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    posted a message on Chorans- a new danger to the End

    See kids, this here is proof that even the worst of ideas- the "ender creeper"- can be an amazing and interesting piece of gameplay when a smart person puts their spin on it.

    Full support.

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    posted a message on Taking mod requests for simple or medium difficulty ideas


    I know you're probably swamped by requests, but if you ever get the time, could you consider this?

    I'd like a mod implementing some kind of musket into 1.12 (any version of it works fine for me). The musket from Balkon's Weapons 1.7.10 is a perfect example of how it would work (though a bit more damage would be nice). If at all possible, including militiaman villagers (i.e. blue-wearing Villagers with short (vindicator-style) robes that work like most villagers but shoot at any nearby hostile mobs via a musket, and which vend bullets, gunpowder, etc.) would be awesome.


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    posted a message on Add Nuclear Mechanics!

    As much as I hate to say such a thing, this just doesn't fit for Minecraft.

    Minecraft may be a weird game (especially when its low and high tech are 700 years apart)- but generally there is at least a basic explanation available for why something is there. For instance, a lot of the complicated systems you can build are because of Redstone being a magical do-it-all power-conveying substance, or TNT being constructable owing to the fact that gunpowder is naturally available.

    But when there's no explanation to nuclear power, it strains that already frail system to the breaking point. Case in point: Steve has no justification for being able to build nuclear reactors. This isn't some weird "Blutonium" substance that's safe to handle but powerful, it's bona fide uranium and actual reactors. Building those with iron and placing them in your house is just beyond any suspension of belief.

    The main issue with this suggestion though is its balance. I will offer up some points on this:

    • So much as accidentally mining through Uranium (which, being green, would look rather like Emerald Ore at a first glance) while excavating with your diamond pick will instantly obliterate you (and let's not kid ourselves, nuclear explosions are not survivable in any way, shape, or form with any sort of currently available armor). That's not fun.
    • Nuclear reactors sound EXTREMELY efficient for refining purposes (especially when one reactor ensures nearby furnaces do not consume fuel). I guess this makes sense, owing to the rarity of uranium, but 20x speed and efficiency is rather insane. You might as well say "it instantly finishes all refining", because that's about what would happen.
    • Nuclear reactors will occasionally give you fifteen seconds to take their fuel out or they will annihilate your entire base and kill you instantly. That's already bad enough, but just imagine having two or three reactors in your base, and hearing one of them- you don't know which- sounding its alarm. You might as well say goodbye to everything you've constructed, and probably yourself too. That's not fun.
    • Nuclear reactors have a 25% chance of giving you nuclear waste instead of what you wanted. If I put 64 iron ore blocks into it, I'll only get 48 out in the end on average. Why would I want to use a reactor- especially given its dangers- when I could just find some very common coal ore, put it in a few furnaces, and have what I wanted quickly? You could argue that a nuclear reactor makes furnaces easier to use, but the total gain is not much when you consider how cheap and easily available coal is.
    • Cooling towers are expensive but nullify most nuclear meltdowns. This still brings us back to the problem that coal is simply more efficient, especially when cooling towers are very expensive to build.
    • Nuclear explosions wipe out everything for 100 blocks, deal radiation damage for 30 days (that's 600 minutes, or 10 hours), and blind your character totally for a day (that's 20 minutes) if you happen to look at them. And you say that even when cooled, a reactor has a 10% chance of doing this to my base? Why would I ever bother with nuclear power if it would do this? This isn't fun.
    • Radiation potions have a 50% chance of killing you or giving you semi-superpowers. Nobody would bother with these unless they had a bed, in which case this would become overpowered as you could die, respawn, and try and try again until you have a bevy of powers. This isn't fun.
    • Hydrogen creepers create nuclear explosions. Imagine one of these dropping next to you at night. It'd be an instant Game Over- which is never really a good thing unless it's telegraphed. And what if a skeleton shoots one of these and it turns around? 100 blocks is a long distance. You wouldn't be able to sprint away to save your life no matter what. This isn't fun.
    • Nuclear bombs are the mother of all griefing tools. You can instantly remove a large chunk of land, 100 players, or a base or two just with this one block, made of easy TNT and then an ore you found deep underground. Furthermore, they will always result in your death- if you try to light it with redstone, the chunks won't react that far, and if you light it with flint and steel you will die before you escape the blast radius. This isn't fun.

    To be short, I give no support to this. It makes no sense and is absolutely ridden with crippling design issues.

    I'd recommend scrapping this form of the idea and remaking it. Perhaps some kind of Redstone Heart that powers nearby things really well, but must be immersed in water or else it'll overheat and blow itself up in a tiny explosion?

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    posted a message on The bee
    Quote from VirtualCrafter»

    Isn't this to complicated for MineCraft?

    No support

    Other than that it's a "creative" idea.It would be nice for a mod

    Complication is not necessarily bad.

    After all, we really don't need flowers, five tiers of tools and armor, the existence of Villages, dungeons, hostile mobs whatsoever, alternate dimensions, a day/night cycle, or a combat system in order to have a basic block sandbox game. But without all of those, Minecraft would be a lot less fun.
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    posted a message on Ocean Improvements Part 2/3: Sea Content (Updated)

    I think that Whalers should have white coats with blue trimming, and little naval caps. They should have a unique waterside building (and by extension would only really appear in "ports", or waterside villages) which would be a small to medium-sized ship with various fishing rods and whale oil buckets in chests.

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    posted a message on Having guns like a revolver and a western shotgun

    While the OP was a rather malformed suggestion, Steve does has the capability to build black powder weapons with what items there are currently.

    Given that Minecraft doesn't really adhere to a technological standpoint- its low-tech and high-tech items are 700 years apart- the argument that guns "wouldn't fit" really falls flat.

    I would think that an ARK: Survival Evolved style trifecta of Gunpowder-based arms could work out though:

    Pistols could rapidly load six bullets and then shoot them off, being 1840s-esque cap-n-ball revolvers. They'd be inaccurate but relatively quickly firing.

    Rifles could be like Civil War era Springfields, being basically muskets with barrel grooves and conical bullets. They'd take 3 or so seconds to reload but'd be highly damaging and accurate.

    Blunderbusses could shoot a pellet spread of multiple tiny bullets that do very little damage each and are inaccurate. The whole spread could be an instant-kill on players and mobs at point blank, but'd be worthless after around 10 blocks. They'd obviously be based off of old smoothbore shotguns.

    Of course, stupid things like assault rifles and whatnot would have absolutely no place in Minecraft (from both a thematic- it's just so jarring to see a modern weapon like that amidst golems and wood/cobble villages, and gameplay- it'd be the end-all annihilator). Even then, one singular, upgradable weapon can still be better than three separate ones.

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