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    posted a message on Can I delete the new servers that showed up with 1.2.1?

    i agree. parents should be able to decide what their children are exposed to on the internet. on the microsoft account settings page or something like that there is a way to manage family accounts and through that there is a way to disable minecraft multiplayer entirely. however this makes it impossible to play minecraft(or any other game on xbox live for that matter) over xbox live with people that you know in real life. but that may not be a bad thing as xbox live is(in my opinion) probably not safe for children anyway. in all reality it should be up to the parents as to what their children are allowed to be exposed to, and microsoft and mojang just havn't done a good job of implementing a system where this is possible with minecraft yet. i would wait a while for microsoft and mojang to implement such a system and fix some of the bugs in minecraft and then come back and do some testing and see if the issue has been resolved

    EDIT: oh dear. i don't actually think disabling multiplayer in family settings works. i just encountered a bug where my minecraft on my tablet though that the multiplayer was disabled and the server still showed up. so @Microsoft please fix this. parents should have better parental control options

    EDIT2: i guess if you want the ability to add/remove all servers and not have xbox live i would go with the java edition of minecraft as that edition doesn't use xbox live and has no servers listed by default and the only way to play multiplayer on that version other than servers is over LAN(basicly you have to be connected to the same wifi to play this way)

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    posted a message on How to downgrade from Minecraft better together ?.? My sons life is over

    i am sorry to say that i know of absoutely no way to downgrade any application on iOS devices

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    posted a message on Disconnected from Xbox Live on Minecraft 1.2 (Bedrock Version) on Xbox

    hello. i have had this problem to and so have several other people however there is no known workaround for it other than restarting the xbox one and even that workaround lasts for about a few seconds sometimes.

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    posted a message on What software can I use to host a server for Better Together?*

    actually you can host minecraft 1.2 servers on linux, windows and macOS. these softwares are open source software and run on pretty much any OS: PocketMine-MP and Nukkit

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    posted a message on please port the better together update to linux and macOS

    it probably would not be hard to port it to linux. just use one of these open source technologies to package it: flatpak, snap packages or even AppImage

    and if you want to port it to macOS then it should be as easy as compiling a .app file

    my point is that i don't think there is a need to leave linux and macOS platforms out of the better together update

    yes i understand that the java edition of minecraft is still being developed but for how much longer? if the java edition became deprecated then linux and macOS users would no longer be able to play minecraft

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