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    posted a message on project ozone little tip

    Botania. It also gives you the ability to hit Shift repeatedly or sprinting nearby to make trees and other plants grow as if they were being bonemealed.

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    posted a message on Minecon Spotlights 4: MC Spotlights
    Quote from UMayBleed

    So true. They are terrible, why not a custom built PC with the minecraft paint job done on that?

    You have no idea what you're talking about, they are awesome, and not really all that more expensive than any other pre-made, custom case computer. I just don't understand the hate towards something you don't must have come over here from the Xbone vs. PS4 fanboy-fest over at IGN.
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    posted a message on Minecon Spotlights 4: MC Spotlights
    Quote from Iamacreeper2468

    I don't like those green LEDs on the case, otherwise it's nice.

    You can change them to whatever color you want...mine are currently red.
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    posted a message on Any Interest in a Server for Older Players?
    I am 40+ myself, and have a small, whitelisted FTB Unleashed server, if you have any interest in joining that. It's only been for a friend and I, but he plays pretty sporadically, so I mostly play by myself, and would be interested in having some "old" people like me join.

    You have to be able to use the launcher to install, or know how to manually install a few extra mods that I added to the pack, though, it's really not that complicated to do.

    PM me if you're interested.
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    posted a message on Biomes O' Plenty - Over 50 new biomes, with new trees, plants, mobs, and more!
    Quote from Superjustinbros

    I tried clicking on the Biomes-O-Plenty .jar file to install the mod, it's not working.

    You simply put the .jar file in the mods folder. That is it. Installed.
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    posted a message on Biomes O' Plenty - Over 50 new biomes, with new trees, plants, mobs, and more!
    I apologize for using the terms "what the ­", and "muck", those were the thoughts running through my head when I first saw what you did to those beautiful green fields.
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    posted a message on Biomes O' Plenty - Over 50 new biomes, with new trees, plants, mobs, and more!
    Quote from TDWP_FTW

    Maybe, IDK? We have other things that would come before that.


    And no, the Field isn't just "Plains with freaking roses." Plains have more yellow grass, sunflowers, and dandelions. The Field is a more green color, with only roses, bushes, and sections of trees.

    I design the biomes how I want them. If I end up not liking it, I'll change it. Go make your own biome mod if you want the biomes to be exactly how you want them to.

    How about you compromise with your fans and at least give us an option to config the old one in? Whether you like it or not is one thing, but some of us preferred the old one, and probably few of us have the ability to make our own mod.
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    posted a message on Biomes O' Plenty - Over 50 new biomes, with new trees, plants, mobs, and more!
    I don't usually complain about tweaks to anyone's mods, but I have to say I am seriously upset at what you did to the Field biome. Seriously, what the ­ were you thinking? Now it's just a plains biome with a bunch of red flowers. Not to mention there are surface ravines everywhere that weren't there before in the seed I'm using for my server. It WAS my favorite biome ever, now, I'm probably going to config it out altogether.

    I also don't like the hillier terrain in the pasture either, I liked it the way it was too. There are not enough flattish biomes the way it is, and you managed to muck up the 2 best in one update.

    Seriously, stop messing around with stuff that is perfect the way it is.

    *End Rant, cuz probably no one cares about my happiness anyway*
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    posted a message on Minecon Tickets Announced!
    The way they do this is just ridiculous, the price is too high for a Con to begin with isn't it? E3, Pax, Comicon, they don't cost this much do they? There are how many millions of people that own Minecraft, and all they are going to allow to attend is 7500 people?

    It's just the dumbest thing I've ever seen them do. I'll bet they could rent a big place, charge $25-30 a head and get 20-30,000 people show up in the 2 days. Instead, they charge way too much and it ends up being mostly youtube celebs able to attend, with a tiny portion of their fanbase (of millions of subscribers) able to actually meet their idols.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.6.2 150+ Horses at Spawn (Every Kind of Horse) MUST SEE!
    Dungeon locations. I haven't checked all of them out, feel free to list the contents of their chests if you like. I also can't guarantee pinpoint accuracy, but they should be off by no more than a block or 2.

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    posted a message on If you were forced to remove anything from Minecraft, what would it be?
    Quote from cocokat

    There are two things I would remove:

    1. All of the idiots who do nothing but complain about the game.
    2. Bats, because they serve no purpose, in my opinion. It would be cool if they only appeared on Halloween, cause that MIGHT give them a purpose, but otherwise, just no.

    How about giving bats a purpose instead? Like using their wings in a potion, or being able to tame them and have them hanging around on your ceiling or riding around on your shoulder?
    I don't think anything should be removed from the game, in fact, they can't add things fast enough IMHO. ADD ALL THE THINGS!

    BTW, with point 2 you kinda-sorta broke point 1, ya hypo-crit.
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    posted a message on Trying to find a safe download...
    I don't understand where you are getting all this bad stuff. I have avast! free version, and use Chrome with Adblock Plus, and I download Adfly links all the time with no trouble at all.

    You really should only download things by following links from the original threads on or Planet Minecraft as an alternative (though maybe not quite as safe). The first few Google results are usually BS links that either are fake or malware-ridden, so stay away from those.

    I've been on the internet daily since '93 (or was it '94?), and have only ever gotten viruses or malware from running exe's that I knew were a risk to begin with. Heck, I only started using antivirus a little over a year ago, I never felt like the slowdown it causes to be worth the protection that it provides, but avast! seems to be the least intrusive and the best at keeping definitions up to date (not to mention it's free!)

    Mostly, just use some common sense, if a site looks suspicious, don't download from it, only use trusted sites like this one. Also, don't fall for sites that claim to have the latest version of a mod on the day (or even weeks after) Mojang updates Minecraft. If it isn't updated on the OP on this forum (or an official site for the mod) , it hasn't been updated yet. People seem to be suckers for that because they are too desperate to wait for a mod to update.

    EDIT: Just downloaded the Adfly link automatic install for 1.5.2 with no problems.
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    posted a message on 1.5.2 Seed, massive cave system
    Quote from kidlatorange

    is it deafult map or super flat map?

    Will you just think about that for a minute?
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    posted a message on [1.5.1/1.5.2] PowerCrystals' mods - The updates never stop
    The fact that zombie pigmen will attack you for mining nether ores would have been nice to know before I got knocked into lava by them.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Surpasses 10 Million Sales, 1.6 Feature Spoiler Alert
    Quote from chessandgo

    i just realised something

    Brace your selves
    My little pony texture packs are coming

    Already out it.
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