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    posted a message on What small thing makes you angry?

    i have a few things,

    trophy hunters, you know the ones who hunt endangered animals just for the head or hide for there own enjoyment and pride. they give the rest of us who hunt for the meat and enjoyment of the out doors a bad name

    anti-hunters, these people who go around on every hunting video and spread hate and try to put hunters down. your just making a fool out of yourself. i mean if you disagree with hunting that is fine, or just don't care that is cool its the ones who want to spread hate for the sport.

    as a hunter/fishermen. these two groups just give us bad names.

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    posted a message on The most useless mob isn't what you think
    Quote from hypernova132»

    It's zombies. The only drop of non-armored zombies is rotten flesh which can be used as food in emergency situations, which is not likely to happen, and it gives you hunger. And armored zombies are rare, you are likely to have at least iron armor before you find an armored zombie, unless you're playing skyblock or something.

    zombies can drop carrots, potatoes and iron tools (well on console they do) making them somewhat useful if you have no village near by to get some crops.
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    posted a message on Poll: Do you think that the Xbox 360, PS3, PSVita, and Wii U editions need an upgrade in world size?
    Quote from veldhuis94»

    Minecraft: Switch Edition has officially been announced and confirmed for a 2017 release. However, unfortunately it's currently unknown whether it will feature larger worlds.

    well i think it depends on the specs, news says its weaker then the xbox one, but more powerful then the wii u, so it could be like the vita version meaning a bigger world but a shorter view distance then the xbox one or ps4 (but the vita has a small world and short view distance of course) :)
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    posted a message on Your GOTY 2016

    i started playing borderlands 2 and tps last year but never played borderlands 1 so this year i picked it up and gave it a try and i really enjoyed it then i played some of the dlc for the game, and i have to say Dr. neds zombie island might be one of the best dlc i have ever played. but my pick goes to borderlands 1. then battleborn i know it was a flop but i enjoyed playing it.

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    posted a message on How Did You Find Minecraft
    Quote from AshlandGaming»

    I wonder how Minecraft got so popular instantly. It's amazing! I can't believe it grew so fast. There are too many ways of finding Minecraft. This is not just some game you just put down after 5 minutes, you just keep playing.

    it was a slow growth for beta and alpha i remember when i bought the game only 2 million had the game
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    posted a message on Minecraft for PS VIta or Not

    the vita version is the same as the ps3, wii u or 360 version, so there is nothing different from the other console editions for items or gameplay. the only down side is that the world is small compared to the one and ps4 versions.

    the gameplay is fine with some lag (as the vita is weaker then the ps3) but the only true downside is the awful view distance of 3 or so chunks

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    posted a message on What part of the world are you living in? (2)

    i like how your just from north america then there is like 30 different options for Asia.

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    posted a message on Will there ever be a FNAF 5?

    lets hope never,

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    posted a message on Video Guides

    i really don't think your voice is going to be heard here my friend, i have seen a thread like this before, but as it came up the best thing you could do is try to get in touch with real video makers, or get a petition going to ask people to have sub titles :)

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    posted a message on Why most are hating 1.9?
    Quote from koi9000jh»

    How is 1.9 combat an improvement over 1.8 combat? Broken PVP bc attack cooldown, spectral arrows and sharpness nerf (as well as the 1.9 crafting recipe for god apples) but the end city and elytra will be things which maybe I will play 1.9 for.

    because now there is some skill (not a ton) instead of spam clicking.. now with cool down you have to make every attack count and play much more tactical.
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