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    posted a message on A tool for ice.
    Okay I've always wanted to collect some of that ice and never been able to do it. So something that when used on ice one can be able to harvest it.
    And maybe just maybe make Ice a little more than just decorative.
    I've always wanted one of those oldschool refridgerators were you had to put in an ice block to freeze stuff.
    Maybe a new ice sword or something.
    Maybe make the tool a hard process to make and some of the ice things even harder.
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    posted a message on Things that could make the game funnier.
    Hi, I'd like to see trapdoors ingame aswell as something new in the nether because it's quite boring right now.
    The something new would be fun if it were a new mob or some new blocks. Maybe a plant that only grows in the nether. There is a lot of things one would love to have ingame.
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    posted a message on [MOD]DragonBorn (On Hiatus, BUT NOT DROPPED!)
    well nice idea very much appreciated and your "dragon model" looks good in all cases ecept that it's technically not a dragon but a wyvern. Either a chinese dragon without wings or a european dragon with 2 hind legs and 2 arms and wings is a dragon all other types of dragons go to the sub class wyvern. But anyway much appreciated and hopefully soon you will learn how to encode it plus give that model some good colorization. Or all of us wait a good amounts of months waiting for Notch to make his own that he has promised the community to make some time. I hope that you'll make it's attack like teh Ghasts but no explosion. Sorry if the dragon terminology was inappropriate.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] DJoslin's Creations: [9 of 14 updated]
    I really like your mods. As a non mod player I hope that the trap door will be Implemented by notch either that or the glasslight. the other ones I'm not to concerned with.
    glasslight as you showed can be used as ceiling light which I believe is good. Trap doors should be opened downwards so they are placed on the top edge of a block instead that way If one have like per say stone textured doors they would be invisible then having a long one brick wide tunnel with them and redstone wiring. and a lever on one side and a zombie or something after you run over and pull the lever and see him fall to his demise/doom whichever you prefer. Still that they open upwards is a problem they will be easy to spot. as they bulge up from the ground. but if they opened downwards they would be hard to spot and I could finally build that noone will ever notice room in the floor of my house with trapdoor entrance.
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    posted a message on Ore vein rarity changes
    Sure diamond is rare gold is rare iron is rare and coal is common. Who cares really. Anyway let's continue this debate by saying this.

    Diamonds aren't as rare as people think. The finite amount of diamonds in all active chunks is between 0 and 255.
    The Finite amount of gold is between 0-127.
    Iron is like between 256-511 blocks.
    Redstone is accounted as 0-255*4,5 because you get four or five redstone dusts from it.
    Coal is quite common as it can be found between layers 0 and 127 it can be found in large veins and therefore I will only say that it has the same rarity as iron has but only for the chunk you're in and not all active chunks.
    stone occupies almost everyother tile so it has the lowest rarity of all substances. Even dirt is rarer.

    And yes redstone is quite useless if you aren't planning to build something like a clock or something like my 24Hour ingame clock. each redstone tick is 0,1 second. so that's a lot of redstone and all was hacked in on my test world and stored in chests in my test world. and if it was a display clock it would be much larger than just 2 active chunks. Anyway Redstone needs more things to do with such do gold too and diamond then one could lower their rarity. Iron has many uses but I won't consider it too rare it's only stone that is too common.

    BUT I hope that there will be more things to do soon in Minecraft and I hope it has something to do with Redstone and that gold one doesn't get rid of. Like a pulse generator that could so help minimizing a 24 hour clock it should have to options either it do a 5 tick pulse or a 10 tick pulse and will only work if it has redstone input. So it will give power either in .5 second periods or in 1 second periods and putting 5 repeaters at 4Tick then another pulse one could have a much smaller 24H clock that one could put as a Display showing minutes and hours, possibly even seconds and days. Back to topic Clay is not overly rare I mean I found 200 clay on the same beach once then just one clay another time. Okay the first beach was huge it was around my starting Island that was maybe 30 or 40 chunks big in itself. It's not rare venture around Islands looking for it can result in to much clay too.
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    posted a message on The C-Booster: instant max momentum, teleporter, force field
    I'm so going to use this. to keep them Creepers out. Shall verify if it works on a server or not.
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    posted a message on [v1.3_01] Cloud Mining! [NEW BLOCK]
    seems like a good idea but in that case I hope someone do the following instead of messing up the original clouds because I like them.

    1. Make a new dimension with new blocks and just let's call it the Aether.
    2. It's supposed to be made out of different Cloudblocks.
    The blocks should be of several different colors just as in nature some dark grey and some white.
    3. make a Generation code similar to the one of the original dimensions with some differences so it isn't too normal looking.
    4. Types of blocks should include: SeaCloud Blocks(acts like the water of the skies)(bluish colored a blue-cyan at most but very bright and 75% transparent),normal Cloudblock that should act like ground in the normal world.(little darker grey.), StormCloud blocks they have no special properties except that work like cactus destroying objects and dealing damage to all walking on it.(really dark greyish black tinted green but not much.), TreeCloud a block that grows upwards all the time.(grey-green, they suck up the moisture in the air that's why they grow), oreclouds like orichalcum brownish yellow. Used to make Orichalcum armor and tools which is twice as durable as diamond but quite weak if used for mining. Aetherium a cloudblock that is yellowgreen used to make aether Armor and tools, same strength as iron. Solium either blue, red or orange in color. used to make Solar armor and tools which is 4 times as strong as diamonds and if used to mine has the strength of diamond. All Cloudblocks placed in the Nether or in the Overworld will vaporize tools used in the other worlds would lose 8 times the durability 16 if used on the block it's not made for. The armor wouldn't protect you in the normal world or in the nether it will not take damage either. Normal blocks or netherblocks placed in the Aether becomes a normalCloud block(farewell wooden workbenches). The only block that can be placed there except Aetherblocks would be the reed that can grow freely there but never naturally spawn there. Ice can be placed to but that is only if you cheat it into your game.

    5. Mobs the most important thing for some of us. Let us begin with the weakest one. Snowers are made out of snow they will turn all seaclouds they touch into normalclouds and regain lifepoints they can gain a lot of lifepoints this way but never more than 100 full Hearts. Really slow. They deal damage when bumping into you or anything else, dealing 5 hearts per "attack". They start with 50 full hearts and will only spawn on ice. next is the Orkan he turns all normal clouds he touch into Storm Clouds. He has a ranged attack not dealing much only a half heart. He has 20 Hearts. Why he is stronger than the snowers well Orkans can only spawn on Storm Clouds. Their name meaning Storm or hurricane in most germanic languages. then the last one Chiller will turn all Normal Clouds and seaclouds into ice. Making snowers spawn. They can't attack you themself but will suicide turning all blocks in a 5*5 area to air if you are within one space of them. They have only 10 Hearts and won't be hard to kill if it wasn't for them being mostly air and arrows won't hit them. They will drop Ice when killed how you know do it is another catch just lead them over a field of stormclouds and catch the goodies before they touches the clouds.

    6. I forgot to tell you what you need to mine the blocks with that's easy a bucket can be used on a seacloud then a seacloud can be used in your crafting grid to make 4 normal clouds they can be crafted into a cloudian workbench. which you can use to make the normal tools putting in a treecloudblock in there to make cloudplanks which you can use to make most tools of except solar tools they need aetherium rods to make.

    7. it should always be 7 bright in the aether. The lowest blocks should not be bedrock it should be a cloudblock called Sanctium which is undestroyable and being close to it will drain you of your life.

    8. the portal should be made out of snowblocks which you poor water in.

    9. That's just some things that I would think be good.
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    posted a message on [REQ] Dark Textures 16*16
    Hello and thank you for taking your time reading this post. I would like to say that I and maybe others want a darker or more spooky texture pack without needing HD mods to make it look nice. What I'm saying is that I and hopefully others want a darker texture pack 16*16 so that I can play on a little spookier minecraft. Sure mods may be fun sometimes that's why one should have both modded and unmodded versions of minecraft. But that's still not what it's about.

    I want a texture pack that looks nice and not over pixelated like the dirt is in minecraft right now. I do not want something where it's hard to see where the block starts or ends and still not something where as in one colored texture packs where some has an outline on the blocks. Which in turn means that I do not want something dull and boring or something overdramatically hard for the eyesight to discern where the block ends and the next starts.

    As a matter of fact I have used some texture packs over the few months I've played the game, and not really liking them. Why you might ask well they look good but aren't really my style some are to game-ish and other are to damn realistic removing the game feel totally. So a simple Texture that's not to badlooking and not to eyekilling.

    If anyone would like to do it I would so appreciate it. I won't be sad if someone doesn't make it but texture packs aren't what the game is about, but enjoying the fun in creating stuff or imaging what to do next in game.
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    posted a message on STOP MAKING MODS!
    Who cares is my opinion sooner or later they will put in a "mod" in minecraft and it is sooner because it has already happened. So all of you guys logic is flawed and it's funny. Sandblock=MOD SANDBLOCK IS IN MINECRAFT AS CONTENT IN BETA SO mods are in the game, mods are in the game I will say it again sounding like a kid, mods are in the game so screw your logic flaws and mods are in the game. Ok it wasn't funny but they are already ingame. Dyes was a mod and sandblock was a mod.
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    posted a message on [MOD] BookShelf Mechanisms V1.4 (Discontinued)
    Doors Everybody wants them, noone makes them of course some doors have been made by now OBSIDIAN DOOR(outdated). The code of what I've heard over and over again is a messy problem. So I don't see why people copy one of the door codes to make more doors. Well even NOTCH had problem with the code.
    Anyway I like your idea and to be honest the block itself put on itself will make a hidden doorway since it's nonsolid.
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    posted a message on [MOD] Present Mod
    I like the idea make a present block and when right clicked it places the block inside it.
    However the worst part is that you would have to make a new id for every block, so why not make them use the damage thingie so you only need one id. All blocks shouldn't be allowed in the present if you ask me.
    Here is my thought about which items/blocks that should be allowed:
    Coal(hahaha look at what you got for christmas), Ingots/Gem, Iron/Gold/Diamondblock, Cake, Flowers, seeds, Bones and finally the last item sulfur. Then some normal blocks too just for fun.
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    posted a message on [REQ] Rope mod (Rope ladders, bridges, cave diving)
    Quote from Morilatea »

    I was interested in the grappling hook mods but I'd be far to tempted to abuse them.

    Quote from Jovi97 »
    you know what? i think the mod you are searching for is already made!!

    try out SDK's grappling hook.. that is just what u are searching for i think. a rope that are going down like a ladder.

    Someone read the OP. OMG I DIDN'T BELIEVE THAT PEOPLE DON'T READ THEM. Was interested in grappling hook mods but far to tempted to abuse them. And you said I think you are searching for SDK's Grappling hook mod.
    OP says no grappling you say grappling. Since when was No=Yes I always believed it was No≠Yes.

    Anyway I like the Idea of a rope mod. I have thought about that one before and i say it seems like a good idea.
    But as everyone knows Rope is made out of hemp. So a new object has to be brought ingame too in that case.
    And they should be an object that has a set length. 3 pieces of hemp will make a piece of Srope 3 pieces of Sropes will make a LRope and one could use Lrope with wood to make a bridge. Like this. :Orange: = Lrope :Rose: =bridge.
    :wood: [] []
    :Orange: [] [] = 2 :Rose:
    [] [] []
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    posted a message on [V1.6.6] MineColony v0.5 (Simple Economy + fixes)
    well first of all more mobs. I have even posted a lot of proffesions before but now it's time for that miner to get himself a brain.
    Ok make the miner not dig randomly.
    He should only mine in a fahion of a 5*5 stripmine and leave a path so he can get up and down without dying or getting stuck. Make him smarter is what I say. Improve AI.(What I say is make his effective mining area a 3*3 block wide stripmine and nothing else and he shall only be able to dig out stone ores below the level of the Miners chest.
    First of all make the miner work then deliveryman so the community will thrive.
    Make an effective way for them to have housing. And a working economy. I've seen some SSP/SMP economy mods out there. (don't know why they are SSP/SMP though but this might be the reason if there was a community of miners lumberjacks fishermen and ****.)
    Shops that uses Chests as storage and a new block that has a special block inside them that one must pay a certain amount of coins to get. An exchange rate for different coins as Maximum stack is 64 if not using Mods. A hint make values of: 1M$, 5M$, 10M$, 20M$, 50M$, 100M$, 500M$, 1000M$.
    :Green: =1 coin. :Lime: = 5 coin. :Yellow: =10 coin.
    :Green: :Green: :Green:
    :Green: :Green: [] = :Lime:
    [] [] []

    :Lime: :Lime: []
    [] [] [] = :Yellow:
    [] [] []
    :Lime: :Green: :Green:
    :Green: :Green: :Green: = :Yellow:
    [] [] []

    and even the other way so you have 1000M$ and want it to be in 100M$.
    :Purple: =1000M$ and :Black: =100M$
    :Purple: [] []
    [] [] [] =10 :Black:
    [] [] []

    sorry for my bad english. I'm not english and even though I did not see any spelling mistakes there might be sentences that have a really bad grammar. Even though my english is perfect when I speak when I write it's far from good. I'm Swedish if you wanted to know. By the way you deserve a :RFlower: for your job.
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    posted a message on Does notch actualoly read Mapping & Modding?
    well He mentioned lng before people made dye mods that he was planning to make dyes but it wasn't high priority so he procrastinated. Well He liked the bridge bloc mod though and he made the sandstone mod a reality for everyone that don't use mods. He has read a lot of mapping and modding posts over the time it has been up and doesn't really disapprove of modding but think it's something that would need to be controlled in a better fashion so people don't modificate his codes. Well he might not like that some of us make some mods and such but overall when we look at how big the MCCommunity has grown over the past year one could say that he is glad that we bought the game. Now I shall keep on Mining and/or crafting.
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    posted a message on [1.6.6] Epitaph64's Mods (Time Saving (4x ore, etc))
    Do you know what I think about this Why not make every Mob drop bones as well as their normal drops. Look at :Skeleton: they drop bone and arrows. Zombies should drop something different than feathers though maybe meat. And Creepers shouldn't drop bones, as we know that their bodies don't have a skeletal structure, which we all learned when we dissected one at the fair. Everybody knows that they are made of Gunpowder, flint and steel and leaves.
    Otherwise I like it a lot.
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