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    posted a message on 1.7 Snapshot Bug
    When I launch the new snapshot it works fine on both of my pcs and on Linux Mint and Windows 8 but when I open my singleplayer world that I have used since beta 1.5_01 I immediately crash and I have tried using MCedit to move my player away from my base and that allows me to enter the world and if I use the nether, end or walking to get to my base I crash as soon as It comes into render distance. I know that it isnt a problem with my pc as I can play at 50+ fps when on linux and this also happens on other pcs with the same world.
    Please help I am hoping to not loose this world after over 1 year of work in it.
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    posted a message on ImagicaRealmsFTB: Ultimate - Whitelisted - Family Friendly
    IGN: sirwozzle
    Reason: I want to play on a server with an active community and be able to contribut to public builds
    Previous builds:I have experiance with FTB and know how things work but have not been able to do very community based stuff yet.
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    posted a message on 1.4.6 Modded Client and Server Help
    I have managed to get the mods:
    Not Enough Items
    Reis Minimap
    compact solars
    inventory tweaks (obviously not installed to server)
    thermal expansion
    redpower 2:
    all working in client and server form (niether crash) but when i try to connect to the server it says logging in... then shows a done button on the bottom of the screen, if the done button is clicked it takes you back to the title screen while niether the server nor the client crash from doing this (the server says "playername" disconnected-unloading"playername"

    this happens to anyone who tries to connect to the server

    please help
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    posted a message on Age of Mines: Roleplay for the Rest of us
    1. If you've ever roleplayed before, what type of character are you looking to play as?
    2. How old are you?
    3. What is your main language?
    4. What is your minecraft username?

    1. I would like to play an elf miner/mage.
    2. I am 16 years old.
    3. My main language is English.
    4. My username is Sirwozzle

    I have read the rules and will abide by them. I can't wait to start playing!
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    posted a message on The Craftlandz PVP/PVE Maps
    This is a series of maps made to challenge players to survival against their environment and other players

    All of these maps use a spawn tower (image coming soon)


    1. No destroying spawn tower redstone ect.
    2. Obey map-specific rules (these are on signs in the spawn tower)
    3. Survival and win

    All maps are made for 6 > players
    For all maps the use of the nether is prohibited (the end is allowed if there is a portal) this is because of the map border and lag as well as hiding from other players who listen to this rule (just pretend its under the rules section)

    THESE MAPS WILL CAUSE LAG AND POSSIBLE CRASH MINECRAFT OR YOUR SERVER -this has happened to use while testing(we have doene our best to fix this issue)

    MAPs coming very very soon(kinda)

    MAP:1 Mycelium Induced Madness



    download link: http://www.mediafire...k05l927bbep01aa
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    posted a message on New map series
    I am Working on a new map series in which players must kill the carrier of the dragon egg ( pvp ) or be the first to collect it in a map

    I have the first map made and it will be up shortly

    The second map is a mountianous mushroom biome with floating islands, a giant dungeon instead of caves and i am looking to add more challanging aspects to this map but I dont know what else to add please make comment or suggestion on my map series plan

    Sorry for any spelling

    I am posting this from my phone because my pc is restarting/occupied
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    posted a message on Winkleson's RFW Tournament
    i dont know about the other members but obesejaguarmann and i can lay from 3:30 on saterday for howeverlong it takes and we are in eastern standard time in MA u.s.

    happy holidays
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    posted a message on Winkleson's RFW Tournament
    i can play on sunday but i need to go get a christmas tree :smile.gif:

    i dont know when i will be doing that but i am sure that i can play any time for however long after 3:30 on saterday

    Have some very happy holidays!!
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    posted a message on Too many items mod
    try hitting the o key o your keyboard or if that doesnt work look in the modloader.txt file in your .minecraft folder

    hope this helps
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    posted a message on [WIP] Medieval Town
    Not bad at all...

    but does it look good without the texturepack

    p.s.(i am not a huge fan of texturepacks)
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    posted a message on I need help
    try removing little blocks mod it has conflicts
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    posted a message on Minecraft Survival [Town]
    Quote from SUPERGUSH

    SurvivaL DAS IT

    dont join it

    not much too offer
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    posted a message on I have a question..
    its free soo dont worry man
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    posted a message on Winkleson's RFW Tournament
    the team is me and obesejaguarmann

    i can lp depending on wen the match is

    i can only lp if the match is on the weekend of dec 17-18

    sorry i didnt pm i just got last message
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    posted a message on Winkleson's RFW Tournament
    im on the team with obesejaguarmann
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