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    posted a message on Skeleton killing using dispensers?
    If you don't have that much space below your dungeon, you can also drown the skeletons.

    If you really want to make something our of redstone, use sticky pistons at head height to suffocate them.
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    posted a message on Fastest way to the surface?
    Suffocate yourself in sand or gravel then log out.
    Posted in: Survival Mode
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    posted a message on Fatal Mistakes - What Was Your Biggest Creative Blunder?
    So far every incident in this thread is covered by "failing to backup".

    My worst mistake... yes, failing to backup.
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    posted a message on Cat inflicted death and pain
    Cats don't like WATER, you made it SWIM, so it MURDERED YOU.

    You deserved it.
    Posted in: 1.1 Update Discussion
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    posted a message on gay animals?
    Quote from Bedrock_miner

    i like the animal breeding in minecraft but you can breed any anyone with anyone and that means some of them are... gay.
    and i dont wish that you need to find out if they are male or female in the way they do it in real life if you get what i mean.
    please give me your opinion on the breeding system in minecraft.

    They're asexual, look it up.
    Posted in: Survival Mode
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    posted a message on Post your Hardcore World here!

    100% legit. I have no items because I spent all of my time slaying monsters with my fists, then I strangled myself.
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    posted a message on Experience gathering for normal people?
    Quote from Mackinz

    Grinders are not casuals.

    Actually read the OP?

    You basically have two ways to get a lot of experience:
    1. Build a grinder and punch a load of mobs to death in a short time. Possibly watch TV or something while doing this.
    2. Gear up and go a'killing manually for a longer time.

    Now to most people - including myself - a greater time investment means less casual.
    Posted in: 1.1 Update Discussion
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    posted a message on Full Hunger Health Regeneration
    Too damn slow. I should never have to stop and bury myself in a safe hole after combat just to watch hearts refill.
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    posted a message on Looking for 1.1 map with specific features
    Straight to the point, looking for a 1.1 map with a snowy, tall, preferably rocky mountain bordering on an ocean.
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    posted a message on And again an update without any new blocks! :|
    Quote from maurisioo

    How difficult is it for Jeb to add some new blocks? It makes updates much more fun to look forward to.

    Why do you have a desire for generic "new blocks", maybe if you of the community expressed specific interest in something it would happen, like pistons. Just asking for "new blocks" is too vague and pointless.

    Here have... uh... dirt bricks.

    Quote from Frezgle

    I would love some new blocks, but adding them (unless they could be crafted from available materials) would mean map-resets, and map-resets means annoying butthurt fans.

    Changing the terrain generator requires a new map to a much greater extent.
    Posted in: 1.1 Update Discussion
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    posted a message on Infinite Arrows for the Bow?
    Quote from Locklear308

    380 arrows? I've not broken my first bow yet, and it has been a while.

    Farming with the spawners isn't the main idea. The main idea is you must work to make a farm or, whatever you'd like to call it, to produce a supply of supplies.

    Any RP servers, or normal PvP several, if someone wanted to make a weapon shop, you can't really sell arrows anymore.

    Why work for the arrows? Just get 380 easily

    You basically told me,

    "I don't want to work for something, I want it fast and easy. And now I wondered why the game begins to feel broken, easy, and unfulfilling"

    I heard that enchantments are free and take no effort and guaranteed to be the one you want the first try, confirm/deny?
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    posted a message on Why hasn't the height limit been raised yet?
    Map height was already modded, and did NOT cause significant performance issues.

    Every excuse from Mojang is just that: an excuse.
    Posted in: 1.1 Update Discussion
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    posted a message on Infinite Arrows for the Bow?
    I've usually found several skeleton dungeons by the time I think of enchanting something. I'm all for something that doesn't require me to AFK for 8 hours to the same effect.
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    posted a message on Better than Minecraft?
    He made CHAIRS and TABLES, things which have been requested in Minecraft for years.

    Slopes, partial blocks, round columns.

    This has serious potential and I hope development progresses.
    Posted in: General Gaming
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    posted a message on 1.0.1 high CPU usage
    I spent some time away from Minecraft thanks to SW:TOR beta, yay.

    Anyway, looking into this again, Minecraft's CPU usage today was ~50%. No idea why it would be different since I haven't so much as touched the server in between.

    I tried launching the server both with no java arguements and with 1 GC thread, to the same result.

    Quote from NateN34

    That is not a good attitude to have for hosting.

    That is like saying "Who cares if my Pentium 4 is old, they should of programmed Battlefield 3 better".

    No, sure they should of programmed better, but you also should not be hosting off 2005 ancient technology.

    It's an old PC I use to host for my friends, and to reiterate prior to 1.0 minecraft's CPU demands on this system were negligible. Between several Alpha releases I was actually hosting all three different versions of the game on an Athlon XP 2500+ single core with no problems.

    It can't be intended that the processing requirements for Minecraft increase 3000%.
    Posted in: Server Administration
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