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    posted a message on Why most are hating 1.9?

    They don't like that it's making pvp harder. Most of the people who are hating on it are young and grew up with games that were easy and forgiving. Minecraft used to just be spam click a zombie and you win. Now, it actually takes some strategy, and most of those kids don't know how to play like that,

    This. I grew up on Doom and, later, Unreal Tournament. I rather like the idea of needing to put some effort into it.

    Think, folks. Everyone hated beta 1.8 for a while.
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    posted a message on Shelves for written books
    This was in a mod I used a while ago (though I'm jiggered if I can remember what it was called now), and I think it would be pretty good to have something similar in vanilla.

    Basically, I'm thinking it would be nice to have a bookshelf block which might, say, be crafted using the chest recipe but with a bookshelf block in the middle, and hold nine books.

    I know I could keep my written books in a chest, but if I was to build a library it would be nice to be able to store my books in something that looks more like a bookshelf.

    Another little thought, slightly related: this could allow for the enchanting system to be expanded; if spellbooks were to be introduced - resembling written books rather than enchanted books - as something dropped by certain mobs, you could put these spellbooks into shelves near your enchanting table, allowing you to give your enchantments a power boost and a bias toward certain types of enchantment. For example, killing a blaze might rarely drop a Spellbook of Fire which will, in a shelf by the enchanting table, give me a higher chance of getting a fire-related (Fire Protection, Fire Aspect, &c) enchantment. More books might equal a higher chance still or a higher level.

    OK, the Spellbooks are more of an 'it would be cool' or 'something to think about down the line' kind of thing, but what are your thoughts on written bookshelves?
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    posted a message on a kids dream (the heavean dimesion)
    I'd rather have The Beginning as a dimension: a limited-size map, different for each portal in, using the map generator from Classic.

    Old Cobblestone could make a return, which would be what you pick up when you mine Stone in The Beginning, and can be crafted using Cobblestone and a Clock. You can fall off the world, and that just puts you back in the Overworld, in front of the portal you came in by.
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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    Burning trees down with a Flint and Steel should drop Charcoal instead of wood blocks, like how killing a pig/cow will drop cooked meat instead of raw.

    In response to TXF's suggestion about tools: I once did an obsidian tools mod (using MCreator) which I didn't publish. That used obsidian, and blaze rods instead of sticks. Silly idea, but I liked the textures that I did.
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    posted a message on Did notch ever release "Cave game test"
    I'd love to see something like this implemented in Minecraft as we play today, maybe as a new dimension. We have The Nether, The End... what about The Past? ^_^
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    posted a message on Classic download?
    Hi, I just bought Minecraft the other day after thinking about it since I was first told of it at college when it was in Alpha. Bad, I know. Just wondering if I can actually download the Classic version to run on my own machine? I do a little computer history stuff and would like to have a play with, basically, the earliest version I can get hold of. Is there such a thing around?

    Thanks :)
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