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    posted a message on hire system


    change log

    *new function to the nitwit

    you need to hire your troops by the nitwit.

    *new function to gold nuggets and iron nuggets.

    buy troops with it.

    *new building barracks found rarely in villages.

    *use your experience levels (the green bar above the hotbar)

    *the troops

    -knight (fights with iron sword and iron armor) costs: 20 iron nuggets and level 15

    -archer (has a bow and iron armor) costs: 20 gold nuggets and level 25

    -elite warrior (diamond sword and diamond armor) costs: 64 gold nuggets level 60

    -barbarian (wooden sword and leather armor) costs: 10 iron nuggets

    and level 5

    !your levels won't disappear!

    give your suggestions!😃

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    posted a message on hire system

    the coins are gold nuggets 😃

    But the iron golem is to expensive.

    for cerroz : With the levels i meant the green experience bar just above the hotbar.

    to C1ff : this building would spawn sometimes into villages, just like blacksmiths spawn rarely.

    the archers do the same damage as skeletons. So 9 damage.

    The levels would not disappear. Because you need to be higher than that level or have that level. Just like the enchantment system.

    The villager would be the nitwit (the green villager that does nothing)

    please give your suggestions as well.

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    posted a message on hire system

    it would be nice to have a hire system to get troops in Minecraft.

    Some ads:

    * a new ore to get coins

    * new buildings with new villagers to hire troops

    * use your exp levels for a new level of troops for example: Get archers

    when you have level 20 and costs 20 coins

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