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    posted a message on [BUKKIT/MOVECRAFT][SURVIVAL][24/7] Airship Craft JOIN TODAY! Movecraft - Survival - Economy - Trade - RolePlay - NoPay2Win -

    Welcome to the world of Airship Craft! A fun survival/war server with twists!

    Here in the world of Airship Craft, you can start your own town, or join one, or maybe make a new nation, or join one.

    After doing that, you can get started by building up trading routes, and building a strong military by building it from the material available at the shop, or by buying the pre-built models at the online ship yard for in game money. You can create strong alliances with fellow nations, or be a pirate gamg that raids the skies and seas for loot!

    How is that possible? Well, with a little magic, and a plugin called Movecraft, you can have tanks, ships, and airplanes. (or, cars, ships, airskiffs, and airships!

    You can use this server as a RolePlaying server aswell! With many roles in the community to chose from, you will almost never get bored! You can chose the life of a pirate! Or the humble job of a merchant, or even get payed to protect people from piracy! So many choices! So many ways it can turn out!

    BE WARNED: Without players, the server is boring! Please bring your friends! Bring your friend's friends! Heck, bring your grandma along for some fun! We accept all players!

    Now, of course, Movecraft would be next to worthless without a few 'limitations' so here is where a major twist comes into play.

    All members do not have access to /warp, /home, /tpa, or /spawn.

    You can use /sethome, however, to create for yourself a spawn point in the extreme case in which you die.

    And, you do get access to /t spawn (yes, we are a towney server, ill get to that in a moment)

    So to get places, and to coordinate trades, you either have to use movecraft freighters, or travel on foot. Your choice.

    The no tp, no warp, no spawn thing may be temporary, it is in testing stages, and will be, for a couple weeks, or days.

    We will be adding a dynmap to the forums soon, dont know when.

    The world has a pretty good size border, and, at any time, it could get bigger, if I feel it needs to.

    With towney involved, it makes things more interesting, not some lame 'you accidentally die. and now your whole base is reckt, and wars are actually lengthy, and bloody.

    To learn more about MoveCraft, and to get a feel for what its like on the server, visit the forums, here:

    Feel free to post all questions about the server and or plugin there aswell.

    Here is the server IP, for those who just want to jump in but we still highly recommend joining our forums as many game changing topics happen to spring up there and we would like your opinions on the matter.


    Hope to see you there!

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    posted a message on AirshipCraft [PUBLIC] [BUKKIT] Creative, Towny, Movecraft, Minigames(WIP)


    Come one, come all! We are now looking for new members in our ever so growing community! Want to get ready for MASSIVE airship battles? Well then join today!


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