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    posted a message on JukeBox Woes

    As DuhDerp said, you can't automate jukeboxes in vanilla. However you *can* automate the music playback, although it requires commands. You said "survival only," but a lot of people (myself included) wouldn't consider such a thing to be cheaty at all, since you get no benefit from it (besides the possible calming effect, of course), and there's no other way to do it.

    Anyway, if you want to do this, you would just need to build a relatively simple redstone clock circuit that fires one of several command blocks (one song per command block) with `/playsound` for example:

    /playsound record @a[r=32]

    To use command blocks, you need to be in Creative and have OP permission if you're on a server (and command blocks have to be enabled by the server owner). Once you place the command blocks, though, you can of course go back to Survival.

    This wouldn't rely on a jukebox at all, but you could allow the player to start the sequence by running a comparator out of a jukebox to detect when they insert a disc.

    So, maybe this isn't ideal, but at least you have a not-too-cheaty vanilla option if you want to do it.

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    posted a message on Most ideal survival base area?

    Sure? Any spot could be ideal depending on what you want to build. It's nice enough, not all that unique, but that doesn't matter; what matters is how unique it'll be when you're done building. :)

    I've built bases in every biome (including hell and the void), and while some locations lend themselves to certain building types, there really are no rules. It's what you make it. My best bases are usually the ones where I get started quickly. My least productive builds are the ones where I agonize for hours on finding the "perfect" location. There is either no such thing, or every location is perfect, depending on your philosophy.

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    posted a message on How many blocks is in A map?!

    Crafted maps at the default (initial) zoom level cover a 128x128 block area. By zooming the map out, this can be increased to (up to) 2048x2048.

    More info on the wiki page.

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    posted a message on What now?

    I'm assuming you're quite new to Minecraft, and that's okay! It's really a game that asks you to be creative. You've built all of the essentials already. For my survival worlds, I'd call that "day one" (keep in mind I've been at this for several years now...). What happens from "day two" onward really depends on what I feel like doing, so if you ask ten different people, you'll get ten different answers, so I'll try to give you a general answer, with some specific examples.

    Sometimes, I start with a big plan in mind, like, "build a super secret underwater base with redstone traps everywhere, that I can get my friends to play to see if they can make it through". But sometimes I just fire up a new survival world and say, "hey, that island looks nice. Maybe I'll build a beach house." Or I'll be staircasing down to a new mine, and uncover a huge cave network, and think, "no, I'm Batman." Or I'll be futilely trying to organize four double chests worth of enchanting books and think, "dang it, I should really build a library to put these in." Or I bump into one of my two double doors and finally getting around to wiring up the redstone properly so they both open at once when I step on either pressure plate.

    You can have small ideas or big ideas, it doesn't matter. What matters is that you keep trying new things (and keep making the old things better! I made my first mob farm many years ago. I've lost count how many more I've designed since then.)

    Sometimes you'll have too many ideas. In that case, write them down! Then, at times like this, when you are a little low on inspiration (it happens to us all, believe me), go back to your list and pick something.

    Or just, you know, blow some stuff up with TNT. Always a good pastime.

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    posted a message on Ideas for a build in a cave?

    The "green" look you have is good... why don't you take it further? Make a tree farm (yep, they'll grow), gardens, crops, flowers, running water, etc. Depending on the creative/story direction you want to go, you could carry on making it a full-on apocalypse bunker; a complete underground ecosystem capable of sustaining you in a post-Wither world.

    Or, you know, you could use lots of Stone Brick, because everything looks good with Stone Bricks. ;)

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    posted a message on My haul after 2.5 hours of caving
    Quote from lotus49»

    All you need to do is dig down to level 11 and then dig a 1x2 tunnel and just keep going. This is easily the quickest way I have found as it doesn't involve faffing around digging side tunnels and running backwards and forwards. I ready to be contradicted but I don't believe that there is any way to find more diamonds in a given time than simply digging a 1x2 tunnel.

    Sure, digging a 1x2 tunnel is good, but at some point you have to truck your ores back to base. You could kill yourself, but unless you have keepInventory on, you're limited by your Ender Chest. But you're right in that a 1x2 tunnel exposes the most ores per block mined out of any method.

    However, the granddaddy of them all is beacon mining. Set up a Haste II beacon at Y=11, take your Eff V pick and go! Some people still try to branch mine with beacons, but that's like getting a Formula I car but still (trying) to drive it on city streets.

    The fastest method (in terms of diamonds per minute) is to just "spray" your pick left and right to mine out large 2-block-high swaths which will expose a ton of ore (including diamonds) in a very short timeframe. It is less efficient than branch mining (or 1x2 tunnels), as it exposes fewer new blocks per block mined, but I've never seen a convincing argument to suggest that actually mattered, since you will uncover far more diamonds than any additional durability hit on your pickaxe from mining the additional blocks. Yes, you will need to move the beacon periodically, but only after more than 20,000 blocks mined, and it's still absolutely worth it.
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    posted a message on Lighting up the whole end dimension!?
    Quote from D_Jolls18»

    ok, I really don't want to go out 200 blocks from the end island and risk losing it all while building an ender an farm

    Normally I respect the OPs wishes, so forgive me for being a teeny bit presumptuous, but I can't help but question the above quoted premise. What exactly are you worried about? Falling off of your bridge?

    I've never tried to light up the End, but I have lit up 256x256 surface areas for slime farm spawn rates, and trust me, it's a hefty project! Took me several hours and many, many stacks of torches. Lighting up the End island I think would be similar. Building a simple bridge 128+ blocks away from the main island is surely a lot less work, even if you do fall a few times. (Unless of course you're in hardcore!)

    First, kill the dragon, if you haven't already done so.

    If you're worried about "losing it all" (do you mean your inventory?), and you're not very practiced in bridging over long spans [see note], then just put all of your stuff in a chest (or better yet, an Ender Chest) at the start of the bridge, and just take a few stacks of common blocks with you. If you fall, you'll just lose a little cobblestone. As long as you don't look at the Endermen, they won't attack you, so you can even take your armor and weapons and put them in the chest to keep them safe.

    [Note: If you don't already know, you can easily build out from an island (or other structure) by holding down your crouch key (default is Shift), which will allow you to walk out far enough to place blocks on the side of the block you're standing on, without falling. The only way you will fall is if you release Shift and walk off the edge, or if you get hit. (You can also fall if you walk off of certain block types like stairs, but as long as you're using full blocks, you're fine.) There are many tutorials on this technique, but it's very very easy to pick up.]

    Once you have a "safe" bridge you are comfortable with (and maybe the start of your platform for the Enderman farm), retrieve your stuff, and get to work on the next phase!

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    posted a message on Your Thoughts?

    Not too bad at all. Nice amount of depth. Probably the single thing you could do that would help the most is choose another block type to add for contrast. Right now it's all gray bricks and stone. If you want to keep it mono, try some quartz or diorite. Otherwise, maybe experiment with some wood blocks for trim. You don't need a ton of contrasting blocks; a little goes a long way.

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    posted a message on Now that I've FINALLY found some diamonds...
    Quote from Mazdafreak»
    Didn't see your response when I made my post a couple minutes ago. Thanks for the advice!

    Right now what's holding me back is lack of leather and sugar cane. I spent a while yesterday running around finding two cows to lure back to the pasture I built, and now I've got seven through breeding. I've also got a sugar cane farm that has probably produced enough sugar, but I need more leather to craft books. I have more than enough diamonds to make two diamond pickaxes (I've already crafted one as I needed it to mine out obsidian, but have only used it on obsidian) and have crafted an enchantment table.

    You're welcome! Yes, the leather can take a bit, but if you already have cows breeding it won't take long. With the reeds, just knock 'em down so they're one block high (and will continue to grow), then replant everything you just gathered. That will also net you exponential growth, so you'll be doing level 30 enchants in no time. Don't bother building a sugarcane farm at this point; just find a good sized lake or river and use that for now. You can make something nicer (and smaller) later!

    Quote from Mazdafreak»

    Also, I'd always been under the assumption that 30 bookshelves were the best number of bookshelves to surround an enchantment table, to get the best enchantments anyway. Will using just 15 still work?

    Yes, in fact, 15 is the maximum number that the game will consider, meaning, adding more than 15 does not change your enchantments in any way. I usually add a few more to make it look nice and balanced, but that's completely for aesthetics and has no bearing on performance.

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    posted a message on Now that I've FINALLY found some diamonds...

    To the OP, congrats on your first diamonds. I don't know what your playstyle is (or will be) but one strategy that probably fits most playstyles is to go for tools (most importantly your pickaxe) first. My suggestion (and usual technique to "bootstrap" resource collection in a new world) is this:

    1. Find my first few diamonds [done!]
    2. Make an enchantment table
    3. Enchant my iron gear with Level 1 enchants
    4. At the same time, get 15 bookshelves (requires leather and paper from reeds/sugarcane)
    5. Get enough diamonds for two pickaxes
    6. Try to get a Fortune III pick, making sure it is also Unbreaking III (may need to combine picks/books with an anvil). Since you won't be breaking many blocks with this pickaxe, Efficiency isn't as important on your Fortune pick, but is nice to have (at the cost of moderately higher repairs).

    If you happen to get Silk Touch offered instead of Fortune, take it! You can mine rare blocks with that until you get Fortune, and reprocess them all later with that. If you don't get Silk Touch or Fortune, you can enchant an Iron pick, or put a Level 1 enchant on a book to reset your options. Usually you won't have to wait too long for Fortune III to show up, but it is relatively rare so sometimes the randomness can make you wait considerably longer.

    You might not want to mine a whole bunch of diamonds until you get Fortune, since you'll be able to get more than twice as many once you get your Fortune pick.

    You also want an Efficiency V + Unbreaking III pick for "bulk" mining (use this for stone, iron/gold ore, basically anything that doesn't benefit from Fortune). Silk Touch is important, but not a high priority. You will need one when you get your first Ender chest, but before that, it's less important.

    After you get your basic pick set (and maybe a shovel to instantly mine dirt), you can work on your sword, bow, and armor, and maybe an axe if you use a lot of wood.

    Later on, definitely put Unbreaking on a diamond hoe and put it in an item frame to show off how, er, prosperous you have become. :)

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