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    posted a message on Look at new app! (This post is closed, please lock)

    IGN: Tooncow


    Skype (Send me a PM if you’re not comfortable to put it online): Matthew McPeck

    What time zone/part of the world are you from? Mountain Man Time

    A little about your life: I was born on a cottage in BastionVille, China. Jk I wasn't born but immaculately created via bitcoin. I play many games as im sure all of us do. Minecraft is close to home i've been playing it for more than 4 years wanna get back into it. I like to take walks in the Grecian coast and take trips to necromancia sometimes. Thats really it.

    What’s your experience with Minecraft? 4 years of playing whether it be on vanilla, creative, pvp, pve, etc. I've been mods and admins on small to medium size servers been on every spectrum of minecraft there is and i find this server to be really interesting and fun.

    How much will you play, and for how much time per week? (Will you be casual/active?) I do work so in the days i wont play much but it will vary from 1-5 hours a day depending on if i want to binge or when i work yadayada. But pretty active.

    How do you think you can contribute to the server? I'm a layback chill doge who loves to see other peoples work while showing off my own. Community projects are great which is another reason why i find this server to be a fun idea.

    What is your favourite block? Beacon block duh what other block would i like

    What is your experience on servers? Have you been banned on a server before? Never been banned much experience on many servers both large and small as i detailed before.

    Will you be willing to donate a little (a few dollars) to help with the server? A few dollars a month wouldn't hurt me and if i really get invested into it i would always be willing to donate more bitcoin.
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    posted a message on Pure Vanilla MC [Whitelisting Closed] come back April 28th!
    i like you alot
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    posted a message on Nickfost's Minecraft SMP Server
    Name: (Matthew)
    Email: ([email protected])
    Minecraft Username: Tooncow
    Anything you would like to tell us about yourself : I am trill. I want to be a contributor to a community and feed off it as well, I figure thats how creativity flourish's. I once wrestled Obama at an easter party ( I know its irrelevant but i think its cool). I love to work with others and do shlong distant running. Plus I have no allergies so no problems on the server for me. Plus comic sans is disgusting.
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    posted a message on ---SMP Survival Server--- New Mindcrack Like Server!
    Name*- Matthew

    Age- 18

    IGN- Tooncow

    Timezone/Country-mountain man zone 7:00 UTC

    Ban History- I was banned from the mindcrack server for beating all of them in a 1vAll. this happened. (no bans)

    Brief Summary of You- I enjoy minecraft obviously as I am applying to this server and am looking for a good community based server to be active on. I once wrestled John F. Kennedy; not many know that, but anyways I am a very skilled minecraft player who was voted in elementary school the best MC player before the game came out. Impressive I know. I like to share my creations and observe others as build off them and have them build off me. By the way, I am not allergic to anything so I should have no problems on the server.
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    posted a message on 1.7 New Whtelisted Vanilla Server
    GN: Tooncow

    AGE: 18 Why join?: I wan't to experience other players creations while showing off my own and be apart of a

    great minecraft family. I get inspired by playing with others and I wan't that satisfaction without worrying about trolls and griefers.

    How often do you play: As often as I can so maybe a few hours a day if possible. Days off could be quite a bit more, I love the 6-7 hour streak.

    How could you contribute to the server: By sharing my creative input with the lot and I have a 2 way conversation booth with god and can communicate with him and we can do what he wants. Its chill.
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