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    posted a message on [1.13] "True Labyrinth" Remake (Procedurally generated dungeons)
    True Labyrinth Remake

    Almost 4 years ago, myself and another used named GitOut (formerly Tobi29) created a map for the early 1.8 snapshots called True Labyrinth.

    True Labyrinth is unique, as it was the first ever map to use procedural generation in order to create a new dungeon layout each time you played - the generator may have been slow, but it was also ahead of its time. Recently, however, I created a new dungeon layout generator system in 1.12.2 using functions: a generator that's extremely fast and a lot more versatile. I have since updated the generator ready for 1.13 and began work on a complete remake of True Labyrinth: including new generation, new room designs, new mechanics, and much more. You can see the original thread for True Labyrinth here

    At the time of writing this, work on this remake has only just begun, with the generator being complete but only a few rooms from level 1 have been ported over so far. I am still deciding on exactly how the remake should play, and what mechanics will be changed. I will keep this thread up to date whenever major developments take place.

    How does the generator work?

    Very quickly.
    I looked at all existing dungeon generators people have made in vanilla up until now, and I can confidently say that the new True Labyrinth generator is far quicker anything else out there: being capable of generating most layouts in well under 5 seconds. This was achieved by taking advantage of the new functions, added in 1.12, and using a lot of recursion loops and careful command optimisation.

    The generator is an adaption of relatively simple recursive backtracking maze generation, much like the original TL - although with the addition of extra features such as being able to generate large rooms alongside standard rooms, and allowing me to specify exactly how many rooms to generate and how large an area to do it in. Another feature of the generator is the ability to apply rules to the length of paths within a generated layout, but I won't go into detail on this for now as it's rather confusing.

    Oh, it's also seeded.


    basic layout:

    a layout using only large rooms:

    complex layout:

    room structure test:

    large doorway test:

    mansion & hallways test:


    Much like with minecraft worlds, you can type in a seed for the generator to use and get the exact same dungeon every time you use its seed - or you can leave the seed value alone and it'll create its own random one. You will be able to see the seed the dungeon used to generated with so that you can replay the same seed or share it with others to play in the exact same dungeon as you.

    Maybe you're watching a youtuber playing the map and you feel like playing the same dungeon they are?

    No problem, just copy the seed their dungeon is using!

    Any time the generator is run it will start with a 'seed' score, the value of the seed is then modified constantly using a linear congruential generator (LCG) to make the seed appear to spit out other random values. The important part is none of these values are actually random, they are created in a sequence that is designed to just look random.


    Both singleplayer and multiplayer will be support just like in the original True Labyrinth. However, since the generator is a lot more flexible the level layouts and designs will be far more varied than the original. Levels will get gradually longer as you progress through the map, starting small and relatively easy in level 1 until you end up with a difficult and sprawling labyrinth before the final boss. Each level will be themed differently, starting with a traditional style similar to strongholds. Every level also has a boss fight at the end, which requires a key to access; finding the key is a challenge of its own and won't be nearly as straightforward as it was in the original map.

    There will also be special types of rooms: including shops, treasure rooms, secret rooms, minibosses, challenge rooms, and more.

    When will it be out?

    I simply don't know, but I might release it early with only 1 or 2 levels included and then release new levels as 1.13 datapacks, since you can then install those new level datapacks without losing any progress. Hopefully it won't take too long, since the more complicated part is out of the way, but it could still be many months to a year before release. Or it could be done next tuesday.

    I will occasionally post test releases in this thread, though, so stay tuned!

    special thanks to:

    GitOut (created the old generator for True Labyrinth in 2014)
    SirBenet (helped with troubleshooting, bug-testing, and advice)
    Nitroxius (helped get the new generator started)
    fredo (helped test the generator and provide feedback)
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    posted a message on [v1.5.3] Mario Kart in Minecraft by Flamingosaurus and VioletRosa

    The tracks are exceptionally well-designed, but there's a few nitpicks I have:

    • I spawned on the wall of your tripwire area instead of on the tripwires themselves; instead of using tripwires to spawn the player into the map, you should instead use the stat.leaveGame objective (contrary its name, it actually adds 1 when a player logs into your world)
    • Whilst I noticed no bugs/issues with the mechanics in the map, the redstone is very inefficient and looks rather old-school, which could negatively impact performance (although I had no problems)
    • There is nothing to warn the player that they're going the wrong way, nor anything to put the player back on the track if they go off-course - I'd recommend using execute detect to damage a player that's off-course
    • The enderpearl item kinda sucks due to the damage received from using it (come to think of it, I'm not sure I like the fact that you can take damage in a map about racing...)
    • Any items that need to be dropped to use (e.g. mushroom, banana peel, etc.) are a little awkward if you're already holding ctrl to sprint, one possible way around this would be using a fishing rod (retextured to be invisible) in the player's off-hand slot, then checking for the item the player has selected in their main hand as they right-click with their off-hand (where the rod is) in order to activate the item

    Keep in mind though that I'm really reaching to say anything negative here, as this map is honestly superb. It deserves more attention.

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    posted a message on ELSEWHERE - Escape Your Reality

    This looks interesting, I like the buildstyle - it has a certain simple charm about it, like a lot of traditional adventure maps. Like rabid mentioned, there's very few good adventure maps around these days since so many people focus on minigames and gimmicks, so I hope this project goes well.

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    posted a message on Zelda Breath of the Wild in Minecraft [3-d models] [cutscenes] [Zelda Gameplay]
    Quote from KSKISPER»

    Right haha, also mini, I didn't end up using your music in the project- just so you know.

    I forgot that I offered you that music when I wrote that reply, although as a side-note I'm a little concerned that your use of copyrighted Zelda music (even if they do appear to be fan rearrangements) may run you into legal trouble - Nintendo are notoriously harsh for stuff like this.
    Quote from KSKISPER»

    So most of that is a compromised set of issues.

    Yeah sorry if it comes across that I'm just complaining about the bugs, as this is still a really impressive map (especially as a first-time project, that's crazy!). I'd love to help with the project if I can at all, specifically with regards to the mechanics - I feel the runes in particular could be done a lot better overall to recreate exactly how they behave in the original game (which I've played, in case you were wondering). If you prefer to work on the project solo then I'd understand, though. If you want me to help with anything send me a PM on here.

    Oh, by the way, popular youtuber inthelittlewood is doing a let's play of your map now, so expect a big spike in popularity.
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    posted a message on Zelda Breath of the Wild in Minecraft [3-d models] [cutscenes] [Zelda Gameplay]

    I don't really get why your download link is inconveniently under the description of the youtube video, I'd have put it proudly on my post if I were you. Seriously, though, this is great! I want more people to see it.

    The modelling, cutscenes, and terrain are top-notch. I was also surprised to see my name credited when I didn't even do anything. I seemed to experience a few bugs, though, which makes me wonder if it may be due to performance problems as this PC isn't particularly powerful.

    Not sure if a bug, but Zelda's voice at the start only said "Link" repeatedly, instead of matching the dialogue. Also, my game crashed when I first loaded the map (hopefully that didn't cause any problems with your redstone), probably due to the lagspike from loading the resourcepack.

    Foraging anything would show the purple 'missing texture' texture as a particle effect.

    Magnesis was extremely buggy for me in the Oman Au shrine, the first bridge wouldn't connect at all (I had to use the blocks to cross it), and the blocks wouldn't stay hovering over me, resulting in me being blocked by them so I could barely move at all whilst moving them.

    No idea what recipes there are for cooking, I tried some from the actual game but couldn't get any to work besides baked apples.

    Finally, after doing the Keh Namut shrine (cryonis) I got stranded as my warmth effect (from an elixir I found in a chest [side-note: I don't understand why you used bread to represent an elixir instead of simple potions, it confused me when I couldn't drink it at first due to having a full hunger bar]) ran out whilst I was completing the shrine - eventually I figured out that the 'freeze' effect is only applies when I'm stood on a snow-layer block,
    but it may be a good idea to give the player a small amount of warmth effect whenever they exit/respawn at that shrine.
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    posted a message on [v1.5.3] Mario Kart in Minecraft by Flamingosaurus and VioletRosa

    So is this multiplayer or singleplayer or both?
    Looks fantastic, by the way.

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    posted a message on [SOLVED] Looking for old puzzle compilation map

    Sounds like The Adventure Multiplex, compiled by Jigarbov. He also released a sequel.

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    posted a message on Icy Racing - Racetrack using boats on ice

    GitOut worked on this?

    I thought Git quit minecraft.

    Looks neat, might play this with fredo or the Realms testers

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    posted a message on ISSUE. Minecraft CASINO. How to give various items?
    Quote from Sylis_MC»

    a dispenser can place commandblocks, but sadly can only hold 9 command blocks. but on the up side they are 100% random.

    This feature was removed about a year ago in one of the 1.8 versions.

    To make randomisers these days, you have to use spreadplayers or something else involving entities really. I'm sure you could find a decent design somewhere from some googling.
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    posted a message on Dungeons of Denalia Adventure Map [Procedurally generated roguelike dungeons]
    Quote from ErminCaft»

    Quote from 777iso777»

    I first instance I generated for dungoen one was oddly lacking in any food, I think I only found a piece of raw chicken and a clownfish in the entire dungeon, the second instance had more, but I never actually encountered any material to cook the food with, so I was again unable to replenish my hunger throughout almost the entire floor. I'm not especially familiar with loot tables myself, but I'm fairly sure they support certain conditions - maybe try setting one up that checks if the player's hunger is low and adjust loot accordingly?
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    posted a message on Dungeons of Denalia Adventure Map [Procedurally generated roguelike dungeons]

    I played this a week or two ago but forgot to post a reply.

    It was alright, I tried out 2 instances of dungeon 1 just to check the generator worked, then later played through to dungeon 2 where I stopped playing after a few rooms. The generator does a decent job, but loot balance seemed off, I'm uncertain on what you're using to determine loot but in the 2 instances I generated dungeon 1 I found myself very lacking in food. Similarly, I felt you were generating a dungeon larger than your (currently) limited room templates can pull off - I saw frequent repeats). However, I liked that you seem to have room designs specifically for straights, corners, and splits - that's a very nice touch that I don't think I've seen done before in a procedural dungeon map. Since I didn't reach very far due a lack of time when I played it I won't judge the mobs, since it was apparent more variety is available later on, although I would recommend looking into adapting your system (however it works, I didn't check) to allow for smaller dungeons in earlier levels.

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    posted a message on [1.8.7] ANVIL-MC | VANILLA MINIGAMES | Kit-PvP, Sabotage, Build-It, Spleef, Parkour... | No mods or plugins, all vanilla!
    Quote from xXEllesarXx»

    I know that there was a disclaimer on the first post about how no support will be given for issues, but can someone tell me how to reset the leaderboards?

    if not then I don't know. Good luck in finding out how to

    do so. :)

    and that should possibly reset ALL leader board scores.

    Basically what Logical said should be correct. To clarify, as long as you're in a minecraft version ANVIL is supported by (1.8.8 being the last known "stable" release for ANVIL) then any player with the [Admin] rank (Rank score 1000) should recieve something called an "Eggu" whenever they login, "Eggu" being short for "Egg-Menu", its a powerful staff-only tool where most of its features are functional only to the [Admin] rank.

    Once you have an [Admin] rank assigned, use the Eggu by right-clicking it on the ground, a menu should appear with several options, one of those being a menu for the Leaderboards, opening that sub-menu should provide options to reset the entire leaderboard. However it is advised to first kill all armorstands named 'Leaderboard' using /kill @e[name=Leaderboard] before resetting the leaderboard in this way.

    I hope this helps.

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    posted a message on Adventure Map Ideas / Requests!

    These are all fairly generic ideas if I'm honest, the first 2 I'm quite sure I've seen done several times before as they're vague enough to apply to many maps. Idea #3 is too ambitious for most to attempt unless you have a solid team or significant redstoning/programming knowledge; #4 is another one I've definitely seen before since as early as minecraft's beta versions.

    It's perhaps worth noting that RPG maps like #3 that do exist, but all of them have at least 1 major flaw - issues like poor redstoning and bland/small world design, or even generally lacking gameplay and features, are common.

    I'd like to mention, though, that a team I was in had attempted something like the 'Questcraft' idea, but it ultimately got scrapped due to Minecraft's 1.8 versions being too unstable that we could not longer develop the map (every update broke a significant portion so progress was never made). Our main redstoner then completely quit the project and all our other projects at the time. I'm likely capable of handling the redstone for the map myself by this point, though - and 1.9 so far shows promise with its recent fixes and positive changes to command-blocks/performance.

    Anyway, if I revive that project, which was known as Finding Ferrodil, then maybe finally a true vanilla RPG experience would be achieved.

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    posted a message on Finding Ferrodil. | A Massive RPG Project | Dungeons | Quests | NPCs
    Quote from Usamathebest11»

    It is too bad such a potential map was cancel due to a exploit that allowed you to become OP but whats more important ignoring a problem just because of map makers dependence on it or prevent any trolls or griefers using the command block exploit.

    read through the thread.

    The dispenser randomisation issue was addressed and the map was updated for it, but every single 1.8 version has broken this map in a major way, with minor issues plaguing it throughout - all of them minecraft bugs (we did have a spreadsheet listing all bugs affecting the map, but I think that's since been lost).

    In the end, it was taking far too much time having to remake the mechanics of this map over and over, especially since only 1 of our redstoners was fully capable of managing Finding Ferrodil's complicated aspects. To put it simply, Minecraft is a broken game, larger projects like this cannot work unless we cut a significant amount of content, and we cannot afford to do that given the intentions of this project
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