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    posted a message on Blender Vs Mine-imator

    Mine-imator is Easy to use and it doesnt take too lang and you can do great animations with it! I never used blender but it will take much more time and you must learn how to use it. Use blender when you are a profesional that is making quality animation. Use Mine-Imator when you didnt done modeling/animating before.

    If you used blender before then use it but it will take more than Mine-imatir. I recommend mine-imator for you(It is easier and takes less time.)

    Excuse my bad english and gramar mistakes. Thanks

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    posted a message on What is the hype with 1.8 pvp?

    I thinks everyone learned 1.8 pvp and they are lazy to learn 1.9+ pvp i agree with McTech88.

    Edit: Everyone likes something different for example i like 1.9 pvp in PvE and i dont pvp much so i cant answer what is good about 1.8 Pvp. :)

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    posted a message on My friend is believing in Herobrine.. Say something!

    So my frend oldibolz is 100% sure that herobrine and entity 303 or greensteve exist. He watches some modded video and believes in it! Please tell him that herobrine doesnt exist and a proof plz.

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    posted a message on Server texture packs not working!

    I have a problem when i join a server with texture pack. Before anything happens minecraft will freeze for about 1 minute and the it kicks me out of the server. This happens in my old pretty slow notebook and that is propably why this happens but still i want to know if i can fix this. If i try do load normal resouce/texture pack it freezes but in few seconds the texture pack will load.

    Thanks for helping me!

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