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    posted a message on UKraft - Friendly British SMP Server [24/7] [Whitelisted] [Bukkit]
    In game name: rhysrox247
    Age and location: 14, australia

    What you might build in our server/what you have built in the past i have made my own village with a working elevator up to a floating island with a house and farm on it and i made i huge house that has lots of hallways a church a jungle house and more btw i am great with redstone

    i have been on plenty of servers and i started on the alphas.

    i find all your rule great i hate greifers so your rules are great for me.

    i want to join the server for building and freinds id be on the server alot so i will be making a lot on it ect... a shrine a church spas houses for gifts to people

    i just want to say that i love the look of your server and id like to be a part of it hope i can. :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on rhysy map
    Quote from The_Z_of_Death

    Can you atleast describe the map a bit?
    BTW this is a grammer nazi's playground.

    i just put in some description
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    posted a message on rhysy map
    hello i have just finished a map called rhysy map its called rhysy map because im called rhys and i made a world called rhysy so i am just putting it up so people to use it and it is a survival map. <-- the video of it
    you can put it on a server if you want so any way here is the download o and its for minecraft 1.1 and up .

    it has floating island with a house on it, a house, a building, a scuba room, a elevator, a church, ( that's my favorite thing) spa, veggie garden, and a mine.
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    posted a message on Mineways: 3D Prints of Minecraft Objects
    i <3 3d printing this brings it to the next level :lol:
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