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    posted a message on Naruto-Anime Mod

    I understand this didn't come as "good news" to most of you, seeing as you've all been waiting so long and just want the mod to release already, and I get that completely, patience is a virtue, but oh such an annoying one ^^

    Apart from that I am delighted to see how much you are all supporting me and are happy for me that I got this job, for that I cannot be more grateful! this community here really is one of the best I've ever seen! ^^

    Now please don't worry, I still have every intention of finishing this project, And I will start working on it again as soon as I find the time after the comic book is done ^^ ( for anyone who wants to read it, it'll be in dutch, but I'll ask my bosses if I could translate it to english and post it here for you all to read when it's done, I'll keep you guys updated on that when the time comes ^^ )

    As far as the forum goes, I'll try to stay a bit active, but I can already say there will be times where I'll be gone for a bit again as long as this job runs,
    It's just sometimes I don't find the time or I'm just too busy inside of my head and tend to forget things ( I'm a very chaotic person, and that's an understatement haha )
    I will however try to keep you guys updated every now and then and keep the conversation running a bit,
    If I do happen to be gone for a while again, please don't worry, I'll be back when all this is done haha ^^

    So once again, thank you all for the support, it really means a lot to me that you're all being this understanding about the whole situation

    Talk to you all soon!

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    posted a message on Naruto-Anime Mod

    Hey there everyone!

    It's been quite a while, over a month I think, and oh what a month it has been...

    First of all, I want to appologize for my absence, and I immediately want to reassure you all that I have not abandoned the project ^^
    Also I'm very sorry if I made anyone worry.. ( I haven't been able to catch up on the posts yet, I did see on top of the page that shadowofgrim said he found me on discord, well, I don't actually have discord, I even had to look up what a discord is haha ^^ )

    now, aside from that, why have I been gone for this long?
    I definitely owe you all an explanation, so here goes:

    well, as you all know I was in the middle of my exams a little while ago, which made it so I couldn't spend any time on the mod.

    Well.. They went really well and pretty much as soon as I graduated I got a job offer.. And this job has been my life long dream...
    I was asked to make a short comic book for a starting game company!

    So I obviously accepted this, and am now full time employed as a comic book artist and author over the course of this summer.
    It's a rather short project ( only a few months ) this does however mean that I will be spending all my attention on this job, and while I'm not by any means quitting the mod, I will post-pone it till the comic book is finished, it's just impossible to combine the two as they are both very time and energy consuming.
    This means that sadly enough for the remaining of this summer I won't be able to progress the mod ( at least not noticeably, my best friend will come over at some point and we'll do some coding on a couple of my free days, but a few days work is nothing "worth mentioning" )

    Somewhere in the midst of all this hype of finally being able to live my dream, the thing I've worked for all this time, aswell as the preparation somehow made me forget to check up on the forum and inform you all, honestly, time just flew by lately...

    I understand that some of you might be angry or disappointed in the lack of communication,
    So once again I want to thoroughly thank you all for being here, even if I abandoned you all for a while, I definitely never meant to leave you all behind like this, as Kakashi would say... I got lost on the path of life...

    Right now it is 2:10 am and I just finished my workday, I'll try to hit the forum up again asap and read up on some of the things i've missed aswell as get back to the private messages I have gotten.

    Hear you all soon!

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    posted a message on Naruto models for mods

    really nice forum here!

    the models are looking very good aswell!

    Also, happy birthday Nick! ^^

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    posted a message on Naruto-Anime Mod

    Quote from Dinokiller65next

    Imma repost the questions from weeks ago.

    I got a pair of questions that I came up with on the spot... btw no one is posting questions but me... lonely. ;-;

    1. So how is the susanoo Skeleton (The one you showed like 4 times now) gonna work? Since theres not really animations it can't really grab someone and *Squish*... I've actually been thinking about this for about a week now... I just needed to ask it.

    - It gives you power and mostly defensive boosts when active, it will at certain stages also allow you to use certain jutsu that can only be used when it's active

    2. So how is lightning jutsu gonna look in the mod? Can you show a screen if you want pls? I'm really curious as to how it looks.
    - mostly still the same as it does right now

    3. So if theres going to be 20+ sharingan lines, how does all of those lines separate from the main lines like Madara and Shisui, Itachi, Sasuke, Obito... What I mean is, will they all have their unique little abilities?
    - the way I see it the sharingan has main abilities and advanced one
    mains are amaterasu, kamui, tsukuyomi
    advanced are amaterasu -> kagutsuchi, kamui -> kamui-e ( teleporting others ), tsukuyomi -> kotoamatsukami (not counting jin's sharingan for now )
    so what I did is mix and match these, the rules are simple, to get an advanced one, your other eye needs to have the main one, so there are combinations like amaterasu-kamui, amaterasu-tsukuyomi, kamui-tsukuyomi, amaterasu-kagutsuchi, kamui-kamui(e), tsukuyomi-kotoamatsukami

    4. Will Rasengan be 3d? Also once you first learn Rasengan will you need a clone for it? Learning it right off the bat doesn't really...

    at the moment not yet, might do this later due to popular demand, right now learning it instantly allows you to use it

    5. Is Particle Release in the mod and will it look and act like it did in the show?
    still in the works, but yes it will

    6. How is Edo Tensei gonna work exactly? I have a really creative mind yet I can't figure out how to make it work in minecraft...
    the first version is quite simple, you get the jutsu and can summon a random strong ninja that uses jutsu, fights for you and has constant regeneration,
    later on I will refine this with a new Idea I've had where you can use the basic Edo-Tensei gathering item (an item that only works when the opponent has 1 Health ) which will then kill them and give you an edo tensei technique that allows for you to summon that player/mob
    The only problem I can see so far is that It will be very hard to allow them to use jutsu that person knows, I'll probably find something on that, but this will be a very in-depth jutsu to work out because of that ^^

    7. What about the range for Madara's Susanoo with the sword? I understand Sasuke's Susanoo that its really good range wise... but what about the susanoos with the weapons that aren't for good range? Will you be able to do the thing Madara did where he sliced mountains by not even being near them is what I mean...
    so far the susano'o's havent been worked out that far yet, I'm first putting all the other things in ^^

    8. So in other words (This is a response to the answer you gave 2 replies earlier) I'll be the susanoo? Like I'll be able to use its abilities and stuff but I'm not inside of him, I'm him not a person inside of a susanoo like the current version of the mod?
    yes you are inside of him, it's hard to explain, the susano'o is you but you are also you haha
    it's like your character just gets an extension of itself while still being himself

    9. So Every clan has its own jutsus? What about the Iburi clan? How will their jutsus be?
    they become smoke :P

    *Now for the "Will" Compilation, It might be kinda annoying*

    10. Now for Shino... Will bug jutsu be in the 0.9 release?

    11. Will all Cursemarks be in the 0.9 Release?

    12. Will Almost all of the rinnegan jutsus be in the 0.9 release?

    13. Will all the Sharingan lines and the different colored susanoo be in the 0.9 release?

    14. Will all Lightning jutsu be in the 0.9 release?
    all the planned ones yes

    15. Will all element jutsus be in the 0.9 release?

    16. Will Particle style be in the 0.9 release?

    17. Will Rinnesharingan be in the 0.9 release? (the one on your forehead)

    18. Will 9 tails Chakra mode be in the 0.9 release? (I'm also waiting for a screenshot of that, would make my day)


    19. Will 8 tails tentacle jutsu be in the 0.9 release? (This sounded kinda weird...)

    2000. Will you be able to increase the explosion and size of the Bijuudama once you lvl up or go into a new form when you're a jinchuriki?
    it will increase by being in a higher form

    210001. Will the uchiha reflect for the Gunbai be in the 0.9 release?
    hopefully :P

    2222203004. I thought Skeletal Susanoo was bigger tho... Now that i realize it...
    have to check that out

    23. Can other people ride your summons or is it linked to you?
    only you can

    24. As for the Cursemark symbol on your torso... That problem could be easily fixed if you did add it on the torso but around it you added some skin... (Looks like that part of your clothes got ripped off because the cursemark burned that part of your clothes) So it won't look weird if you just add the cursemark symbol on your torso. Addition to this question. can you remove the cursemark?
    that would be weird if people decide to go for another color of skin than the one I default, so I won't do that ^^
    no you cannot remove it as of yet

    25. If you FINALLY found an animator, what would be the first thing you would tell him to animate for the mod? also the last thing you'll tell him to animate for the mod.
    first, probably the susano'o, summons and tailed beasts
    last... hmmm, whatever he/she feels like doing last ^^

    26. Can we see Puppet screenshots pls? I'm a huge fan of puppets.
    we got that from nick! haha :D

    27. What about Star Training? Yaknow, The Hoshigakure special training stuff.
    Never heard of that actually, could you tell me what it is? ^^

    Alright thats enough...

    Hey guys, I finally got back, sorry for the long period of absense

    basically I had my last week of internship work last week and then was out of the country for the one after that without any stable internet for the most time, aswell as my computer being at home.

    I have 2 more weeks of exam preparations now, after that I'll finally get a break off of school stuff and will be able to spend more time on the mod!
    A friend of mine has stated he might be able to come in and help me out with some code during that time aswell, aswell as a person that I've been in contact with illRinlli who has said he would like to help out ^^

    On to the questions now, but first of all : Happy birthday NickWrecks!

    ( Dino, I will reply to your list inside of it ^^ otherwise I have to scroll up and down like a gajillion times haha! )

    Quote from Nickwrecks»

    Hey, maybe the puppet I made...

    Though I would love to see what he already has set up!

    And I tried to animate once. It was the worst thing I ever tried to do. Like ever. I could make a... Sorta' animation in tabula, but doing it in game? That's an absolute pain. You need to setup up player renderers and then sort of... Draw over them with models you pre-made, specify which action triggers the animation, and then mess about with the rotation of the joints and it's just... Horrible.

    animations are an absolute pain I know haha!

    and man, I really like the work you've been doing! ( I'll get back to you in your PM ^^ )

    Quote from Nickwrecks»

    Hey, I know I asked this before, but will the Samurai... Style (I guess) be in the mod? It's in the 0.2 version, but it's lame.

    yes, it's just kenjutsu ^^

    Quote from Nickwrecks»

    Hey, so... I think I found the model that was already in the mod for the puppet and it's... Err...Bad. Here's a comparison between mine and his, because if that get's taken out of context noone will say we are comparing anything but models!

    oh, that isn't mine, that one is from sekwah's mod ^^

    Quote from yolo_112233»

    Tbh, i really like this forum, and even tho people watching may not post, im always keeping an eye out on this forum, and getting responded by math every like 3 weeks is kinda bothersum, (im so sorry, its just the board me talking, i understand your really busy with stuff) and i think a Q/A would be an amazing thing, to keep the mod going, maybe a utube vid, or just here.

    a Q/A could be cool indeed
    well, once summer starts I'll see what I can do ^^

    Quote from yolo_112233»
    div class="quote-body">

    Some Questions ;3

    1: Will you instantly know how to water walk, wall walk, ect... cause that kinda makes no sense. maybe a skill learner called "Basics" or something, is where you can learn them from, with a certain amount of chakra control, or something, or , just make it obtainable through getting the right stats without the skill learner...look idk, all im trying to say is its going to be weird if you get it straight away XD

    - maybe yeah.. never thought of that, for now it's instant but I'll see ^^

    2: Will this mod, be one of those, "play for 1 day, and ur a god"??.......or is it one of those, "takes time to complete, but eventually, you can one shot everything" , orr is it the one i like "takes a lot of time to master, and even when you do master it, beware, and things are still powerful"

    - the last option ( but ofcourse when you played for weeks or months on end zombies won't be that scary anymore haha )

    cause i want to always have a challenge, i dont want it to be super easy to fight things, and stuff.

    3: With Truth Seeking Orbs, is it just for looks, or are their skills for it, like shoot it out or something.

    - there are skills for it, but you won't see them moving around your back, instead new ones will spawn that do the jutsu

    4: Does every clan have a special thing you gain, when you first spawn, or do some not?

    - most of them do, those who don't have extra stats from the getgo

    5: With Wood Style, is the wood golem, and the hands thingy done? cause last time i saw you reply regarding to one of these, you said you were still making it.

    - not done yet, I've been working on other stuff first ^^

    6: Is their a anbu rank, in the mod, and if their is, a good idea is, when your a anbu rank, you start getting special missions, from your captain or something.

    - yes there is an anbu rank, and becoming an Anbu will allow you to do S-rank missions

    7: Have you worked on a way to get rid of companions, or Tailed Beast Yet?

    - no, not yet ( getting rid of tailed beasts is rather easy to do but I don't see a use for it in the mod's current state )

    8: The Keybinds to activate moves are configurable, right? pretty sure, they are, just confirming with math.

    - yes they are ^^

    answered in the quote ^^

    Quote from Nickwrecks»

    Hey, er... I found this mod? It seems to be the same mod as this one, only it has a 1.10 version. I'm... really confused. In fact, when I tried to run both mods at the same time it even had the ID error, they're both called the same thing!

    that's probably someone who just assembled random naruto mod pictures and put it up to get downloads...

    Quote from Nickwrecks»

    I don't even know, I didn't download it, though here's a link:

    I don't know how I even come across this stuff!

    I got it! It's Sekwah41's mod.

    Hey, how did he do the ninja run?

    he's really good at animations and such, so he set up his own renderer to get that working, it's really cool, he even has a lot more animations for the player! ^^

    Quote from yolo_112233next

    Another Questions..

    Math, you've been testing this all, mind going through the lag scales you expirience, like, a lot, a lil, medium..idk, just explain it please, like what computer you would need, or something, just talk to us about it, cause im guessing their should be a good amount, i may be wrong tho, but considering all the content, it would seem laggy, but hey, i never tested it. you did, so talk to us about it XD

    so far I haven't experienced any lag lately
    there has been lag before but most of that got resolved
    the only thing I noticed is that starting the game takes a bit longer seeing as it's loading in all the assets and such
    I've even tested it on some of my friend's pc's including a mac, and so far no problems

    Hi! Does anybody know if Shion's dojitsue is in the modpack?

    so far it isn't planned to go in, I've looked into it and just couldn't find a use for it

    Quote from Dinokiller65»

    I got some ideas for the mod here, tell me what you think of them! and Math tell me if you'll do these ideas or not or tell me the flaws of them or smth (I also got questions)

    1. Tsukuyomi: For Tsukuyomi you should make it so when Tsukuyomi is used the opponent's screen turns all distorted and stuff and when you're all paralyzed a jumpscare comes out of nowhere and scares you and it loops forever and it never stops... I think something as simple as Crucifiction won't have full effect on you however a jumpscare will most certainly have an effect on your minecraft and irl. It is a genjutsu after all.

    - good idea, thought of that aswell, but don't know how to do that, also, that would mean the opponent is rendered immobile for probably almost minutes on end, which means 11 tsukuyomi is an instant kill seeing as your opponent can do with you as they like ^^

    2. NARA:You control the shadow with your arrow keys and once you get someone with it, and you press z random items in your and your opponents inventory will drop out of your inventory then you keep pressing that key until your opponent has nothing... then you call your friends to pick the items up and give you your items back and steal your opponents. Another idea is if you press V while controlling someone you punch yourself where they also punch themselves and you both loose 1 heart each time you punch yourself. The opponent is also completely paralyzed of course.

    - this would be so extremely hard to create it's not even fun thinking about it haha
    also, making your oponent lose his items means he will also lose his jutsu, that's a bit OP cuz then if you don't give it back his character is basically useless from then on ^^

    3. Jinchuriki: 1,2,3 tails you can control but 4 tails you cannot. How about when you turn 4 tails you don't have control over your character anymore and you just go berserk and kill any entity you see even your friends and players around you... You shouldn't be able to control 4 tails so I thought this way is a better way... when you turn 4 tails a red beam shoots to the sky then you don't have control over your character and you start killing everything you see any entity any animal and any boss... and you also throw Bijuudamas once in a while.

    - once again a really cool idea, and I also thought of this one, but still very dificulto to do i'm afraid :/
    also there is no going from 1 - 9 tails stages, basically there are just 4 stages, 1) chakra cloak, 2) bijuu form 3) bijuu form with skeleton, 4) full transformations ^^

    4. Tailed Beast: I want Tailed Beast to be a challenge and i don't want them to just stand there and wait to be attacked. I want them to do something... if you get close to the tailed beast you'll get knocked back far, if you're far from the tailed beast but still within a good radius then the tailed beast will shoot bijuudamas at you and if you're sprinting they throw small fast bijuudamas at you.

    - that's exactly how I think of it and how I'm trying to create it! ^^

    5. Sage Mode jutsu: For the Sage mode Frog Fu stuff, I would like to have a frog fu attack where if you punch the air with it and you're facing water a little path will clear out and if you left click it while you and you're opponent aren't in exceptional range to punch then you could push the air and the air punches him... Just a little ranged attack.

    - i should look into this more, could work ^^

    6. Air Palms Byakugan: If you do the Air Palms attack with Byakugan active your hit speed will increase and every hit you land you're taking away 3 chakra from your enemy. hitspeed increases if taijutsu increases.

    - that's exactly how I implemented it ^^

    Now for the Questions

    7. How will we get the summons? Do we need a contract?

    - yes, but I'm still working on how to find them the first time around ^^

    8. Will rasengan be an actual sphere on your hand?

    - right now it's just an item

    9. If you have rasengan active and you hit a block or floor with it will the block or floor blow up and make a big crater depending on how strong and developed your rasengan is...?

    - not yet, but that's a good idea!

    10. Can you fly or glide with Sasuke's Cursemark ?

    - you have increased jump height

    11. Does each Mangenkyo Sharingan have their own special abilities? like all 20 of the lines?

    - answered in previous question list ^^

    12. Is there a Mangenkyo sharingan with the ability to stop time? ik thats kinda impossible but it would be cool.

    - haha would indeed be cool, but no :P

    13. Show is a screen of Chidori or Rasengan please?? I'm super curious on how both look like and how much Chidori has improved!

    - they are still the same, as I've said before, they will probably get updated later, but right now they are still an item

    14. Have you started Summer Break yet?

    - no, still 2 weeks to go sadly :(

    15. Can you make the susanoo a little bit bigger? they seem kinda small to me.

    - I'm still tweaking the sizes, so nothing is final yet ^^

    16. Is "dance of the crescent moon" the move that the guy with the sword did on that bandit in the mod?

    - yes ^^

    17. Is lightning Style: Four Pillar Trap in the mod?

    - no

    18. Is Buta Futa in the mod?

    - what is that? ^^

    19. Is Ninja Art: Four Flames Formation in the mod?

    - no

    20. Can Transformation jutsu be like a default key and when you press it a little menu will come up and you write any username and you turn into that player with their nametag and skin?

    - that is literally the entire morph mod as 1 jutsu haha, I'd suggest installing the morph mod along with this one for that ^^

    21. is Rock Lee Syndrome in the mod? Like you spawning with no clan at all..

    - no, the Lee clan is the only one that does have you start without any jutsu tho, but instant high taijutsu
    Also an increased chance on having the drunken fist

    22. Can you please make it so you could mark people with the Hiraishin seal, and you press a key and it teleports you above them... I don't wanna be using Kunais to do that.

    - I'm not sure, storing so much data is just really hard to maintain without massive lagg

    23. Why are the jutsu icons or images look sooo big in your hand? can you minimize that just a little bit?

    - eventually I want them to be invisible :P

    24. Are there different sword techniques you can do with any sword?

    - yes

    25. Is all Wood style jutsu from Naruto in the mod?

    - most of them

    26. Can you show us a picture or gif of Sexy Jutsu please? Or tell us how it works or smth.

    - you become invisible and a half naked girl entity with your name spawns at your location

    Also Another suggestion I forgot about...

    27. Mangenkyo Sharingan: Everytime you use it your screen gets blurrier, I think you having Blindness and Nausea when you use it is kinda unrealistic to the show since Itachi couldn't see all that time because he used it too much and your screen gets blurrier and blurrier until you can bearly see anything anymore.

    - yes, but I have to work with the mc limits, making it like that is indeed possible but i really don't know how to, doing the blindness thing is just a lot easier, i'll just make it so the intervals increase ( it doesn't only happen when you use it ) so that once you reach a certain point, you'll be almost constantly blind

    28. Naruto Music: When you enter a biome or randomly it plays some calm naruto music and when you're in a boss fight it plays some intense naruto music.

    - can't do that because of copyright,
    however there are ways for that to be possible with texturepacks ( hint )

    30. Sexy Jutsu: When you use it on someone and they look at you they get a nausea effect for 3 seconds... Kinda makes since considering the amount of nosebleeds in the show...

    - I wouldn't say nausea is a good way to show what's going on with you when looking at that, but I get it haha

    answer in quote ^^

    Quote from Nickwrecks»

    Will Jiraiya's weird genjutsu thingy be in the mod? Please tell me it is!

    sorry, spawning an entire structure out of a jutsu is a bit much, at least for now ^^

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    posted a message on Naruto-Anime Mod
    Quote from Dinokiller65»

    Math, is this you? lmao

    Seems like someone trying to be you but... I can't be 100% sure.

    Is it you tho?

    Haha don't worry, that's my old youtube account
    never posted videos or anything tho

    ( I'll get to your list of questions later on, couldn't find the time right now )

    Quote from qrowoffate»

    It never will be this mod has been abandoned.

    don't know where you get that, but if apart from all the activity here you still believe that, then go ahead ^^

    Quote from princ3364»

    Positives: Mathioks posts screenshots almost every 10 pages

    Mathioks Sort of tells us what's going on

    Mathioks has people supporting both him and the mod

    Mathioks reminds us of the big update

    Mathioks has never given up on the mod even though some of us still doubt the update(most likely because it sounds to good to be true)

    Negatives: Mathioks is completely unreliable to spend time on the forum(most likely because of school and work)

    Some people are starting to lose hope for the mod

    Even though Mathioks has people working with him he barely has any other coders

    Thanks to the bugs the mod will probably not be out in another year or 2

    To get to this point Mathioks most likely had to recode most of the mod

    People want even more items and abilities from the 1.0 update even though the 0.9 update hasn't even come out yet

    Its been two years since the last update

    Conclusion: Now I'm taking in both the Positives and the Negatives and I think that math is just being completely bombarded with school work, so if he can I think he should just take a vacation completely centered on getting this BIG update out. Now what do you guys think?

    Well, as much as that would be a great thing,
    I can't just say: "hey, school, work, how about you two just hang low for a bit as I go ahead and take a few weeks off to finish my minecraft mod" haha, would be awesome tho, but that's not how life works ^^

    Quote from yolo_112233»

    what i was working on :c (no background, and all dat, :c)

    that looks nice man! ^^

    Quote from yolo_112233»

    eh, sorry for posting too much, but i just wanna get sumthing going on the fourm, so i got sumthing to ask everyone :3

    lets test how creative our minds are, so i wanna ask everyone if they could think of any elemental kekkei genkai (lava, scorch, ice, ect)

    custom jutsu, and post it, i truly want to see how creative everyone would get :P

    here is my idea :3

    Ice Release : Icicle Fort!

    the user creates a ice circle covering them. which then have spiky icicles on the outside, which gets shot out , on the users command.

    therefore being a defensive. and offensive close range move

    the more chakra control the user has, the ice circle, covers more area.

    this is a really cool idea to get the people who wanna come here and talk a bit to have some fun during my absent times when I can't reply to questions ^^
    Quote from Nickwrecks»

    (This may sound mean, if so, I do apologize.)

    well, if you actually went to the 13th of that year (on the second page of this forum) you will see that is the date on which I released V2.0...
    Quote from Nickwrecks»

    Hey, here's a(nother) question. Will armor get damaged? If not, then wouldn't it be slightly OP as you would have diamond armor-level defence forever for barely any extra cost? If it will get damaged, how will you fix it? Will you use for ANBU iron, kage wool, etc. or will we repair it with diamond? I know the swords take no damage, and it make sense as they're so rare and hard to get trying to get ANOTHER afterwards would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack and every 10 minutes another haystack gets dumped on top!

    Another thing! (I bet this is getting annoying for all parties involved)

    I read in mathioks posts that Flying Raijin is in the mod. Will you be able to place it on any solid surface? And other players? Say for example I'm in the middle of a cave expedition and my sword broke, and I mine into a huge pile of deadly silverfish of death. A way of getting away easily would be to activate flying raijin and simply teleport home! And even in combat, put it on trees or the environment before the fight, and while the opponent attacks you with, say, fireball jutsu, you dodge to a nearby tree! Not to mention the uses of putting it on players! After a fight they will ALWAYS need to keep vigilant, a player may ANYTIME teleport to them, seeing them with their pants guard down and taking advantage of it! Now, one may call that OP, but if you had that justu, you'd surely make a reputation for yourself, people would know to keep their guard up during, and after a fight! In fact, they might even start calling you, So and So of the Flying Thundergod!

    That may sound a bit ambitious for a jutsu that literally gives you the magic ability of running away, I just love it that much.

    I got another one!

    Hows your arm coming along Yolo?

    Armor does get damaged atm tho i'm trying to resolve that, the damage rate is reeaaally slow tho, so if I can't manage to it'll stay like this
    also it's diamond level armor, but i'm planning on changing it to leather level, seeing as after doing some testing the diamond level armor makes top level ninjutsu do no more than 5 hearts of damage at most
    instead as a ninja wearing anything above leather armor will give you some "debuffs" in the sense that bcuz the armor gets too heavy you will lose double jump etc, that way people can choose to go armored or flexible

    no, flying raijin is literally just a kunai you throw and then get teleported towards
    when you hit an enemy however you get teleported on top of them ( if you had rasengan you could then follow up to do minato's combo )
    I might eventually fledge this out more to let you place seals, but can't promise as it's just such a hard thing to do and will take up a considerable amount of time
    but yes, all the things you said do sound super cool! ^^

    also, hope you're doing better yolo!
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    posted a message on Naruto-Anime Mod

    When are going to update the mod ,because version 0.2 is all .If you can give at least a crude version of the mod.Thanks in advance.if you can't at least tell me when will the mod,to wait honestly tired ,so I like your mod,and the screenshots are cool ,but the wait is honestly straight,no strength.At least give us an approximate date.

    I feel the need to quickly take some time off during my work to quickly reply to what's been going on in the last few posts here ( will be on the bottom of these quotes )
    Quote from Charlestone007»

    please don't criticize, and devalue another persons work, yes while waiting is a pain... just be patient please, he will release the mod when he considers... also, he does this for free, and i truly doubt he will answer your demand... just because you may feel you have been entitled to it...
    Please refrain from asking for a release date again, and again, wait patiently for the mod to be released!

    if you wan't quality work, it requires time...

    Have a nice day!

    Quote from Nickwrecks»

    1. There's no apostrophe in want.
    2. It's been two years. Of course we would feel entitled to it! If he didn't give it to us, he would've wasted what must accumulate to months just coding, not to mention the stress of us being on his case for making us wait, while he had exams etc.
    And it already is quality work, otherwise we wouldn't be asking for it! It doesn't matter if it crashes, we could put up with it! And there's enough in the mod now to keep us entertained 'till 1.0! I mean, is there really not enough in the mod for 0.9?

    Charlestone007 is correct though,
    no one is entitled to anything here, while I am still doing this for this community and yes, as you said, it's been 2 years, and literally thousands of hours on my end
    it's been a crazy ride so far, learning to code in its own aswell as creating this mod

    now it's not like I experience you guys as "a group of people being on my case" or "people causing me stress" if anything, having you guys around is what pushes me to keep on going on this huge project, which honestly turned out to be waaaaaay bigger than I ever could have imagined.
    Because of this I have also met a lot of wonderful people aswell as some people who ended up helping me so much ( just a few: Latinus, KiritoBlanceBreaker, Ancerain, and the list goes on )

    Now, even so, as a creator I do pertain the right to bring something out I feel is at least somewhat up to standards, even if it is only a v0.9
    but regardless, and this is something a lot of people don't seem to understand even though I have laid this out quite a few times before..

    It's not that I don't want to release V0.9 right now for whatever reason ( like feeling that there isn't enough in the mod yet or whatever ) but because the mod is not in a stable state yet
    Yes, I have shown pictures of for example the susano'o and sage of six paths, very nice and all, but those are just mechanics that are working, it's not "implemented" in the mod yet, meaning that, if I were to release V0.9 as it stands right now, then no one would even be able to acquire a mangekyou sharingan since that just isn't set up yet, and this is what I call packaging, it's where I go through aaaaall of the stuff I have made over the last 2 years and start bringing everything together so that people can start unlocking things by playing, aswell as find for example DNA bottles, do sage missions and so on

    It's a long process that still takes a lot of work, so once again, it's not because I don't want to release it yet, it's because I just can't until that is done.

    And with this, lately I've been getting an increasing amount of people private messaging me about when the update will release.
    Since I don't know and don't want to give any approximations because life just happens, I won't reply to those messages,
    So if I don't reply to your message, don't take it as a personal attack, it's just that replying the same thing to everyone gets really tedious while you can just read it over here ^^
    Quote from Charlestone007»

    is the white eye from the boruto series? the one with ink around it?? do we even have a name for it yet! OMG!

    no, that is kidomaru's curse seal stage 1 ^^
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    posted a message on Naruto-Anime Mod

    Hey there everyone,

    It's been extremely hectic at work lately, hence why I haven't been able to keep up with the forums ( though I have been doing some work on the mod whenever i found the chance, mostly bug fixing right now )

    I don't have the time to respond to questions right now, as I'm literally taking off of sleep time because I wanted to congratulate Yolo_112233 on his birthday, and as he asked, give him some screenshots ( note, I won't make a habbit of doing this for everyone's birthday though hehe ^^ )
    These screenshots are not new screenshots, but rather screenshots that didn't make the cut during other showcases ( sorry Yolo, it's not the ones you asked for, though there is some susano'o action in it ^^ Excuse me for not adding info on top of the screenshots, really rushing this in before sleep ^^)

    ( Not Madara's mangekyou, but Izuna's )

    Aswell as something New I've started working on :

    A quick note about the discord thing:
    While I understand where you're coming from, the reason I don't reply for certain amounts of time is because I'm mostly really busy, whether it would be discord or here, I still wouldn't have any chance to reply to questions, seeing as it's not that I just forget to visit the forums ( I often read up on posts and such in between certain periods even though I don't have the time to reply instantly ) It's just that I need to make at least up to an hour and a half free to reply to everyone ^^
    So I won't be creating a discord as it won't solve the waiting times for questions, It's just how my life is set up at the moment, a wise man once said: patience is a virtue ^^

    Also, Ancerain: that build looks be-au-ti-ful! good job! ^^

    That's it for my quick post, so happy birthday yolo!

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    posted a message on Naruto-Anime Mod
    Quote from Dinokiller65»


    My Hype came back 100%

    btw, what Bijuu Form is that? Its surely not Kurama, its like White... idk someone correct me? nvm its Kurama... I just researched it.

    Also where are the wings for the Susanoo?

    I also think that the Susanoo would look much better if it were Slightly more transparent...

    Math have you fixed the Rinnegan texture?

    Sorry... Just making sure you don't forget anything... Just trying to help.

    Itachi's susanoo looked great but wasn't it red and orange-ish? Or am I just Color Blind? (Which I am) I made my sis check the colors for me.

    Despite the little mistakes, Everything else looks very BEAUTIFUL!

    Wow, a lot has been posted again since last time!
    I'll quickly go through as many things as possible before heading to bed ^^

    yes, that's the kurama bijuu-susano'o combination ( though any tailed beast will give off that same combo )
    This susano'o is an alteration of the others that I created to test some things and am thus using as my own personal susano'o
    The transparent thing is something I've been trying to get to work on this one, but for some reason it's just not doing it so far..

    what was wrong with the rinnegan texture though? ^^

    Quote from LeviLiah»

    BTW, you should release 0.9 because we can recommend what to get in the final version and everybody is really hyped about it. People get really busy and stopped being active on this forum. So I personally think its the best choice. oh and SUSANOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Oh and in your other screenshots can you do rinnegan and mangekyu at the same time?

    There are certain lines that will unlock a rinnegan - rinne-sharingan combo, whereas others will have a full rinnegan
    There's no way to have 1 eye be rinnegan and one eye be for example byakugan etc

    0.9 will probably be a thing as I feel like a 'full' version can't be done until most fans have the things they want in there, and seeing that the longer the production takes, the more things people want in, I'm starting to get to the point where my to-do list grows faster than I get stuff done, which is not something you want as creator, so yeah, I'm tying up loose ends and adding things I feel are absolutely necessary etc, after which I'll create a Youtube channel ( this has been planned for over a year already actually ) where I will explain the features hopefully in a session of weekly videos, while running a Beta testing, after which I'll do the v0.9 release for public

    Quote from Dinokiller65»

    Imma repost the questions you missed right here s... Here was my 2nd longest Question thing ever... This one used to be my 1st before the one you replied. ^^

    1. How are the lightning moves gonna work? Like is it gonna be 2D like the current version or more advanced 3D Version... Same with Rasengan.

    Most are 3D models

    also they have added effects when used on water surfaces

    2. Is Senju jutsu gonna be projectiles or there's gonna be trees just standing there? Also I wonder how the Golem With 1000 hands is gonna work out in this mod.

    yes the senjutsu has multiple jutsu, some are projectiles, whereas others spawn trees and such from the ground
    1000 hands won't be for v0.9 yet, as it's far in the back of my to-do list

    3. As for Ino's clothing job, I noticed in the screenshot that she only sells 1 piece of armor... Are you planning to fix that or...?

    no, that's on purpose, she sells 1 piece of clothing at a time, it could be anything, so you'll have to go around and find multiple ino's for the stuff you want
    I'm doing this to get people to make combinations in clothing, so that you don't feel stuck to the 'sets' (although you can still hunt down sets )

    4. Can you copy jutsu with the sharingan like in Regular Naruto or is that too op?

    that is indeed too OP and I haven't found a way to do so even thought I tried, so no

    5. So are Tailed Beasts Randomly Generated into the world?

    no, you need to find a tailed beast location scroll in a dungeon chest which will then lead you to a certain biome, once in that biome you need to use the scroll and if your summoning stat is high enough you can summon the beast from its slumber after which it will spawn and attack you

    6. I saw the Rinnegan screen and I noticed that the eyes were pixels not HD pic like sharingan... Did that change?

    no, they are HD pics, but when you take a screenshot from far away minecraft starts viewing details as pixels, it's just a visual minecraft things, the closer you get the more HD they become again

    7. How many things do you still have on your list? I'm pretty curious.

    about 130, as I've said, with you guys asking for more stuff it's just ever growing haha

    8. Will your Sharingan develop on Lvl or how often you use your Sharingan and it's skills? Or Is it kinda of both?

    it develops through the use of JP

    9. Will you be able to ride the toad, slug, snake summons?

    yes, i think there's even a screenshot of that somewhere (mustve been around last summer)

    10. Will you have the ability to suck in jutsu like Momoshiki did in Boruto (I think that's his name or smth)

    thinking about it as a rinnegan skill, but might not be in v0.9, it's on the line of stuff i want done, and want to push back, so not sure yet

    11. Will Transform Be in the mod? (Like you could turn into any player and have his name) This is a feature that would be good and funny on Multiplayer or server.

    no, at least I haven't ever thought of it, might look into it eventually though, as it indeed could be funny!

    12. Will Bloodline jutsu (like sharingan) will they be activated through num-pad or keys or right click the item jutsu? Could you please explain how all of that would work...

    they activate through configurable keys
    once "powers" are attained they are stored on your character and don't need buttons ( for example bijuu bomb is also tied to a button ) but other things like jutsu etc are tied to items

    13. Will Tailed Beast Jinchurikies have a jinchuriki transformation?

    i'm not really sure what you mean by this
    but jinchurikies have multiple transformations yes

    14. Will the rarity of the Tailed Beast depend on which tails they are? Like 1 tail will have highest rarity and 10 tails will have lowest.

    no, all 9 are equally rare, the 10 tails can only be encountered by obtaining all 9 and fusing them with the gedo mazo statue

    15. Will all Tailed Beast have very strong powers? In Naruto they only made 9 and 10 Tails look strong but showed no love to the other ones... What I mean is that will a Tailed Beast be powerful? In the screenshots you showed you only said that they would have THIS and THIS ability which made them sound kinda boring...

    yes, they are all equally strong (except for 10) their abilities are extras, they also have their own jutsu etc

    16. Will you be able to manipulate the Truth Seeking orbs freely? Like to stop a jutsu from hitting you and trapping someone.

    no, they are purely visual and add stat buffs, I just wouldn't have an idea on how to do something like that

    17. Will the thing that Madara did that has an invisible clone that no naked eye could see (I think it's called Limbo) gonna be in the mod?

    yes, limbo is already programmed

    18. Will the Akatsuki robe cover a small portion of your head? Like when it covers the neck in Covers the face also.

    yep! :D

    19. Will there be 3D clothing?

    no, all clothing is like a skin

    20. (Woah 20... Sorry if this is too long but this is the last question) Will there be Explosive tags and could you link them to blocks? Like if someone tries to open your chest the chest blows up.

    i had forgotten about explosive tags for the longest time, and have recently put them somewhere on top of my to do list
    so they will probably be in for 0.9, but are either time based or when someone comes close

    Here is the 2nd set of questions you missed.

    - Math, I went back to the Sharingan posts today and I noticed something... The white outer part behind sharingan just... looks like its pasted there with photoshop or something... Not hating but I just want to ask you if you could make the background behind the Sharingan Pupil a little more darker... Kinda gray-ish. Again I'm not hating... It's just been bothering me quite a little. It's way too white math and my OCD is literally killing me. lmao

    - Will Nine Tails Chakra Cloak, Tenseigan, and other similar things to that glow in the dark?

    not sure yet

    So to keep out Spam I decided to put my new questions here... I just saw the snapshots and I literally Blew up. :P

    So lets get it.

    1. So will we fight Genin people for the Genin exam? and same for Chuunin but its waaay Tougher? That's actually a cool concept.

    in the genin exam you won't, but in the chunin you do

    2. So Orochimaru's cave is Implemented! That's kinda cool.

    well his cave isn't there's no structures

    3.So will Sage mode be the same style you used for the Curse Mark, Like the black things on your face and stuff?

    it uses the same chakra bar, but it has different buffs etc ( overall it's way stronger aswell ) and it has a different way of being obtained

    4. How much Jutsu does each Sage mode have on its Arsenal?

    at the moment none yet, but I've only just started fledgin them out, it will probably be around 3-4

    5. So if you increase your kinjutsu the hearts that your enemy needs to be on to be able to seal their chakra will increase?

    yes, I hadn't thought of that yet, but that's a really good idea, i'll implement that!

    6. So if you're gonna use the Susanoo's weapon it will show up on the susanoo right? So if for example you wanna hit a mob from far away with Sasuke's bow, Are you the Susanoo and as the susanoo you shoot it? or the one who shoots it is you inside the susanoo? Its kinda hard to explain but I'm really trying to make sense... Hopefully you understand me.

    it comes from the player, the susano'o doesn't hold items anymore, that worked in the last update for the way i was using it ( the susano'o was a separate entity) now the susano'o is an extension of the player ( actually added ON the player model ) I did it this way because the last one had a lot of issues, along with not working when people used optifine, which is now resolved

    7. Will there be Jutsu that the Susanoo could use that aren't weapons like Flame Control and Itachi will have that Circle in his Susanoo's hand with Amaterasu sorrounding it and shooting everyone with it. hehe

    yes, but maybe not yet in v0.9

    8. Is there Jutsu for Susanoo Bijuu form? Ik that would be hard sense you'll have to make sure every Susanoo has a jutsu compatible with Bijuu.

    probably nothing except for the jutsu the susano'o had + bijuu ball and maybe indra's arrow

    9. Will there be Senju Wood Clone? and will they have more defense than regular Shadow Clones? Since they're made out of wood, Maybe 2 hearts?

    yes, they have 80 hearts

    10. Will there be Wood Release: Advent of a World of Flowering Trees jutsu in the mod and how will it play out? I'm a big Senju fan btw.

    it's in there, but doesn't have the sleep inducing flowers yet, though It's on my to-do list
    basically it will create a forest around the user and have the flowers on it that when someone comes close to will paralyze and blind them

    Sorry for such long questions this is literally my longest post ever. Its gotta be a pain to reply to this... Imma stop writing more so I could save you more time. Have a nice day Math!

    sitting on the sage summons:

    The armor ( this is full yamato armor set )

    I replied in your quote cuz scrolling up and down to read and reply was such a drag ( being shikamaru haha ) ^^

    Quote from Bumblebee3403»

    Mathioks I also have some questions

    1.Will Konans Paper Ninjutsu be on the mod

    2.How will you get the sharingan

    3.will the rinne six path jutsu be in the mod

    like the jutsu that creates the pains like nagato did

    4 will you be able to have multiple sharingan like danzo

    1: not in 0.9
    2: either from DNA bottle or from being born in the clan and waiting until it activates
    3: maybe in 1.0
    4: no, only 1 pair per player

    Quote from Riggs300»

    I literally did 3 flips when I saw that perfect susanoo I agree Levi you should probably tidy up loose ends in the mod and make a v0.9

    Also will this form of Tailed Beast Susanoo be in the mod and will it be accessible to all 10 beast

    yes, it's already modeled by theKirytoBlanceBreaker ^^ ( a loooong long time ago though ^^ )

    Quote from jam4thepro»

    ive been following this mod for a long time and i agree with a v.0.9 to get a feel before the final product plus it will help to get a good understanding of the mechanic, if not if possible the youtube idea would also be great i feel like a lot of stuff has been implemented but how everything is done exactly is not really people will probably watch the video so many times just to remeber how to do things or even just to keep them self entertained till the release. btw love the mod been hyped for what feels like a year or 2 lol hope to see more great stuff from ya

    thanks for the nice words! ^^ ( also to all others, just picked one, but you all know i'm always grateful for anything nice/ feedback you guys have )

    Quote from LeviLiah»

    I also hope sharingan is activated through hot keys, All the abilities should be like these so we dont have to keep going into our inventory

    Oh can someone post the rinnegan pictures again?. I want screenshots with the rinnegan and EMS at the same time

    it is like that ^^
    And also some hyuuga love

    Quote from Bumblebee3403»

    I also agree with the v.0.9 idea

    and will Konans paper ninjutsu be in the mod

    and will you be able to join together your tailed beast transformation with your complete susanoo like naruto did with sasuke

    the first two have been answered in this post ^^

    no, you cannot join together with someone else

    Quote from KumaZone»

    so, from a gameplay standpoint, how are you going to balance clans?

    particularly the issue of sharingan giving people access to a bunch of super OP attacks that other clans just can't use anything even close to

    it kinda feels like there's no reason to pick anything other than uchiha clan

    that's why all clans are random, you cannot pick the clan of your choice
    what if you got for example inuzuka but really wanted hyuuga or uchiha?
    well then in some way that's exactly what I wanted to accomplish, have people do the best they can with what they have been born with ( like in the naruto universe ) but from a game point of view, I need to keep players happy, so you can still get it with DNA bottles later on ^^

    Quote from Bumblebee3403»

    1 will water walking be in the mod

    2 will madaras susanoo withe the four arms be in the mod

    3 how will you unlock the mangekou sharingan

    4 how do you implant the sharingan

    5 will konans paper ninjutsu be in the mod

    6 will you be able to combine the susanoo with a tailed beast or tailed beast transformation

    7 will the Hidan ritual be in the mod

    8 when you unlock susanoo do you get all stages at once or do you level up and get more stages

    9 is kaguya in the mod, if so will you need yin and yang to seal her

    10 is the sage of the six paths in the mod

    11 hamora in the mod

    12 how will you upgrade you stars like chakra,transformations, etc.



    1 yes, it is in
    2 yes
    3 not sure yet, still thinking about this one
    4 same as the other things with the DNA bottles
    5 not in 0.9
    6 only if you control both yourself
    7 possibly not in 0.9
    8 you level them up
    9 she will be, might not be in 0.9 yet though
    10 yes
    11 maybe in 1.0
    you get Skill points to do so when you level up

    ( as been pointed out by others, anyone can reply , and I'm very grateful of all of you doing so! so thanks everyone for helping eachother out, that's a really nice thing to see! ^^ )

    Quote from Charlestone007»

    Hello everyone! just started investigating this mod! and i have to say... I am super excited for the release 0.9! i saw all the screenshots... and have been looking for a good naruto mod or even a good ninjutsu mod! and i have to say... this definitely has soo much potential! great work mathioks! we will all be waiting for the release!

    thank you ^^

    Quote from Charlestone007»

    now... with some many huge huge mobs... and tail beast bombs.... like... lag much?

    it's been a problem while creating things, so far most of it has been resolved, though a few things need to get fixed up still to reduce lag to a minimum
    a bit of lag with tailed beasts is imminent, though I want it to be barely or even unnoticeable at all

    Quote from yolo_112233»

    Jeez, its either between sloosh or math , that have the most complicated/detailed skin to draw ;-;

    well, wish me luck. ;-;

    haha, I actually did a drawing of a battle of my character with one of a friend of mine
    I'll post a few of the panels here, so maybe you can use that as reference for your own drawing ( this was drawn rather quickly in a small A5 sketchbloc though )

    in the first you see mine from the back
    then the second fourth and sixth are my character aswell ^^

    Quote from cereal_killers»

    Come to this thread everyday, to see if there is any news. I am HYPED!!

    that's nice to hear! ^^

    Quote from Fledrak»

    Will madaras sage oft six paths mode be usable

    in the mod?

    all sage of six paths modes will be useable ^^

    My game crashes while loading this up heres the crash report:

    The game crashed whilst initializing game
    The game crashed whilst initializing game
    Error: java.lang.RuntimeException: No more entity indicies left

    do you have crazycraft or zharcs mobs mods installed?
    basically this means your mods overwrite the maximum amount of mobs that the game can store
    Remove some mods that have a lot of mobs in them

    to explain it really easily, there are 2 ways to place mobs in the game, 1 is with spawn eggs through the regular mc code, the other is through a modded forge way, most people seem to use the first, cuz it's also easier, but doing so will add to the max amount of mobs allowed ( which i think is 256 ) while doing it in the forge way gives you over thousands of mobs that can be stored, my mod used to use the first way until I found out about the second and rewrote everything to be in the second to make sure no one would have exactly what you have now ^^ ( my mod on its own even exceeded the 256 at one point which is how I found out, oops haha! )

    Quote from Dinokiller65»

    Welcome back Ancerain. Anyway i got some new but only small set of questions

    1. When you have the cursemark will the cursemark symbol appear on your torso? (Torso because Minecraft characters don't really have necks) same with when you Seal a Tailed Beast will the seal symbol appear in your stomach?

    2. The Water jutsu I meant was the jutsu that Kisame used against killer bee with the water sorrounding them and they're both in a giant water bubble or smth like that.

    3. Any improvements you've done on some transformations? because i remember back then that you did Sage mode back in 2015 and... well... it didn't really look so good... Also with the juubi screenshot you posted in the beggining of 2017 where you had rinnegan and it didn't look HD at all...

    4. Will we only get 1 piece of clothing from Ino? or will we get packs like Iruka packs where its random? or will all of the clothing be there and you can selected it yourself?

    5. So will Madara be a boss? and will he be super impossible to defeat?

    6. What lvl could you get if you play this non-stop for 10 hrs straight?

    7. So for your Susanoo, if you use that Susanoo's Weapon and you use (For Ex: Sasuke Susanoo's Bow) will you be the one shooting it from inside the susanoo or will you be able to control the susanoo and you shoot it as the susanoo... Hopefully you get what I'm saying.

    8. Is there a time limit for the phasing for Kamui line? It would be op if you could stay intagible forever... lmao

    1: no, because skins aren't naked, so it would be on top of clothing with most people
    2: I will eventually do that probably, but not for 0.9
    3: I don't know which one you are talking about (the one from 2015) if you can find the screenshot, please show me so I know which one you mean ^^ the Rinnegan I explained, even on the pictures I showed they aren't in full detail bcuz the screen was taken from too far away
    4: explained in this post ^^
    5: yes and yes haha
    6: hmmm.. I once made the calculations, but It'd depend on how "smart" you're playing, but I'd say around 150
    7: also explained in this post ^^
    8: no, but it does cost a low amoung of chakra when keeping it up, also ,the user needs to keep the kamui jutsu right clicked for it to work ( this is done so you can't use any other jutsu or punch someone while being intangible )

    Quote from if27»

    Hi everyone, im kinda new here, but i've been watching the progress so far, and sorry if i missed the information, but i need to ask, when the new version is going to be released please?

    ps: Im from brazil sorry for the bad english

    Good job math!

    there is no release date ^^
    and thanks ^^

    Quote from ItsZoon»

    Hahaha!!! Exam ended!!! I'm so alive now!!!

    congrats! enjoy man! :D
    Quote from KumaZone»

    so much off topic chat in this thread lmao

    I like it, it's like a safezone for people to talk and have fun,
    I feel like everyone here are friends who all enjoy naruto and minecraft, so it's a fun place to be, -> So off-topic talks are something that bonds people ^^
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    Kamui will be implemented

    (I'm trying to keep myself alive, but it's very let's go back studying chemistry...)

    Hey guys, didn't get as much time this week as I'd hoped for, but quickly taking some time inbetween to reply to some questions
    I haven't been able to go back and read everything, for which I'm very sorry, If anyone has questions I've missed, just post them again please ^^

    First off, Latinus, thanks again for the help around here, and good luck with your exams!

    Quote from ItsZoon»

    I'm trying to keep myself alive as well XD so I'll go back to studying physics... I'll be as alive as I can ever be after the exam...

    good luck with your exams aswell! ^^

    Quote from Dinokiller65»

    Will all Sharingan have a glowing effect?


    They don't glow, but they are a bit lighter than your character

    Quote from Avatar_Eddy»

    Guys! I no longer have strep throat! I'm still taking the antibiotics, mostly because it's what the doctor said to do, but I can not talk normally! No more sores or pain. I'm free! =D

    that's good to hear! ^^
    Quote from sloosh_e»

    i think it may be like the largest mob of any mod ever, not sure though

    haha, I sure do hope it is! hopefully the strongest aswell! ^^

    Quote from Dinokiller65»

    More questions for you Math... Im sorry I just came up with these on the spot and thought "Wow I wonder if this will be in the mod" so prepare for my longest List of Questions ever...

    1) Will Kisame's Water Jutsu be in the mod?

    2) Will you be able to become that Shark form Kisame was able to turn into against Killer Bee?

    3) If you have a Tailed Beast inside you, could you go into the room with the Tailed Beast and to get the Chakra Mode for Kurama you have to go into that room and Break the Seal and Fight Nine Tails? That would be more realistic... of course for other beasts as well.

    4) Will Susanoo be able to use its Sharingan Line weapons or you use it? Like if you use (fe: Sasuke's susanoo) Will I have the bow and I'll be able to shoot it or will it be the Susanoo? Is the Susanoo also gonna have that animation? Ik its too much to ask but I just really want that.

    5) Will Almighty Push have that Air Sphere around you when you use it? Idk why but I really like the sphere when Almight Push is used.

    6) Will there be a Super Almighty push that Destroys Anything in its path? (What Pain used to destroy Konoha)

    7) What is the most Powerful Jutsu in the mod?

    8) What is the most powerful Magenkyo in this whole mod?

    9) Will Raikgage's Lightning Chakra mode be in the mod?

    10) Will Tailed Beast be SUPER hard to kill, is it because they have alot of Health? or is it because they do alot of damage and do all Tailed Beast use their Tailed Beast Bombs? I wanna see an animation with Nine Tails' mouth where it opens and he fires a TB Bomb at you.

    11) How will Lightning Spear work? Better question, How will all of the Lightning moves work? I hope its not 2d that kinda defeats the purpose of lightning for me...

    12) (This isn't really a question) I found out one of my friends knows how to animate, I told him about you and he said he might help. Though he said he has a busy schedule so his free time is only 1hr, You could maybe tell him what to animate and he could finish it the next day.

    13) If you hit someone who uses Kamui Jutsu for Defense will you go through them? or will you not hit? or will you not take any damage though you still get punched?

    14) Will All of Deidara's Jutsu be in the mod?

    15) Will Zetsu be in the mod? and what Importance will Zetsu have in the mod?

    16) Is Sai's Drawing Ink jutsus in this mod?

    17) How many Clones could the Multi Shadow Clone technique in this mod produce?

    18) As for when you start the game, will the rarity of all clans you could get be the same? Like all clans have the same rarity as Senju and Uchiha

    19) Will you do the Twirly thing when you use Kamui to teleport somewhere, like the twirl effect.

    20) I'm just curious, Is there Pink Susanoo in the mod? Lmao

    21) Will Samehada suck jutsu's chakra and other people's chakra once you hit someone with it?

    22) So as of Tailed Beast, Once you seal it into yourself and you're almost gonna die and the tailed beast helps you... After that you get 1st form. After that if you're almost at death a 2nd time will you go to the next form or will you remain in your 1st form for some time...

    23) So after you get sharingan you just get a random sharingan line from the show or you get to choose?

    I'll keep the replies to this one very short haha ^^

    1 which one?
    2 later, not in the current update
    3 no, I'm still thinking about having a fight for the last part tho
    4 they do have their weapons yes, none of my models have animations as I don't know how to animate and still haven't found an animator ( kinda given up until after the release, maybe if the mod gets enough fans then someone will come out and do it )
    5 no, I'm really bad at particles hehe
    6 might be, haven't had the chance to implement every rinnegan jutsu yet
    7 hmmm... probably six paths: chibaku tensei, tengai shinsei, and every six paths/tenseigan jutsu aswell as final stage tailed beast bomb ( not to mention 10 tails tailed beast bomb ) I'm probably forgetting a few, but these have left quite some craters on my map haha
    8 I wouldn't say any is stronger than another, they just each have their pros and cons
    9 yes
    10 i would say both, they all use tailed beast bombs, they don't have animations as previously stated
    11 lightning spear has been cut from the list for this update
    12 that would be cool, tell him to contact me if he's up for it ^^
    13 you just go through them
    14 not all but most
    15 yes, at the moment his role is rather small, will probably be built upon later
    16 not yet, I am planning it though
    17 41 at once
    18 all have equal rarity
    19 no, I really wouldn't know how to do that within minecraft
    20 yes ^^
    21 yes
    22 it takes time for the tailed beast to get accustomed to you, for the longest time he will either let you die or help you out by healing you and replenishing some of your chakra, only after a while will he allow a first, later second, and finally third stage to be acquired ( with a final boss battle probably for the final stage )
    23 completely random
    Quote from yolo_112233»

    Hey guys, im making a non serious banner for this mod, it will have 6 looking for ppl to add, reply with ur mc username ;-;

    1: Mathioks

    2: yolo_112233

    (copy n paste and add ur name) (username)

    that's cool! i'm interested to see it! ^^
    Quote from LeviLiah»

    Math, if it comes to the point you dont have enough free time to work on the mod just release it, then you can slowly go working on it. You gonna have less pressure

    I've actually been able to work on the mod for quite a few hours this weekend and got a good amount of stuff done
    I have been thinking about this though, but as it stands now I'm mostly trying to round of whatever I have been working on to get it to a stable state so I can indeed maybe release a V0.9 before getting into the final version

    Also, to round it off, a few screenshots!

    A group of genin

    one of the many Anbu Masks along with zabuza armor

    What's this?..


    Hey! Orochimaru!!

    That was a hard fight... *Pant Pant*

    A new type of jutsu made it's debut! Fuinjutsu!

    Did anyone ask for final Susano'o?...

    Or... You know.. Bijuu form Susano...

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    Hey guys, just wanted to quickly pop in and let you all know I haven't dropped off of the side of the earth or whatever haha

    I'll try and read through the last few pages and reply as soon as possible, but the last few weeks have been extremely hectic, and during the 2 hours of free time a day I have after internship, I've been just too tired to come in and reply here. ( as to dinokiller's question, I don't have spring break sadly enough )

    I'll talk to all of you soon! ( btw, hope you get well soon Avatar_Eddy )

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    Quote from Avatar_Eddy»

    So Math, how has spring break been for you so far?

    I don't have spring break,
    haven't had any breaks from school/internship since end october ^^

    Hope it's been good so far for all of you! ^^
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    Quote from ItsZoon»

    Well your favorite character is pretty much apparent XD You haven't changed your profile pic from that cool looking blood dropping Sasuke for like, forever XD Who is your second favorite, I wonder? Mine is either Nohara Rin or Kushina. Can't pick between those two... But at least my No.1 favorite character is certain and you probably know it XD

    Hey guys, got some time off to reply to all of you! ^^

    haha yeah, it's minato right ^^

    and my second favorite?... hmm... it has to be a tie between itachi, shisui, zabuza, kakashi and omoi.. Yeah I know, that's a lot for 2nd place haha

    Quote from yolo_112233»

    Ayyeee, hey Math!, thanks for the replies, once again, I got questions :P

    1) Will the armors, transformations and modes go with your skin, or go on top of it? (example: if you wore the 4th hokage robe, will the robe go with your skin, or will it straight up look like Minato wearing it?

    2) The eyes....when you activate one, is it coded to position properly on your skin? or does your skin have to have a certain eye position or else it'll just look weird?

    1) it will go on your skin, so it will look like you wearing the robe ^^

    2) no, there's no way to find your eyes in code unless it would be some immensely convoluted system which could even still fail,
    so the eyes are at steve height ^^

    Quote from Avatar_Eddy»

    Math! I need to ask this. Will Stabilized Susanoo be in the first release? The one with legs?

    yes, that's the final susano'o form ^^

    Quote from Engidfhhhgf»

    Got questions

    1. Can you add more slots to the mod to hold more items such as jutsus? Because if you don't we would have like 3 jutsus and have to switch Justsu in our inventory and drag it to our slots.

    2. Also, can you add in prostatic arm. So you can hold sharingan and Byakugan on it?

    3. Last one, when we get wood release or hashiramas DNA do we have his face on us?

    4. Also idea, when we get a nature release, we can press letters on keyboard and we switch techniques with pressing a key on keyboard with just one of the nature release signs.

    1) this has been something that's been asked a lot before, and at least for right now, the answer is no
    there are mods out there that give you more action bars, so you can toggle between them, just place your jutsu in one and your mining tools etc in another
    the reason I also want it to be with the items is because it makes it so people have to choose what jutsu they wanna use, you basically get to have 9 jutsu at your disposal and if you use mine & blade have 6 swords/bows aswell, with those extra action slot mods you could increase your amount of jutsu from 9 all the way up I think 9 times that amount ( -1 if you want 1 with tools ) so 9x8 = 72 jutsu you can easily access ^^

    2) maybe later, for the moment that system isn't in place

    3) no, that would mean it would be overlayed over your skin, and since most people's skins wear clothing, that would be very weird haha

    4) this ties back to the first question ^^
    Quote from Engidfhhhgf»

    If we have a Byakugan in our left eye and mangekyou sharingan in our other, can we still use susanoo with just one mangekyou like shisuis?

    Also, can we disable tenseigan chakra mode?

    Lastly, for what you said for my last comment is that we will be able to use cross eyed powers, like Byakugan and sharingan at the same time?

    1) no, just like when you lose an eye to izanagi, you will be unable to go into susano'o mode,
    the reason shisui could use his susano'o with one eye was because it wasn't an actual canon episode as far as I recall, uchiha aren't supposed to still possess the susano'o after losing an eye
    Also, I've been testing this for a while now and the items really aren't a problem as far as I can tell ^^

    2) yes ofcourse ^^

    3) possibly later, for the moment there won't be a cross eye option since that would make me have to go in and rewrite a bunch of stuff again

    Quote from sloosh_e»

    just a question i understand that if you get for example wind release or sharingan you get jutsu learner items for them but how do you get new jutsus for stuff like taijutsu genjutsu medicalninjutsu ect

    taijutsu, kenjutsu and medical jutsu skill learners get given to everyone at the start of the game
    most genjutsu are learned through the jutsu packs, while other specific ones through clan jutsu
    Quote from Dinokiller65»

    Ayyyy you came back... Thx for coming back here to reply to us while you're doing a project. I also got a couple of questions

    1. Is Planetery Devastation Rinnegan move gonna be in the mod? Ik you said you were still having difficulties with it but have you finally perfected it?

    2. Is there gonna be a certain lvl for Kekkei Genkai skills? Like for Ex: Sasuke MS First Stage susanoo at lvl 400 Complete Susaoo at lvl 800.

    3. Will you be able to put Jutsu on Weapons (Like The Last Sasuke did with Lightning on his sword)

    4. Will we have different types of Rinnegan Lines? Like Sasuke Rinnegan, Pain Rinnegan

    5. Is there another way to obtain Ryo without Doing missions? Another addition to this question, Is there gonna be an npc that gives you the missions or is it just gonna appear out of Thin air? It would be cool if Tsunade was an NPC and you get missions from her.

    6. Later on, will you add Village Structures where like the Leaf Village, Sand.

    7. Will all of the People from Naruto added in the mod have their own abilities (not just running up to you and keep punching you) Like Itachi with the Crows and Sasuke with his Susanoo Amaterasu.

    8. How could you learn Eight Gates? Do you get it from Guy? Addition to this question, Will the teachers actually teach you some jutsu? Not from the Packs but their own Jutsu and modes kinda likeI said before with Guy and 8 Gates.

    So I've been working on getting my Texturing game up and I'm confident that I could help anyone with textures now. Is it ok if I could help you with Texturing the clothing since you're busy and all... It would make this go faster and Im sure everyone wants it earlier if you did it alone... So I want to help with the textures... Its your choice. Well Anyway, Gl with your project and have a nice day Math!

    1. he showed a screenshot of it so yes

    2. i think we use the jutsu learner for MS and buy it with JP

    3. math can tell

    4. i don't think so, plus sasuke was the only with a tomoe rinnegan, the rest were normal ( exept in the fillers/ movies)

    5. math can tell, but it would be nice if you don't have to be a ninja and you can just sell ramen

    6. he said no/probably not

    7. he shawed screens of that to

    8. math kept it a secrect so we have to do more things other than just train ( like doing research , like orochimaru and kabuto did )

    I'll go on from what blockbreakerjack couldn't fill in for you ^^

    3) not for the moment, there are ways to combine them through skill ( using chidori, then quickly switching to your blade and cutting them as you pass them with your chidori active )

    4) actually there will be, there are a few different rinnegan lines, and they change depending on your sharingan line
    they don't give you any extra boons, but just look different

    5) yes, you can find ryo from monster drops, the missions come from NPC's you need to find in the overworld, I'm indeed thinking of having kage's hand out missions aswell -- responding to blockbreakerjack's question here, I'm thinking of adding a selling option, but giving players the option to sell things could easily become unbalanced, so I'll need to tinker on that for a bit longer

    8) actually, the eight gates are learned through leveling up your taijutsu, but for other jutsu you indeed need to do research etc ^^

    jutsu idea: earth style: drop dead

    creates a hole beneath the enemy's feet ( a large irregular one which can be escaped with effort )

    depth and size depend on the level/power

    lightning style : frankenstien coffin

    immobilizes enemy while turning them into a lightning atractor , also changes weather to stormy

    being a lighning atractor they are very likely to be sturck by lightning

    time depends on power

    these sound cool! ^^

    Try to remember them for whenever I might do a "create your own jutsu" contest or something ^^
    Quote from yolo_112233»

    I agree with this, he really showed us most of the main things, maybe he could show us Companion related things, cause I was still kinda confused on em.

    Once companions are fleshed out a bit more I will indeed show some more things about that! ^^

    Quote from yolo_112233»

    Ayyee, just made a new skin, its Naruto related, I feel so fresh in it :3

    wanna check it out, here ya go

    that looks very nice! ^^

    Quote from gabrielmods»
    Is it possible to join bijuu mode with the doujutsu?

    no, except for final bijuu mode with susano'o ^^

    Quote from yolo_112233»

    Hey, when the update comes out, is the server coming out right after, or is it going to come out like a month or so later?

    and when it does come out, will we be informed about the IP and all that.

    (probably will ;-;)


    next, i got a question :3

    1} will all the mobs that can actually fight have powers, like, im talking EVERY SINGLE one that can fight? or just some main ones?

    (ofc not talking about vanilla ones)

    probably not right after, but sometime soon after ^^
    yeah, that will all be mentioned here! ^^

    1) they all have certain powers yes ^^

    Quote from Engidfhhhgf»

    Got a few questions for you today

    1. For the truthseeker orbs are there techniques you can do for example Obito gigantic sword, and if there are techniques for truth seeker orbs is for tenseigan chakra mode too?

    2. Are the different variations of the rasengan in the mod? For example lava release, lava rasenshurikan, magnet release magnet rasengan?

    3. How do we get Naruto's six paths mode?

    Quote from sloosh_e»

    1 there are techniques/jutsus for everything :D

    2 ik there will be rasengan and rasen shuriken i'm not sure about the others yet tho :)

    3 that one i'm not sure about :) it will probs be figured out through playing will be a very late thing to get as its extremely powerful :)

    2) for now those two will be the only ones available, will probably add the others later

    3) as sloosh said ^^
    Quote from Avatar_Eddy»

    Spring Break!!!

    Guys, idea! Imagine the Juubi of this mod fighting all the bosses of the Twilight Forest mod!

    haha, now that would be a sight to behold,
    unless it's those main bosses I think a regular tailed beast would be fair

    Quote from Avatar_Eddy»

    Yeah, probably. It would be pretty awesome though. =3

    OH!! What about Juubi vs Mobzilla?

    I'm actually so tempted to try that out haha!

    Quote from Dinokiller65»

    I'm sure dead someone would take notes during the fight. Whoever said "Art is an Explosion"

    Cough* Cough* Deidara Cough* Cough*

    hahaha! yeah definitly!
    Quote from yolo_112233»

    Got some questions,

    1) the story far will it go...and how do we trigger/start it.....and once you started it, do you have to follow it, or is it like, a mission type thing, where its not a must do.

    2) with companions...if they cant die/get rid of, or lost.....if you do not want your companion anymore. how do you lose it?

    3)for tailed beast...if you do not want it any more, but its sealed in you.....any way to get rid of it?

    4) for some modes, like the nine tails chakra mode, will we straight up look like Naruto when we activate it....or will it look like us originally... and so on with other modes like that (sage of six paths Obito or something)

    5) For some of the cannon susano'o (blue and all that) will they have there armor stage? like for blue, they get sword, for green, that Spear ..purple bow, and so on?

    6) someone said that when this update releases the mod is considered finished, so does that mean no more like, good updates that actually add more cool things? (Susanoo with legs, or custom made chakra modes for other tailed beast)

    NOTE) that custom made chakra mode thing, I know it's not cannon ,but it's something you should take into consideration to do when like, everything else is done, cause it is a very good idea and would be super cool. Because I think it's truly unfair there's only a nine tails chakra mode just because the main character, I think if you added other tailed beast chakra modes, it would make this mod super unique from others and it would be fair to jinchuriki's who don't have Kurama (nine tails), because if you only keep it for Kurama, it's basically saying "you need ONE specific tailed beast to use like one of the Mose coolest modes in naruto"

    1) right now it only goes until the bell mission with kakashi ( so 5 episodes ) it's an item you get at the beginning, once you start a sequence you should finish it ( don't have to, but I'd recommend it ) they take around 10 mins each, some a bit less, some a bit more, you can easily store it away between episodes and then pick it up whenever ( although the first few are really handy in the beginning of the game as they allow you to learn the kage bunshin from iruka, aswell as give some good startin exp ^^ )

    2) i'm still working on that, there will be a way ^^

    3) not yet, but tbh, it'll be such a hassle to get one, why would you want to remove it? haha ^^

    4) I'm trying to make it as unique as possible, but i'll have to see what I can do ^^ the six paths mode doesn't make you look like obito tho ^^

    5) yes, every single susano'o has cage -> skeleton -> full -> armor -> perfect ( -> Final Bijuu combination )

    6) yes, considered finished in the sense that it will be version 1.0, that doesn't mean no more additional updates will come along, as they will also be way easier to bring out, since a single feature could be for example 3 hours of work which could already be a new update on itself ( so no, updates won't take as immensely long as this one again haha ^^ thank god! )

    NOTE) I'm thinking about it, I'll see whether or not time allows me ^^
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    Quote from princ3364»

    Wow Math this is a lot of work for you might I ask you who is helping you with the coding

    Hey guys, I'm sorry for the inactivity once again, tho I have been keeping an eye on the forum!
    At my internship we had a deadline last friday, which just took up loads of time.

    now let me get to replying, once again, if i've missed any questions, just re-ask them, i'm never ignoring things on purpose unless I see they have been answered before ^^

    No one is helping me code, it's been a one-man job since the beginning haha ^^
    at the beginning of the mod I didn't even know how to code at all, just jumped in head-first and started learning as I went on.. Looking back this might not have been the best way seeing as that's the reason I've had to rewrite this mod so many times up till now, but I'm happy with how it's turning out! ^^

    Quote from yolo_112233»

    Oh, welcome Back Math, congrats on your exams :D

    I got a few questions (more like 1-2)

    1. are all susanoo's / sharingans going to be added (blue, green , red, purple) (madaara, sasuke, shisui , itachi)

    2. will you be able to choose, or is it random, you mind explaining the concept?


    Hey guys :D,

    I don't know if you can tell, but I got a new: Avatar / profile pic !!

    I custom drew it, its a picture of my custom character, he is a Mist Jonin that is the two tailed jin :D

    I wanted to know your thoughts on it, cause its my first time trying a half/half portrait.

    Would be appreciated, and I want a honest opinion :D

    Thanks! ^^

    1) there are even more susano'o then that!
    seeing as I've made a mangekyou line for every existing mangekyou in the series, there weren't enough susano'o so I just winged it and created susano'o for those mangekyou and gave them the color I think they would be ^^

    2) it is bound to your mangekyou, which is random, for example, if you have sasuke's mangekyou you will always get the purple susano'o, having itachis will give you the red one and so forth ^^

    I really like your drawing by the way, good job! ^^

    Quote from LatinusSumKangarkonext

    Yes, indeed server will cost.

    Of course it's not lots of money per month, but that money has to be found wherever they are xD

    we'll probably go on with donations, it is one of the last chances...

    Also I have assembled my new own gaming pc with a numpad keyboard! Now I'll can try the 0.2 version completely!

    yeah, donations will probably be our way to go I figure
    also, glad you can finally test it! though at this point I always feel a bit ashamed about that version, it's so old compared to what I've been working with for so long now that to me it feels like a heavily unfinished piece haha ^^

    Quote from Bumblebee3403»

    1.Will there be a gale style in the mod

    2.will the be a kaguya otsutsuki clan

    3 will there be some kind of way to Change your clan

    1) if you mean storm release, then yes
    2) not in the upcoming release, the Otsutsuki clan is ready to be implemented, but I'll add them as an update to the mod later on, there is however the kayuga clan, which is the clan of kimimaro with the bones ^^
    3) no, you cannot change your lineage, but you can change loads of other things through gameplay like your village, rank, missing-nin or not etc ^^

    Quote from yolo_112233»

    Thanks for the Support on my drawing. this is a nice community :D nicer then most I've seen

    also, I got a question.

    in a previous screen shot (the DNA Explanation) I saw your rank as "7 Swordsman ext...", how do we obtain that rank, cause I actually wanted to become one XD

    yeah, I really feel like it is aswell! and I'm really happy about that, this is hard to come by on the internet lately! ^^

    It's a rank you can achieve by acquiring one of the 7 ninja swords and being a high enough level ^^

    Quote from Engidfhhhgf»

    What are the techniques for wood release is true thousand hands,wood release in the mod? And is the rashomon summoning you know orochimarus summoning in the mod?

    yes, both are in the mod, I won't reveal all wood release techniques, but it is one of the jutsu lines that has the most techniques sitting at around 13 if I recall correctly ^^

    Quote from yolo_112233»

    This Community is active. but I just hope that when the update comes out, we are still this active, cause its always good to have a talk with you guys from time to time, ask questions, get opinions, all that stuff

    I actually think it will become much more active like some others have said
    once it's out people can share their experiences here, post bug reports ( which honestly there will probably be a lot of in the beginning! ) and we can even start a wiki, as I feel that might be needed since some things might a bit hard to understand without the proper info ^^
    Quote from gabrielmods»
    How to do the same as Kabuto? Become a snake

    that is snake sage mode, for that you need to create a "Sealed Sage Scroll" which is something you'll have to craft with paper, a nether star, an ender pearl and a DNA bottle in the middle

    after that you have to find one of the three sannin in the world, they aren't very easy to find, but once you do you can right click them with the sealed sage scroll and they will recognize it and tell you they will test your skills, ( prepare for a rather hard battle ) they will then fight you, when you defeat them and right click them with the item again they will unseal it and update the scroll with appropriate location ( snake for orochimaru, toad for jiraiya and slug for tsunade ) you can then, if you have enough summoning skills, start the sage mode training which will have you do some quests.
    after completion you will have acquired sage mode, and you can then use the scroll to go on to learn more sage jutsu aswell as eventually have a chance to fight the sage summons and acquire those aswell!

    Quote from ItsZoon»

    Oh I'm just worried that when the update comes out, this page might burst of activity XD

    yeah, that is my thought aswell ^^

    Quote from Engidfhhhgf»

    Hey mathioks I have an idea for yin release and yang release, how about make them into existing moves already just that, for yang make all the moves white and stronger and with yin black and stronger. For ex: yin release: dark laser destroyer, yang release: white laser destroyer.

    that is exactly what I have done for them haha! ^^

    Quote from yolo_112233»

    Aye, I am board, just wanted to start something fun to talk about,

    so I got questions :D

    1. what clan do you want to be in, why

    2. what kekkei genkai would you want, why

    3. what natures do you want :D (max:2)

    4. what is the best thing your looking forward to on the new update

    1) Uchiha, ever since I started watching Naruto, Sasuke has always been my favorite character, and I have always been extremely interested in the Uchiha lore. Also Sasuke is probably the character out of the Naruto series that I can understand the most, his actions just make sense to me, and the whole Uchiha clan's inner way of handling things is just really interesting in my opinion

    2) If this was loose from the clan, then Sharingan, its justs some kind of love-hate relationship
    Before I knew about the Naruto series and I was creating my own story, I came up with this idea that the main character would have red eyes whenever he activates his powers and would be able to create black flames... Then when I watched Naruto I kinda felt like "well darn, seems like I stole an idea without even knowing it exists yet ) so that alone already made me enjoy seeing my own idea in the naruto universe (also on the character that was already my favorite character) but also dislike that now I couldn't use my idea anymore so yeah haha ^^
    if since I chose Uchiha before I would need to choose another kekkei genkai it would probably be either storm release or shikotsumyaku ( kimimaro's bone control ) just because I think these are really cool, and the shikotsumyaku is very creative ^^

    3) Lightning and fire

    4) having it so everyone can play, hopefully have a lot of fun, and share their experiences! ^^

    Quote from JollyJosh777»

    Guys Mathioks has come so far and I'll be honest dont say I have no life but I have been watching this mod for so damn long. I just want to say thank you. These sneak peeks and comments have given me the courage to stay patient. Mathioks the moment you finish this mod and send it out to the public I guarantee I will be one of the first to play.

    thank you JollyJosh777, that's really a really nice comment! ^^

    Quote from Avatar_Eddy»

    I'm interested as to what Math has planned with Fuuinjutsu, aka sealing. Possibly using seals to store a survival house inside a scroll. Or using seals to store excess Chakra to be used later on. And maybe even use sealing jutsu to store an entire double chest into a scroll, filled with valuable items.

    We don't really see much of Sealing Jutsu's use in NARUTO outside of Jinchuuriki.

    at the moment sealing jutsu are a bit bland, I'm not sure if I'll add a lot to them for the next update as I don't want to delay it any further, but there are a few jutsu in there, aswell as ofcourse you needing them for things like sealing bijuu etc ^^
    Quote from Engidfhhhgf»

    1. For certain DNA bottles, will there be a DNA bottle where you can instantly awaken a random mangekyou? And for those mangekyou once I "identify" it in the description it will say who's mangekyou it is? For example, I get a random DNA bottle, it says mangekyou, I identify it successfully, it says shisuis, I right click it, and I get shisuis mangekyou through a successful implantation.

    2. How will genjutsu work?

    3. Let's say I have a ketsuryugan and a sharingan, I would have to activate them singlet? I cant use them at the same time?

    Oh, and I decided I am going to become *blink*

    1) no, you can only find the DNA of an Uchiha, which will grant you the power to awaken the regular 1 tomoe-sharingan, after which you'll have to go through the regular way to unlock the mangekyou ^^

    2) genjutsu will only affect another player as long as their genjutsu is not 15 lvl's higher then yours, if it is it won't affect them at all ^^

    3) yes, you can toggle between them and use their moves depending on which one is active
    I will probably find another solution for this later on which will most likely include mixing eyes and you'll have to either choose 2 and mix them into one, or you can inplant one into another to allow its powers to be used while one is active,
    but that's for much later IF I'll ever get to making that ^^

    Quote from yolo_112233»

    I am so surprised no One asked this, XD

    1) will there be the seven heavenly breathes (i think there called) (eight gates wanna be thing.. ;-;)

    2) will the modes/transformations activate through armour in this update?

    3) will there be the Ink style (what sai used), and black lightning?

    1) at the moment no, it's kinda the same as the eight gates so I figured I'll leave it out for now and maybe add it later
    2) no, your actual model changes now ^^
    3) black lightning has been added to storm release, seeing as both had a small amount of jutsu shown, and also,as far as I know there has never been any actual proof that black lightning and storm aren't connected because darui had both, Ink style I'm still working on, I might cut it out in favor of getting the mod out sooner, but I'll see ^^
    Quote from ItsZoon»

    I wonder what will be on the next bunch of screenshots. I mean, Mathioks showed us really much already, so... I think we saw most of the important parts? Tailed Beasts, Byakugan, missions, Sharingan, DNA stuff, jutsu points,...

    Maybe other Kekkei Genkais like Ice Release or Crystal Release or Magnet Release or Lava Release or Wood Release...

    to be honest, at this point I'm questioning that myself aswell haha ^^

    but yeah, I'll find some things ^^
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    posted a message on Naruto-Anime Mod

    Wow Latinus,Mathioks nice to hear from you guys again!

    Oh and my question was on page 125 so that's why you didn't see it.

    How will shisui's ability and itachi's tsukuyomi work exactly?

    oh, sorry I missed it!
    Shisui's kotoamatsukami is supposed to be the "increased form" of Itachi's tsukuyomi
    basically they are both strong genjutsu that damage the opponent aswell as cause a lot of debuffs, with kotoamatsukami being the strongest, even ignoring Genjutsu differences ( other genjutsu won't work if your opponent has 15 genjutsu stats more than you do )
    I haven't really started work on kotoamtsukami in detail, but it'll probably have some more uses aswell ^^

    Quote from Dinokiller65»

    Glad you're okay... Also congrats on passing your exams, It must've been pretty hard making a mod and preparing or doing exams. That takes a lot of skills and believe me, I can't really do that :P

    I also have a few questions.

    1st- Can you Shadow clone Kunai? That would be cool if you could.

    2nd- Will there be an ability with normal Sharingan where you could read jutsu that someone is about to cast? Kinda like an ironman HUD will pop-up and you could see the jutsu he's gonna use and description.

    3rd- Can you counter Jutsu with other Jutsu? Ex: If someone uses FireBall Jutsu you could counter it with Water Dragon...

    4th- Will there be void style jutsu?

    (Last one) 5th: Do you get Sasuke Curse mark from Getting hit by Orochimaru or is there other ways? If so, Wouldn't that be too op? People see Orochimaru and they let him hit them only to get the curse mark...

    Good job and keep up the good work! :)

    thanks! ^^

    1) yes, it's a jutsu you learn from iruka's jutsu packs
    2) no, I've thought of that, but it's too hard to do, as the entity itself doesn't "know" how much chakra a jutsu costed, so I can't subtract that amount from the sharingan user's pool, also, even if I gave it a set amount, I'd need to manually make it so kekkei genkai don't get bounced back, aswell as a lot of other problems the mod would run into
    maybe later, when everything is working and the mod has been released I might give it another shot, but for now I won't make that ^^
    3) not yet, I was kinda planning on doing so, but it's proving to be a lot more challenging than I first thought, mostly because jutsu would also need a certain "power" level based on the players level, aswell as the jutsu power itself to determine what jutsu would win a clash
    so for the moment I'll keep it somewhat basic on that part
    4) no, the dark style doesn't have any jutsu except for one in the original series, that's not enough to create an entire kekkei genkai out for me
    however, the Yin release is as good as dark release, so i you want dark style, just aim for yin release! ^^
    5) yes you do, you'll need to find him ( he'll be rather rare ) he's not aggressive at first, but if you right click him he'll tell you you can prove yourself by fighting him.
    When you defeat him ( not all the way ofcourse, that would be a total boss battle haha ) he'll stop fighting you and won't take any damage anymore, when you right click him then he'll tell you he sees potential in you and will bite your neck, at which point he'll grant you one of the 6 different Curse marks. ( 1st stage ) He'll then leave you with the words "Seek me out if you want more power hahahaaa!"
    In order to gain the 2nd stage you'll need to find him again and defeat him once more, if you do so he'll give you the chance to become his underling and join the hidden sound, if you accept he'll grant you the final curse seal stage, change your affiliation to hidden sound and give you the appropriate hidden sound genin clothing, also your rank will become "missing-nin"

    Quote from Avatar_Eddy»

    Math! You're back! Eeeee! =D

    Congrats on your exams and internship.

    So what awesome stuff have you just recently added to the Naruto Mod? =D

    Well, as I said, mostly been testing, apart from that the orochimaru thing you can read above this post ^^

    Quote from princ3364»

    Will Yashamaru's manipulating attack blades justu be in the mod

    it won't as it really resembles the kage kunai technique ^^

    Quote from Engidfhhhgf»

    Is the chimera technique in the mod? As well as is there dark release in the mod? Can you show screenies of them plz if there in the mod?

    By the why DinoKiller65 there is no such release as void release in Naruto. I think you meant dark release.

    For the moment the chimera technique feels to OP to me, and it's just kinda the DNA bottle system in a jutsu, so I've decided against implementing it

    Quote from sloosh_e»

    Congratz on passing all your exams and starting your internship math!! :D

    thanks sloosh! ^^

    Quote from Mrgamerman1000»

    Ok, when looking through the mod, I was loving every bit of it. But as soon as I saw the sheer amount of one piece characters there were and their sound effects... huh, I died. This mod immediately became one of my favorites,thanks for creating it into existence. Also, just a suggestion or rather a nifty but not necessary idea, with the naruto looking sage mode, or even the technical form before that, you should try and do what you did with the susano, but with the armor once its complete, so the wearer looks like the nine tails. or make it a power item, but meh, you do what you can and want keep up the good work.

    actually, the mod is being recreated and will be almost 100% different from what it is right now, so the things you just mentioned will be fixed! ^^

    Quote from princ3364»

    Hey math im not trying to rush you im just very veeeeery curious but would you mind telling me the percentage of the mod that is already done

    I'm not giving out a percentage anymore as it's never actually useful, for example, the last 3 weeks I've been bugtesting non-stop and finding all kinds of things I didn't expect, whilst all this bugtesting wouldn't even add to the % ^^

    Quote from Engidfhhhgf»

    How exactly do we seal tailed beast inside of us. Also, can you have multiple tailed beast in you? Also, when you lose six paths mode do you keep at least 2 truth seeker orbs on you hands like Obito?

    I'll keep the exact way to seal tailed beasts a secret for a bit longer, until I have actual screenshots for it! ^^
    as said before, for the moment you can only have 1 tailed beast, I'll probably add the option to have more later on

    you cannot lose six paths mode ^^

    Quote from Engidfhhhgf»

    How exactly do we awaken the rinnegan?

    have wood release + the mangekyou sharingan, be at least level 1000 and just wait till it develops ^^

    Quote from Gscminer»

    I really wanna know how kamui's power is gonna work(e.g. sending players, objects or items into the dimension, intangibility, rapid teleportation) by any chance could you tell us :)

    Intangibility is a jutsu you need to right click in order to use, it will make it so you can hover, phase through anything, including blocks ( so go into the ground etc ) aswell as just straight up take no damage at all

    the moment you let loose of the item you revert back to physical form

    teleportatation is done by aiming wherever and right clicking the kamui-teleportation to instantly teleport to that place, no matter how far it is

    Kamui-Dimensions is a technique that, upon right click, allows you to teleport to the kamui dimension and back, and upon left click, brings anything you look at to the kamui dimension ( or back if you are in the kamui dimension )

    Quote from Engidfhhhgf»

    Is flying thunder God guiding thuder, flying thunder God technique, flying thunder God second step, and spiralling flash super round dance howl stlye three in the mod?

    these names are honestly too long haha, Minato... Why?!
    if by the flying thunder god you mean the flying raijin then yes and no
    there is the hiraishin kunai which, when thrown, teleports you wherever it hits, and when you hit an entity, teleports you above it
    so if you have the rasengan you can throw the hiraishin and perform the flying raijin by quickly grabbing your rasengan and then using it the moment you appear on top of them ^^

    Quote from Engidfhhhgf»

    If everybody in the server already has all tailed beast and there are non left is there a way I become jinchuuriki still? If all tailed beast are gone and already sealed into people is there a way for that person to become a jinchuuriki?

    yeah, the tailed beasts aren't a "one off" so anyone could have one ( although very unlikely seeing how hard it is )

    Quote from KumaZone»

    ok so, stupid question, i stopped watching naruto a loooong time ago, but i like watching naruto fight scenes cus they're really well done, and i love all the ninja powers and stuff

    that said, will i still enjoy this mod, even though i'm not really a hardcore fan, or will i have to be super up to date with all the naruto lore to understand what to do?

    I don't thinkg you'll have a hard time getting used to it, in the end it's still minecraft, and all jutsu have a description built in the item, so you'll be able to read up on what they do ^^

    Quote from yolo_112233»

    Im, sorry but i dont know if it is just me (probably is) but i cant find the download link, can someone please link me the l

    latest version and what MC version it is for, would be appreciated :D

    NOTE: i also wanted to know if the big update is out yet. (with the jins missions and stuff)


    and i got a question..

    what if you didn't want terrain damage. for like the fire and stuff , for example : i use fireball jutsu, house catches fire, anyway to stop terrain effect?


    on that note, keep up the amazing work, its super fun to play this mod :D (i did on my older computer if your questioning right now, but now i cant find it for sum reason.. ;-;)

    it's just on the first post of the main page! ^^

    and well.. many of my jutsu have a built in ' if mob griefing is off, don't destroy stuff ' but not all, best bet would be either use a server with your friends, they seem to have build in ways to stop fireticks and such ( also, that's just a setting: stop fire tick or something, it will stop fire from spreading )

    another way would be plugins, but i've never used those, so you'll need to look that up by yourself ^^

    Quote from ItsZoon»

    If you're talking about 1.0, the big update, it's not out yet. If you're talking about 0.2, It's literally at the top of the main page, are you kidding me? (Mathioks go for it! Those eye jokes! XD)

    hahaha, darn, I don't remember the eye jokes actually! ^^

    mayebe someone can create a manual ( a mod or a wiki )

    ( answer on both down )

    Quote from sloosh_e»

    We should probs wait for the main mod to be out to make a wiki page of it but I would be willing to help out with it :)

    that would be cool, but as sloosh said, we should probably wait until the update, it's no use having all that info on there when it can't be used yet ^^
    Quote from yolo_112233»

    Will the server cost money to run....cause most I seen do. and can you link me the actual thing on mojang?

    it probably will, which will be my biggest problem, so no idea how we'll fix that right now, but we'll see when the time comes ^^
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    posted a message on Naruto-Anime Mod
    Quote from ancerain»

    I can definitely do the texture

    Hey there everyone! I'm sorry for the long absence, been super busy with internship that started the day after my final exam ( passed all my exams so woohoo ^^ )
    Lately I've been running on only a couple of hours of sleep a night for the last two weeks or so since I've been working on a game at my internship ^^, hence why I didn't find the time to come on here

    either way, My best friend found some time to check up on the forum today and let me know that people were starting to get worried haha ( I'm looking at you DinoKiller65 ^^ )

    So I decided to quickly come up here before bedtime and answer to some of the pending questions, I'll say upfront tho that I'll go through them very quickly, so if any sound short or rude, just know I really didn't mean them that way, just trying to get to bed asap ^^

    To start things off, Ancerain, that would be amazing! ^^

    Quote from Engidfhhhgf»

    Wassup Mathioks!! Got a one question for you today ma man.

    Can non Uchiha lvl up their own sharingan to rinnegan lvl? For example, I get a one tomoe sharingan as a non Uchiha person with DNA transplantation (dna bottles) can I lvl it up to at least rinnegan lvl? Regularly, like an Uchiha, im probably going to get another clan besides Uchiha so I'm prepared to go searching for thousands of unidentified DNA.

    yes they can, the only drawback a non-Uchiha has over an Uchiha is that his chakra upkeep for the sharingan/rinnegan is higher, although that gets almost completely nullified the moment you get the rinnegan ^^

    Quote from Engidfhhhgf»

    Can all the MS use susanoo?

    Yes, they even all have their own susano'o ^^

    Quote from Bumblebee3403»
    are you going to add a command to change your clan

    no, I won't be adding any commands ^^

    Quote from shadowofgrim01»

    Why the Ketsuryugan?

    Because I like it and it's canon, also my best friend wants to have it! ^^

    Quote from Engidfhhhgf»

    Is Gaara's ability in the mod

    do you mean sand jutsu? Shukaku? or magnet release?
    either way: yes, yes, and yes ^^

    Quote from nobbinggamer»

    i got a question how are you gonna be able to control the puppets

    basically all the puppets are summoned through an item, the puppet items are all part of one 'group' to explain it without programming terms
    the plan is to have the puppets act on their own if you are not holding their corresponding item, but are holding an item of their 'group' if you are holding an item, the item will have keys that you can press to make the puppet go up, down, left, right, back and forth, they might also have a button for a special attack like poisonous gass etc, regular attacks will be performed whenever they are close enough to an enemy
    if you're not holding any item in the puppet group they will all stop moving ( showing that you stopped using your chakra threads)

    Quote from wixlpro»

    can you pls make what when rasengan hit chidori, happens a blow ?

    and make tp kunai

    maybe later ^^ hiraishin kuna is in

    Quote from Engidfhhhgfnext

    How do we get sage mode? And if you can, can you tell us some jutsu that comes with sage mode? Also, how many jutsu does sage mode have? People keep on going for eyes, so I'm going for modes.

    How do we get sage mode? And if you can, can you tell us some jutsu that comes with sage mode? Also, how many jutsu does sage mode have? People keep on going for eyes, so I'm going for modes.

    You need to create a sealed sage scroll, created with 3 paper on top and bottom, in the middle left an enderpearl, a DNA bottle in the middle and a nether star on the right, then you need to find a Sannin in the world ( orochimaru, jiraiya or Tsunade ) right click them with the scroll and they will offer to fight you, if you defeat them they will update the scroll with it's corresponding "location" orochimaru -> snake sage, jiraiya -> toad sage, tsunade -> Slug sage

    after that is done you will have to perform a series of tasks for the corresponding sage master, once all of these are done you will get sage mode ( do note you will need at least 100 Summoning to summon the sage master to yourself )

    Quote from ADITYA29»

    These screenshots were posted after long, but they were worth the wait as they revealed a lot of interesting things about the update :D

    But i have a question, as we can trade with Shizune, Tenten, Teuchi and Ino, will the mobs retaliate when we try to fight them or they are Friendly Mobs?

    Thanks ^^ They don't fight back, they're passive entities

    Quote from Uzibozi»

    Hi Mathioks! So recently i have found this mod and thought it was awesome. But i am just curious about some things.

    Will these Jutsu

    Sage Art Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands,

    Summoning: Quintuple Rashomōn, Wood Release: Wood Human Technique

    and The God Tree be in the update?

    the god tree and quintubple rashomon won't be added yet, the others will ( not sure if I'll ever implement the god tree tbh, it's kinda just a structure )

    Quote from Dinokiller65»

    I have a really big question, will the Sharingan or other Bloodline Awakenings that have to do with "Eyes" do anything special besides looking really badass? It'll be awesome if for the Byakugan you can see someone's chakra point and if you aim and hit that area he gets a slowness effect for 4 secs... PLS respond im very curious.

    Fist of all the eyes need to be active in order to use the corresponding jutsu,
    next up for example with byakugan, you will be able to see any entity even through walls up till 80 blocks away, and distinguish the passive, agressive and player mobs through a different color, also, the byakugan has a jutsu that when the byakugan is active and you use taijutsu on someone, you will take away a bit of their chakra with every hit ^^

    Quote from Dinokiller65»

    At what time do the screenshots come in? Today is 2 weeks after the last other screenshots... Is there an exact time and what timezone?

    there are no more planned screenshots, I'm too busy atm sadly enough, I am however testing and adding a lot still, so far some really big server crashes have been found and resolved and the mod seems to be heading toward a stable build ^^

    Quote from Riggs300»

    I have a question so the different mangekyou sharingan have different skills right will we be able to pick which mangekyou sharingan we get or is it all random

    it's random, at least in some way, they are bound to your eye pattern
    Sasukes will always have amaterasu with kagutsuchi, whereas itachis will always have amaterasu with tsukuyomi, shisui will always have tsukuyomi and kotoamtsukami and so on ^^

    Quote from Engidfhhhgf»

    If your not a hyuga, and you get a Byakugan from DNA injection of course, and you are lvl 1000, can you still get that tenseigan mission? Because I want tenseigan. #tenseign stronger than rinnegan (true fact).

    It's been a while since I posted but I'm baaaaaaccccckkkkkk bbbbaaaabbbbyyyy!!!!!!!!)) Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! # killer bee motive

    Also, is there a way to have one Byakugan or tenseigan and rinnegan, sharingan in both eyes, like one tenseigan in one eye and rinnegan in another, also do u still get tenseigan mission?

    yes, you will still get the tenseigan mission starting from lvl 1000

    at the moment there is no option for cross eyed powers, you can however have both and activate/de-activate accordingly to your wishes
    Quote from wixlpro»

    can you upload something ? i am just want to play with my friends on my server with this mod. its my dream

    your dream will come true eventually ^^, just have some more patience, I'm sorry

    No sorry there won't be any pre-release version.

    Hey guys, long time no see!

    Hey latinus! glad to hear from you again! ^^

    Quote from Dinokiller65»

    I miss Math already, He hasn't posted anything since January. ;-;

    Im kinda worried, maybe something happened to him?

    aaah, the post that my best friend talked about haha, thanks for the concern DinoKiller! But I'm fine, just really really busy is all! ^^

    Alright, that was it for now, If I've missed someone, just post it here again, I'll try to come back during the weekend ^^

    Also, I have been doing a lot of work on the mod lately aswell in between all the other work, but nothing worth telling you guys as it's mostly been fixing and balancing everything that's already in to make it as fair as possible ^^
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