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    posted a message on [Idea] Sand Spider (New Mob)

    So it's just a reskin of the regular spider? Or does it do anything else?

    The sentences is a bit pourly constructed which leaves me wondering if it burrows itsself in the sand, so that you could only see the eyes, or if it's just sandcoloured and therefor you don't see it easilly.

    If it actually burrows than that would be amazing. Perhaps make the legs longer and thinner to set it aside even further.

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    posted a message on Chains

    While i'd like to put mobs on a leash, I don't really see the use of it as long as they despawn anyway.

    So let's say that as long as the mob is on the leash, be it in your hand or on a fence, it won't despawn.

    Also shouldn't it work on slimes, because they don't have anything to attach the rope to. But neither do squids, and that's a thing too.

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    posted a message on Ocean Mob: Sea Cucumber

    In real life, sea cucumbers don't mate, but reproduce by throwing out large amounts of eggs or sperm into the water. Also are sea cucumbers asexually.

    this means that if you have one sea cucumber, more will appear over time as long as the'res enough living ground.

    ingame this means you can put one in your pond and slowly get more. There is however a limit to how many you can get. Either there's no more space (1-2 bloccks of water per cucumber) or there's just too many. Like 15 in a 100 blocks radius and they stop spawning.

    This way you can get one cucumber and not have to go back and forth to the ocean again and again to get more seacucumbers, because that would be almost the same thing as going back and fourth to the swamp for clay, difference being that at least sea cucumbers are renewable.

    Full Support

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    posted a message on Golems heal differently

    Sounds too complicated for such an simple mechanic.

    Why make blacksmiths take out iron ingots and walk to a iron golem? Just get that iron golem a passive health regen whenever they're near any villager or player for simplicity, and it's easier to code.

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    posted a message on The Official Achievement Suggestions Thread

    Demolition expert: Light a creeper and blow up another mob.

    Monoculture: Farm 1000 of one crop

    Polyculture: Farm one of each crop

    Livelystock: Breed 5 different farm animals

    Built to last: build an iron gollem

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.14: The Sky Update

    The only way to make this look good is if these islands were to only spawn above ocean, and be rare.

    There could be jungle, forest, cherry forests and plains islands, with rivers forming waterfalls where the islands end.

    Villages would have wooden paths in the air, and there's giants, slimes (when in a slimechunk) and giant mooshrooms to give it all a more magickal and fantasy like feel.

    Having a sky dimension is not needed at all, and would just feel bland and boring.

    And the vilager trading elytra's is a way to big imbalance to be considered fun, even when balanced out, because it would replace the adventure by grinding emeralds. A new villager trading fireworks would be nice, as you still nee the elytra to use them, but once you do, you can fly around freely across the isles.

    A new addition to go with this skylands could be to be able to put an elytra in the horse armour slot, so you can fly around on a pegasus.

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    posted a message on We need more Ocean Content!

    I believe the material you're looking for is mire.

    But how would you catch something from the bottom of the ocean, with a rod that won't go further than the surface.

    Meybe apply that idea to floating seaweed. Just click on them to destroy them and get seaweed, planks, sticks and strings. Catch them with your rod to get loot.

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    posted a message on Combat overhaul

    Everything you say makes sense, and I love it, especially the point about the combat update introducing double wielding, but not doeblewielded combat. It's very well put together, so good job on that.
    Here comes my own welcomed ideas/criticism.


    When I was designing characters for a mob arena, I heard double wielding was coming to minecraft, and i designed many cool features around this, but when it hid, it just disapointed me, because nothing would work.
    The reason I want double wielding is because I want to be able to damage and knock back a group of enemy's with a sword swing, then single out individuals with a swift axe chop. Another thing I really want to do is having bane of anthropods on one sword, and smite on the other one, which was my idea for an assasin, and with double wielding that's possible.

    But that's just melee. What if someone wanted to become a mobile machine gun, and carry 2 bows? it wouldn't makea whole lot of sense, but it would be awesome to hold down left mouse to charge one bow, and right mouse to charge the other. The drawback is that you can't melee a target like this, so you have to change weapons. Also can you not choose what arrows you use.
    I'm personally not a big fan of this, but I can see many people enjoy it a lot.

    Another idea I had was for a big bulldozer like guy, wielding two shields, so it's just walking around and tank everything while your team deals with the enemy's.
    Ingame, the shields don't stack however, and I feel like wielding two shields should give you a full frontal covering, and knock back enemy's further when they attack you.
    Also does it visually look odd, as one shield is held lower than the other.

    Shield bash sounds good to me, very nice.
    I once found myself in a situation where I was cornered by 7 zombies, and more just kept coming in. I couldn't lower my shield to attack, because i'd die, and I had to wait untill my full shield was drained and broke.
    To avoid situations like this, I suggest a change to the shield bash. If you quickly stop blocking and press mouse 2 again, you'll perform a shield bash without lowering your shield, so you can push back enemy's and perform a counter attack. Alternatively you could also press mouse one while blocking to perform a shield bash, because that'd be less complicated, and using your item already won't work while shielding in the first place.
    Just a question: How much damage would this do?

    Good point, but you may have to elaberate on the fact that you'd use A and D to turn, just like boats, instead of not being able to turn at all.
    Also do I think you shouldn't be able to turn around fully in your saddle, but maybe more like a 240 degrees turn, which'd be enough.
    Maybe you should also be able to saddle your horse with 2 saddles at the cost of armouring it, so you can have a friend who can turn 360 degrees in his saddle and cover your back. Horses are practically a boat on land, but why would that be a problem?

    I'm quite happy with how falling and attacking works right now, and since it's already more difficult to attack while in the air, running, the 'removed swing speed' is pretty unnecesarry. Also should sprinting and hitting something just knock them back further, instead of deal more damage, since you want to keep something like damage consistant. What i'm saying is, don't change chage attacks, they're already a thing. falling makes you deal double damage, sprinting increases knockback.
    I do believe it could be improved while riding a horse however, since the angle at which you attack renders the extra knockback useless, so instead make you deal double damage while riding a horse and using melee, by making it so that you get the same effect as if you were falling and attacking. (particles included)

    Maybe you should be able to change what slots will go in your hands in the settings, or maybe it will automatically put your sword in one hand and a shield in the left hand. If there's no sword or shield, it'll draw a bow if you have arrows on you, or any other tool if you don't have that either. Other than that, if you know how to use the quickdraw function, I think it could be a lifesaver.

    Arrow cycling seems unnecesarily confusing. It's probably much easier for anyone to put the bow in their left hand and use the hotbar to cycle through more quickly and controlled, while also keeping an eye on how much of each arrow you have left. Also do bowmen in reallife hold the bow in their off hand, so it also gives a sense of realism in minecraft.
    This could however be improved. By using mouse two with your bow in your offhand and an arrow in your main hand, you'll use your bow to hit enemy's. Not only for even more realism, but also so you can utilize any melee enchantments on your bow (when coded on them)
    Arrow cycling can still be suefull, but I think it should work more like this: When you have a bow in your hand it will put it in your offhand, and puts all the arrows in your inventory in your hotbar, when pressing a key assigned to it, maybe R as well, so it functions like this when holding a bow, but selects a sword and shield when holding any other item.

    Part damaging is extremely annoying in pvp, but when just applied to all other entities, I'm perfeclty fine with it.
    the point is that players always go for the torso, because it's easiest to hit since it's so big. So you'll find a lot of broken arms, which is probably the most annowying one, since it slows your hits down, which makes swings incosistent and will hurt combat more than it helps it. So even if breaking legs and smashing skulls is added, stay away from changing anything with the arms. And when your legs do break, you should get a icon with a broken bone in your right hand corner, just like a potion effect, for as long as your legs are broken.
    Also do I believe arrows should deal 150% damage against the head, but this won't stack with the bows regular critical hit, which occurs when a bow is fully charged.


    1. Spear
    I love it. I don't need any new wepons in the game, but this is a whole new mechanic, and it will be impactfull to say the least.
    I do have one suggestion to make it stand out more as a battle weapon. Give it a special attack, like the axe can disable a shield, and the sword can hit multiple enemy's standing in a line next to each other, i think have the spear penetrate enemy's and hitting any foe behind your target as well will go nice with it's long range and defencive playstyle.

    2. Hand axe.
    I assume you mean a tomahawk, as a hand axe is a prehistoric stone with two sharpened axes, just to clarify.
    How to use it: when just holding the axe, mouse one will swing, mouse two will throw it. While double wielding, in main-hand it will function the same, in off-hand it will be thrown when mouse 2 is pressed.

    3. Blow darts.
    Neat concept, but you'll also need a weapon to fire these, since just putting them in your mouth and spit won't work.
    I'd say, add a completely new way to fire them. Hold mouse one, and above your EXP bar will be a horse jump-bar. The further you charge, the further the dart goes, but if it get's in the red end of the bar you'll inhale too much and swallow when you fire. When it reaches the end, you'll be forced to fire, consuming one blowdart and applying the effect to yourself. (Could be usefull when having a blowdart with a possitive effect)

    Arrow types

    1. Flaming arrows.
    They could be crafted using a piece of coal instead of flint, so they're less costly, but trade some direct damage for damage over time, so they're worse for fighting. They also come with the possibility of setting things on fire, which is both an upside as well as a downside, so they're pretty balanced if you ask me, and also, unlike regular arrows, come from a renewable source, which is important, because skeletons won't supply you with them.
    Also should they force a creeper to explode when hit.

    2. Diamond arrows
    Diamonds are known for their toughness, and can be incredible sharp. Therefor I think that they shouldn't just deal more damage, but also penetrate armour completely, and not bounce off shields.

    Aside from diamond arrows, we could also have iron, gold and wooden arrows. Every material up the ladder makes the arrow more powerfull and have a higher armor penetration. Wood and stone tipped arrows(flint) have no penetration, gold a little and iron medium. Wooden arrows are crafted replacing the flint with a stick, and appear longer, but deal close to no damage. iron deals more, and gold deals the same as stone, but has a small armor penetration as well.
    I think this will be fairly balanced, and very minecrafty, as they focus on the same get better do better principal armour and tools follow.

    Just like skeletons spawn with iron and golden armour, they should also spawn with golden and iron tipped arrows, to balance out the fact that zombies grow stronger than skeletons, as they also get to use stronger tools, while the skeletons will always have the same bow.

    3. split arrows.
    I love the idea, and I feel like you should be able to craft them by combining arrows, no matter what type. This means you can shoot 5 different effect arrows and see what you'll get, or use fire arrows to light a big group of enemy's on fire at once. The main downside of using these split arrows is obviously that you run out of ammo much quicker.

    4. The ghost arrows shouldn't be rare or weaker to be balanced, they should be buffed a bit.
    Since they travel through blocks, it would also make sense if they'de travel to shields, the main counter to arrows.
    The obvious but still hidden downside is also its upside: it travels through blocks. Once you fire your arrow, it's gone. It'll just fall through the world untill it disapears, whether you hit something or not. I guess you can call it a high risk high reward, because you can shoot from behind cover, but are likely to miss because of this, and you'll have wasted your arrow.

    5. The duration of the freeze should be dependant of the charge, so people won't spam them in pvp and demobilize entire army's.
    Also should stray skeletons use and drop these, instead of the slowing arrows.

    6. Amplifier arrows.
    i have nothing to add to this, but I wonder how one would craft these, as it has to be very different from the potion of weakness tipped arrows. They have different effects, one weakening ones defense, the other one weakening ones offense, but they are used in the same manner and will have a similar outcome from a battle.

    So far the criticism, now come the ideas:


    All tools should be able to get sword enchantments through enchantment books, even in survival. Players have different fighting syles, but enchantments focus on improving this or adding new styles of fighting. It'd bring agreat variety in people choice in tools if enchantments would be universal for tools.
    This would also mean that swords could get efficienty or luck, and i don't mind seeing swords being able to cut melons and cobwebs a lot faster than they're supposed to. It's not that people crave to do this, but it adds consistency to the game and gives people more choice, which is important.

    You may argue that since swords have an enchantment that improves it's special ability, axes shoul also get an enchantment to improve the shield breaking ability, but it may surprise you to hear efficienty already increases the chance to disable an enemy shield, so adding another enchantment to do the same is not necesarry.

    The fishing rod should also be able to get bow enchantments.
    infinity: no durability is drained when hooking a target.
    punch: pull force increases significantly.
    flame: hooking someone sets them on fire.
    Power: increases the hooks damage (And allows it to deal damage)

    Tomahawks would be able to get both bow as well as tool enchantments, but things like flame and fire aspect won't go together, nor would punch and knockback, or power and sharpness, so when enchanting you either get a good melee weapon or a good throwable.

    Spears get a new variation of sweeping edge, so they'll deal more damage to targets behind your first target.

    Shields should get all the armour torso part enchantmenst as well. Different enchantments that give different resistances make it so that the shield'd durability drains slower to that damage type.

    Spikes make it so that the attacker takes damage.

    Horse armour should get every armour enchantment, and should be reworked to give the horse more resistence, rather than more HP.

    Bows should be able to get a Aqau Affinity so that arrows don't drop immediatly to the seafloor after being fired.

    Enchantment books should also display what effect an enchantment has, so people don't apply them for the wrong reason, wasting an enchantment book.


    Aside from the sword and axe, all tools should have a function in battle, and thereby a special ability.

    Pickaxe: Armour penetration, increases with higher qaulity materials. (They're meant for breaking ores, and what's armour made out of? ore) efficiëncy also increases the armour penetration.

    Shovel: concusion; hit an enemy to briefly disable his attack and movement, hitting someone in the head will ad a 50% chance of this happening. (You'd be knocked out as well if you get a shovel to the head.) efficiëncy highers the chance for this to happen as well.

    Hoe: scythe attack; same as the sweep attack, but parts hit on one enemy will also be hit on the enemy's next to them, which swords shouldn't be able to do. The scythe ability can be used in partnership with the hoe's rapid swing speed but low damage, to quickly demobilize swarms of enemy's by getting their legs.

    Shears: right click on an enemy wielding a bow to drop a string and turn the bow in 1 to 3 sticks, depending on it's durability. Shields are no loner the only way to deal with those darn incredibly annoying skeletons!

    Fishing rod: Has a small change of pulling the item a hooked enemy was holding. Efficiënty highers the chance for this to happen.

    Arrow types:

    Ender arrow: Replace flint with an enderpearl to get ender arrows. Function the same as regular enderpearls, but can be fired from a bow to travel much further.

    Explosive arrows: Deal less direct damage, but also deal explosive damage. Also blow up blocks, although less than tnt, they're still usefull for sieging a castle. combine an arrow with a piece of gunpowder to craft one.

    Sonar arrow: combine a spectral arrow with a ghost arrow to get one or two sonar arrows. Applies the visible effect to any entity in a big radius around the spot the arrow hit, the area doesn't care for any blocks, so you cabn reveal anyone standing behind cover.

    Torch arrow: Hold a torch in your hand while firing a bow to use the torch as ammo. Places a torch where it lands. Remains an entitie if no torches could be placed. Allows you to place torches on hard to reach places, or to light up caves or forests at night, but deals close to no damage.

    Redstone torch arrow: Hold a redstone torch while firing a bow to use redstone torches as ammo. Places a redstone torch where it lands. Remains an entitie if no torches could be placed, but also powers redstone where it lands.
    Can be used to set off traps from afar, or to check out if a redstone system works.

    Firework arrow: Hold firework in your hind while firing a bow, or when out of arrows, to use firework. They'll function like regular fireworks, traveling a distance before exploding and dealing a little bit of damage, but they'll also explode on contact with a creature. Also do they have no arc, meaning they won't fall down. They'll keep moving in the direction you fired them untill they explode.

    put a wooden arrow and any type of meat together in a crafting grid to get one meatshot. They deal the same damage as a wooden arrow, but attract and agro wild wolves towards your target in a radius of 100 blocks. Pretty gimmicky, but pulling off using it will be soooo satisfying.

    I think that tipped arrows are way to expensive, except for the slowness ones, which can be easilly be obtained by killing strays.
    Becasue of this, I think the recipe should be changed. instead of having to use a lingering potion, a regular potion will do.

    Explosive tipped arrows: When using a splash potion instead of a regular one while crafting, you get explosive tipped arrows. These arrows have less explosive range than regular splash potions, but can be thrown much further distances.

    Lingering arrows: use a lingering potion while crafting. A small area will be covered in potion for a duration of time wherever the arrow lands.

    Punch arrow: Instead of flint, use a piece of wool to get 4 punch arrows. They look like a boxing glove on a stick with feathers. When you hit someone wit it, it deals no damage, but bounces of the target, knocking them back with the strenght of a punch II bow.
    Great for area control, or getting your target in position.


    Dogs should wander much further of, and attack enemy mobs by themselves, instead of when either you attack them, or they attack you. They're better at what they're supposed to do, large groups of dogs no longer clutter around you and attacks aren't as precise. Dogs function more as protection than as a weapon.

    Putting a dog on a leash and a fence should disable their teleport, so together with them attacking all hostile mobs you can now get yourself a gaurddog for your home

    The sweeping edge ability from your sword(and hoe) shouldn't hit your own tames.

    When riding a pig, you should be able to open their inventory to take of the saddle, which will automatically dismound you, or give them a helmet. this will higher their armour points, and allow them to do a charge attack: When riding at a high enough speed, simply run into an enemy to knock them away and deal damage.

    Also do pigs feel more personal like this. If they could be tamed like dogs, seeing how they're already so cute, they'd probably replace all mounts and pets in minecraft.

    You shouldn't be able to hit your mount with an arrow.

    Other features:

    Bring back sword blocking, it was a great way to take some damge, and could be used to balance out battles between someone with one sword against someone with 2, as one has more dps, and the other has more defence, but using ashield is still a direct upgrade.

    Also was sword blocking a way to show comradeship and a way to make truces without having to go into the chat and most likely get killed becuase of it. Blocking with your shield just feels more like 'çome at me bro'.

    Camouflage armour: take any piece of armour and put 8 leaves, flowers, cactii, grass or ferns around it to get camouflage. You can still see what armour pieces a enemy is wearing, because their armour is only covered partially in leaves, and the parts that are covered have the leaves on a second layer, so a lot of armour is still showing.

    What to use this armour for is, when you have a full set, you can hold shift and not move for a while to become 2 blocks of leaves/ a block of double tall grass/ ferns/ flowers/ 2 a block tall cactii.

    These are more like ghost blocks, as they have no hitbox.

    You can still be seen, but you're see through and hidden inside a block, so it's fairly difficult to been spot.

    once disquised, you can release shift, and if you walk out of the blocks they'll disapear and you can attack unsuspecting targets. By holding shift you make sure you can still move around, but you can't accidentally leave the blocks you're standing in and give yourself away.

    Perfect for ambushes.

    Splash bottle of water and a lingering potion of water.

    Only damage blazes and enderman.

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    posted a message on Dinner Plate: All food like cakes!

    Another thing to add: Dispenser should be able to put food on a plate, and hoppers should be able to empty a plate, maybe all the time as a fancy way to fill your chests or after finishing meat, so it will immediatly clean up the bone for you.

    And what about stew? will it be in a bowl on a plate?(Which isn't to unlogical)

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    posted a message on Freezing Effect

    Does this mean Stray skeletons will have ice bow enchantments, instead of slowness arrows?

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    posted a message on Curse of Ignorance

    Just your hunger and health bar should be invicible, and also the air bubbles when you're swimming.

    Other curse ideas would be:

    Curse of attachment: Can't drop an item. (very usefull for server owners in mobarena's and such)

    Curse of blindness: all creatures further away than 8 blocks are invisible.

    Curse of lifelyness: Drains health over time.

    Curse of the rainy day: Item can only be equiped while raining or snowing.

    Praise the sun: Item can only be equiped during clear weather(at daytime?)

    Empty Stomach: hungerbars empty quicker(and you can't eat when equiped)

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    posted a message on Better Cows

    I guess, but I feel like the minecraft cows are closer to black than brown.

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    posted a message on We need more Ocean Content!

    I just wanted to point out that salmon aren't river fish, and they'll die without ever reaching the ocean again after mating there.

    Instead, they should only spawn in taiga biomes, open sea, and ocean. In the taiga biome they'll be the red green everybody knows, but in the open ocean they're grey, like reallife salmon, as the red green only appears during mating season when they swim up the rivers to lay their eggs.

    Instead, carps and basses should fill the rivers.

    When I am going to start a life at sea, or close to it, I'd start farming. So the question is, do fish breed? Does kelp grow back? Shouldn't squids be edible (and breed)? And how do i start a life at sea in the first place, since tere isn't a lot of wood to make my raft out off.

    If planks and sticks were added to the thrash system off fishing, you can make tools at sea, but this opposes a new problem: How does trash and loot work? Do you know it's thrash or loot because the dobber is moving, but there's no fish, or do fish randomly turn into different items, maybe when you reel in a fish it'll give you a saddle to go with that fish?

    Maybe add seagulls, to spice up the sky above the water, rather than what's in it, seeing how the sky and the water surface are the only visible things when crossing the ocean.

    And what about a sea monster? There's sharks and drowning to slow you down, but the on land fall damage and great amount of mobs seem much worse, especially since food is abundant at sea if you know how to catch it.

    I'd like to see a seasnake, like in the aquatic abyss, as a very rarely spawning boss or miniboss.

    And another thing; you discusted biomes, but what about random structures, like ocean boulders, vulcanic vents, caverns or sunken ships. Sunken ships could also be a solution to the problem of not finding wood on the ocean.

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    posted a message on Druid: a career of priest villager

    I like the idea, but it shouldn't last forever, for obvious reasons. Maybe like 8 to 15 minutes, because that's more than enough, almost a full minecraft day.

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    posted a message on Rare mobs (Both in Overworld and Nether)

    Perhaps the Phantom Knight can't be damaged by any man made tool? Also, since they walk righ through blocks, they should also be able to strike through a shield. The way to kill them would be to lure them into lava or off a cliffside. This is only possible off coarse if they don't regognize cliffs and lava as hazards like any other mob would, but instead just walk the quikcest route towards you, not being stopped by walls n such.

    Perhaps he has to be slowed down severely because of this, or he can't attack you if he doesn't have a physical weapon, so whatever he picks up he uses to smash your face in, even just a piece of rotten flesh.

    Another idea would be to have them posess other mobs, boosting their attack and health, but they can't attack you without a body. Killing the host will leave the spirit damaged by the amount off damage left. If the host has only 2 hearts, and you strike it with a 3 hearts attack, the spirit takes one heart of damage and find a new body.

    New creatures ideas:

    Squid: No longer spawns in any biome except for ocean and sea.

    Piranha: deals a bit off damage, but is killed easilly. They have 5 hungerbars. When full, they are completely passive, at 3 hungerbars they become neutral, at 2 they become agressive towards passive animals and at 0 they attack anything except their own kind. The reason they don't attack each other is not because they aren't canibalistic, quite the opposite actually, but because they are tropical, so people will make fishtanks with them. Them eating each other obviously doesn't work out.

    Now every time you try to cross a river in the jungle you either have to build a bridge, make a boat, or throw in food(meat or fish) which they'll go after even when attacking other entities, so their hungerbar is filled and you can safely pass. Drop Piranha when killed.

    Tigerfish: The bigger, badder brother of the piranha, spawns in savanna rivers and will chomp your face off. They have 7 hungerbars, and are passive at 7, neutral at 5 and kill everything that moves at 3 hungerbars. Look them up on google. If you ever had a nightmare where you drown you can call yourself lucky this thing wasn't swimming there. Drop tigerfish when killed.

    Basses and carps inhabit plains biomes and swamps. Not a lot to say about them except they have low health and drop bass or carp fish to cook and eat.

    A corresponding fish for all fishdrops currently ingame that spawn in the sea. Pufferfish also inflate like gaurdians damaging and poisoning you.

    Salmon also spawns in the mesa, snowy mesa and big mesa biome, but they'll look grey when spawned at sea.

    Anglerfish: Deal a bit more damage than a piranha, have 5 hungerbars as well and function the same, but only spawn in oceans very deep, and spawn less often. Their little lamp gives light in the dark, just like spider eyes. They drop a anglerfish at death, which can also be sued to brew a waterbreathing potion.

    Sharks are beafy piranha's, in the sense they are bigger, have more HP, and deal more damage. They have 10 hungerbars, and all hunger related numbers are the same like the piranha, just times 2. Drop different sea fish.

    Snow jockeys: Spawn when a skeleton and a polar bear spawn on the same block. It's a stray riding a polar bear.

    Big Slimes: Spawn like regular slimes, but are bigger, only spawn during full moon and are very rare.

    Also am i convinced that slimes that spawn deep underground in slime chunks, opposed to regular slimes, should merge. If you leave 4 or 3 small slimes alone, they'll move together and make a bigger slime. Thay can go grow as big as they want, as long as there are slimes around to merge with, and the cave is big enough.

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