or if you want to play something different you can play the confusing murder mode or zombie mode infection.


    Customize the game in the way you want it. If you don't like to shoot down your friends you can turn bats on and punch your friends instead or try one of the other 545292 ways you can change the settings to.


    This map is made for Minecraft 1.12.2

    You can play this map with any many players as you like (but you need to have at least 2 players to start...)

    We will hopefully make a more family-friendly version of this map soon.

    Please use a server render distance on 14 or higher.

    Resource Pack:

    To play this map you need a resource pack. There is a download link to the resource pack in-game.
    (The download link will be in your chat when you join)


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    posted a message on Imperium - a 2-4 players Chess like minigame
    Quote from velicank»

    Someone needs to make a server with this map for competetive gaming with the map owners permission of course

    Yeah, we would love to see that too =) We even added a secret competitive mode inside of the map so it would be ready for a server like that. =b

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    posted a message on Cublex a 1-4 player mini-/boardgame
    Quote from Cultist_O»

    Maybe it's intentional, but there's a typo in one of the AI expressions. They say something to the effect of "I only have 4 lifes left" when it should be "lives".

    Nope, not intended (it's just me and Pollieboy, who are bad at English =b). Thanks for telling this. I will fix this when I have some more stuff to fix for the map =)

    EDIT: googled it and its lifes, so... it's intended =b

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    posted a message on Cublex a 1-4 player mini-/boardgame
    Quote from The8BitMonkey»
    This was an awesome map, great work by all those involved!Me and a few others are playing over on our channels, heres a link to my video for those interested
    (and to give this post a boost so others see the map)
    Really many thanks for playing our map =) (Also, thanks Sparks, SlicedLime and Samasaurus =) )
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    posted a message on Cublex a 1-4 player mini-/boardgame
    Quote from Violet_Ice»

    Hello Vilder50
    I am from the Minectaft Forum in China (

    This map is doing well,I like it very much.
    Can I reprint the map to China?

    Quote from Violet_Ice»


    A person can not play


    You can put at on the Chinese Minecraft forum if:

    * You copy this forum post and translates everything correct. (like not translating names and such, and not putting extra things on the post, other than the thing under this)
    * You put a disclaimer which says that the map isn't by you, but is made by me (Vilder50) and Pollieboy (must be pretty visible)

    * You use the same download link this post uses.

    * You give me a link to the post so I can check if everything is correct.


    You can play alone, you have to join the game first, and then click start =)
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    posted a message on Cublex a 1-4 player mini-/boardgame

    (A mini-/boardgame by Pollieboy and Vilder50)

    (Trailer by VanillaBurp)

    What it's about:

    How to play


    Want to play this map with your friends? Don't worry! this map supports 1-4 players!

    don't have any friends to play this with? No problem! this map has (bad/super OP) AI's/bots which you can play with!

    Don't like how you can't see anything in this map without a resource pack? Don't worry! this map has a resource pack, there is a download link to it in-game.

    BUT WAIT! There is more! If you play this map in singleplayer you don't even have to download the resource pack. It's like magic!

    Do you want the resource pack without going into the map? No problem! when you download the map you also download the resource pack! (it's inside the map folder and is called resources)


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    posted a message on Imperium - a 2-4 players Chess like minigame
    Quote from Harrison015»

    This looks fun! But I don't have anyone to play it with me yet :c

    But I went into creative to find easter eggs:

    LOL I didn't know about that xD thanks for showing me =)

    gl with playing the map if you find some people to play it with =)
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    posted a message on Imperium - a 2-4 players Chess like minigame
    Quote from Blohod»

    This game seems really original and creative, I wish that I was this good with command blocks. Good work.

    Quote from jellewietsma»

    saw xisumavoid playing the game originally, I really love how the whole maps looks and how everything plays. this is a awesome map!

    Quote from jared55»

    Nice one dude, i am liking this one alot. Did you have plans to do anymore of these types of maps? Pretty cool to see :).

    Happy to hear you guys like the map =)

    We don't have any plans for more board games right now, but we are slowly making another cool map like this one right now ;)
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    posted a message on Imperium - a 2-4 players Chess like minigame
    Quote from Phnixhamsta»

    Here's a rundown on the game!

    I hope it's okay that I use the video in the post =)
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    posted a message on Imperium - a 2-4 players Chess like minigame

    ok then... i have updated the map so it has the resource pack in it (but it may take some time before its updated on curse...)

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    posted a message on Imperium - a 2-4 players Chess like minigame
    Quote from renkha»

    this game actually looks pretty neat.

    my suggestion though would be to put the resource pack inside the world save folder to make it easier to download them all together


    idk if it's a good idea, let me think about it:

    good things:

    the person which downloads the map doesn't have to download the resource pack.

    bad things:

    the person may need to wait on the other players to download the resource pack.

    can't update the resource pack without updating the map.

    it takes longer time to download the map.

    idk if I should do it or not xD

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    posted a message on Imperium - a 2-4 players Chess like minigame

    Imperium name

    By Pollieboy and Vilder50

    Some people say that this minigame is like chess... so let's just call this for 2-4 players chess! wait that would be wrong because this isn't chess, this is Imperium!

    How to play:

    Play board...

    this game is a turn based game.
    when it's your turn, you can move or attack with one of your units

    there are 3 different units:

    how they move (you can also see this ingame)

    the objective in this minigame is to:

    1. by getting your king into the middle.
    2. have the last king standing

    Sounds easy right? it isn't:

    a unit dies if someone moves to its tile.
    and if your king dies you will be out of the game!

    your units can't get past trees.

    and if you get a knight into the middle for the first time, you can move a tree to under one of your units and kill an enemy unit!
    a unit in a tree can't die! but if a unit comes down from a tree it will be able to die again.

    a Guard in a tree

    If you still dont know how to play then watch this video:

    this video was made by Phoenix SC (thanks for that =) )

    Pictures of the map:

    now there is one last thing to say:

    a game!

    you need a resource pack to be able to play this map!
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    posted a message on [15w47c] Only 24 Days (A minecraft advent calendar)
    Quote from chrella»

    Can you play this in minecraft 1.9 or do you still need snapshoot??

    hej! =b im 97% sure that you can play this map in 1.9, but use the snapshot if you want to be sure that the map wont break!

    warning: there are a few bugs in this map, which i havent fixed yet because i was sure no one would play this map before the this upcoming christmas. (Im going to fix those bugs before this upcoming christmas)

    good luck!
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    posted a message on Linez 2.0 - by: Polliboy and Vildre50
    (A minigame by: Pollieboy and me(Vilder50))


    this minigame is about having most wool in your color!

    (This is a turn based minigame...) You will get an item when its your turn, you use this item to place 4 lines going in 4 directions
    These four lines will do stuff:

    *The lines places stained glass...
    *A line will stop if it hits cyan stained clay
    *Lines will make stained glass they go trough into wool in your color
    *The line will stop if it hits another person's wool
    *It will go though your own wool...

    Thats how simple it is!
    "Easy to learn, hard to master" -Pollieboy 2016
    this is a "big" update to this map so i made a new post about it, because it feels like a new game...

    This minigame is made for 2-4 persons.

    Make sure command blocks are on!

    Make sure the server render distance is 10 or above!

    Make sure you play in 1.9 or above!


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    posted a message on Something - A small colorful puzzle map made in 3 days...
    Quote from Herosrhine»

    You could put the resource pack inside the world folder so the world automatically loads it but idk how. Great map!

    EDIT: I didn't see the small text nvm

    thanks =)

    how long did you get in the map?
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