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    posted a message on Minecraft Weekly News: Xbox Update,1.6 Horses & April Pranks!
    Quote from Sharkblast52

    This sucks what a lame update your adding horses and mocreatures is adding a billion mobs that this update doesn't have plus I don't like xbox that much since the disk drive broke it became a paper weight I like Play Station way more I really hope they make minecraft for the PS3

    "And not a single comma was typed that day."

    If horses are going to be controlled by WASD keys it will be an awesome feature.
    Also I hope that is possible to shoot arrows while riding a horse... Great for PvP.
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    posted a message on Luckiest moment ever! ,
    I was running from a hostile enderman into a cave when a creeper suddenly exploded nearby spreading water all over the place, consequently protecting me from the enderman. Yeah... a creeper saved me.
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    posted a message on YOU draw, WE build!
    Build a 80x40x50 sphinx made of sandstone, gold blocks and colored wool for details.
    It could have a giant egyptian tomb underneath it.
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    posted a message on What is the noobiest mistake you ever made in Survival?
    Mining :obsidian: without :DPA: = :mellow:
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    posted a message on Nether Soul Ore - Next ore in the Nether than Quartz! [ Pictures ]
    This is a good idea. Here is my feedback:

    Soul Shard: Support
    Can open many possibilities of new features.

    Soul Shard Block: Support
    High decorative potential

    Potion of Dizziness: Support
    Indeed, really cool for PvP and other purposes.

    Quote from FutureNyanCat

    The NOT gate for daylight sensors and the covered sensor is not working for nighttime. I guess the night detector will be a good thing to use instead.

    Night Sensor: No Support

    NOT gates works just fine with daylight sensors and are easy to build (one block and one redstone torch) so, in my opinion, night detectors are quite useless.
    Maybe think of other kind of sensor. What about, instead of night detector, be able to craft a Proximity Sensor?

    Proximity Sensor:
    Emits signal when any mob or player gets close to it.
    Detection Range: 5 blocks radius.

    Useful for adventure mode, arrow / firecharge dispensers, hidden mechanisms, etc.

    Build a lighting system which lights when you get in your house.

    Connect proximity sensors to command blocks.

    Keep this topic updated and try to improve the idea as much as you can.

    Also, congratulations for this well done thread!
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    posted a message on Animated skins. Take your skin to the next level! (Like the compas is now)
    Support! Excellent suggestion.
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    posted a message on New Dimension: The Red Pit
    Quote from maximo

    It looks fairly well planed. You should take it it to the next level and maybe start development on a mod, like the aether mod. It should maybe act as a proof of concept.

    Unfortunately I don't have enough knowledge to do that. :(

    Quote from maximo

    One other thing, I see so many good realm additions and so little good realm mods. Maybe there should be some moding teams formed for making additional realms, and they could take suggestions? Like even going as far as to start a new section in the forums for it. I don't know, maybe I should start my own topic!

    I definitely would support this!
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    posted a message on New Dimension: The Red Pit
    Topic updated!
    - Mobs more original
    - New Mob: Beetle
    - New Item: Crystal
    - New Blocks: Rusty Iron Block and Crystal Block
    - New Utility: Orb Generator
    - Some changes for the terrain section
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    posted a message on New Dimension: The Red Pit
    Just an example (Usind the iron golem model) to represent the Red Golem.

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    posted a message on Colored Light! (originally the 'Colored Glass!' topic)
    Loved the idea! And the colored sand would be very useful due to their physics.
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    posted a message on New Mob: Haunter
    Quote from EyeOfTheDaev

    Villagers just look for doors. Their type is only determined by the building when they spawn with the building. After that, it's totally random. Determining what is and isn't a house is far more difficult than you would think.

    Is not that hard to identify a shelter or house. Well lit places with non-natural blocks, beds, furnaces, crafting tables. Unlike villagers they wouldn't look for doors, they would look for a group of materials. Higher the combination of house materials, higher is the attraction of the mob to that point. After identification it would look for players.

    And about the villagers, run some tests on creative mode, build a simple house with one door on it and place several doors scattered around. Spawn a villager and he will identify the house.

    "Villagers decide which houses they like. They seem to favor well lit conditions over dimly lit ones, seemingly due to the lower chance of zombie spawning. Villagers favor houses over well lit areas, even if the house is completely unlit. This is probably due to the fact that houses are assumed to be sufficiently lit"
    "Notice that a door is not a valid door without a roof on one side, or with equal amount of roof on both sides"
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    posted a message on New Dimension: The Red Pit
    Quote from kazar14

    This isn't too good or too bad. I wouldn't go as far as to say it is a definite yes, but the originality of this idea is brilliant. You wouldn't belive how many stupid threads there are in here...

    Fair enough to me, thanks for the feedback. :)
    I know what you mean... like those "add horses horses horses please please please" threads.

    Quote from Droideka30

    Definitely not a bad idea. It seems well thought out. Could you give a little more detail? How do you leave the dimension?

    I was thinking about a pyramid randomly spawn on the dimension with a beacon above it. Players couldn't mine the beacon generated because this, obviously, would shut down the portal and they would get stuck into the dimension.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Quote from Pencilshavings5

    However, there's one thing i disagree with. The fact that it's its own dimension...

    Indeed, as I said, I can't think about every single aspect all by myself and a new dimension needs more details to be worth. That's why I'd appreciate to read more suggestions (like those features about the turret). You and
    nother interesting suggestion that I liked, if this doesn't have enough guts to be a dimension, it could be a dungeon.

    Quote from 0_Zippy

    A good chunk of it is very creative and original, and blows many dimension suggestions out of the water, but in the end, I wouldn't support this. This dimension seems a little underdeveloped and contains many things ripped from the Overworld, especially the reskinned mobs. So you still get the A for effort, but I think this dimension isn't enough for vanilla.

    You are totally right, this topic is just a draft of a redstone based dimension and mechanical mobs. I agree that my suggestion is underdeveloped but it can underpin the development of a real well designed dimension with ancient mechanical characteristics.
    Thanks for the feedback :)


    Due to the fact that most of you guys say that this idea needs more originality for mobs and more unique environment to be a decent dimension I would like to read your suggestions about how to make this be more detailed and interesting.

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    posted a message on New Block: Gift Block
    Quote from Plenty_of_Fish

    The thing is that Vanilla has a metadata cap of 15, meaning anything can only have 16 variaties. With the gifbox system you need to take all the dyes (16 I believe) and multiply that by itself (256) to get all the dye combinations.
    We are already at 256, and now we have to multiply it by the amount of blocks and items, which would be at least 128000 combinations.

    I'm not talking about wool or wood metadata, I'm talking about store the IDs of the colors and the item separated, not giving for each combination a metadata. That's why I compared to fireworks metadata instead of blocks metadata. The system to create the fireworks is different from colored blocks with 16 diferent textures. Firework Stars can have combinations with any kind and quantity of dyes, some effects combined which results in a huge number of combinations. But as developers are smart, they don't create a single item for every combination, they store numbers that corresponds to the effect / block characteristics that are shown graphically to the player when rendering the game screen.

    - variables
    - x coordinate
    - y coordinate
    - z coordinate
    - main_color_value
    - sub_color_value
    - drop_id
    - blast_resistance

    Games are made of numbers and numbers are infinite. Only because they used a limited way to create varieties it doesn't mean they can't do it better. (Fireworks are an example of a new data structure technique for highly customizable items).

    Thanks for sharing your opinion.
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    posted a message on New Mob: Haunter
    Quote from Doctor_Schnook

    This sounds great, except for three problems.

    Why should I vote yes to the possibility of a ghost spawning in a villager's house and killing off all the villagers? Even if you swapped that idea with something like... haunting the villagers and making them hostile, even with a weak attack, then I might be forced to kill two or three villagers when I'm cornered. (Although ghosts encountered outside that haunt animals would be interesting...)

    Probably more obvious, what about limited space? Will zombies only spawn in a big enough house? This would be a major issue with big houses that have many small rooms. If this is to be implemented, no zombies. Sorry. That doesn't mean that a ghost appearing out of nowhere and attacking you isn't cool enough, but we would need to be careful how powerful the ghost is while hostile.

    Also, when players build big areas for survival/exploration, would ghosts ever get in the way?

    Two more things, technical things:
    When exactly does a ghost "decide" to haunt? It would make the ghost more suspenseful if it roamed around you for a bit before it attacked.
    I suppose we should figure out a way to decide if something is a "house" or not, also. Maybe I'm being too technical.

    I agree with you about villagers and zombies. Zombies would be too destructive for npc villagers and probably they would suffocate into walls several times.

    About technical stuff.
    Every aspect of the mob's behavior can be coded based on the virtual environment it belongs to.
    A ghost will decide haunt a house by the same way as cats decide to sit on chests, endermen decides to pick a block, zombies decides to break doors. Also, there are a thousand ways to decide if something is a "house". Villagers A.I. can identify houses and change their type based on the house they choose to live, so this feature already exists in minecraft.

    Thank you for sharing your opinion! :D
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