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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    I decided to start a new main world in modern Minecraft, I'm not abandoning my almost 7-year-old main world by any means but I wanted to try something new without obscene amounts of travelling , chunk walls and limitations. Although I've had other worlds they've been "ideas" not "main worlds" so this'll be the first in a very long time.

    I spawned unremarkably in a forest of natural oak, birch and dark oaks, at least the latter gave me early mushrooms. Seeking a higher ground to get a perspective of the world around me i did see something in the distance at the end of the first night that was promsing - my favourite biome.

    First night inventory:

    Spent the night fishing using this stream:

    Something good for the morning:

    Savanna biomes are my favourite biomes so I want to settle there and one part seems equality fascinating a rounded low hill and behind it a more tall and slanty mountain, handily right next to a desert.

    The rounded low mountain isn't wide enough to build on without major terraforming and that was a flat spot up on the slanty mountain, which also has a waterfall down one side. I've set up a small camp on this flat spot on the slanty mountain but I'm not sure where to build yet. The waterfall led me into a cave which after a branch mine also led into a ravine (No abandonded mine.) Here's the camp, inventory for night 3 and I think night 5 respectivley and interesting mountain shapes in the distance.

    Not sure where or what to build for a home yet, there's a nice green patch of grass among the savana grasslands. I don't want to do anything I've already done like yet another home in a mountain, modern home, home on a mountain, underground home, ravine home/castle fort etc.

    I'm currently trying to find inspiration

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    posted a message on Updates of a [6 year, 11 months] old Surival World

    2 weeks laaaater...

    Resource Pack: Painterly

    Shaders: Kuda Shaders, internals for interiors.

    Current home difficulty: 3.88

    Current XP: 35 (Reclaimed, after a death)

    Return to the Nether//Unexpected & Silly Things

    Slowly I have been digging out the structure for a third building in the Chunk Plaza, originally this was to be a very low building - one up and one down but I did change my mind to have two storeys above ground level as it would be extremley low next to the tudor building. It's still very early days yet thougn, but I'm thinking it'll be a cafe.

    Meanwhile this happenned:

    When I originally carved the skeleton structure for the apartments, the corner building wasn't meant to be part of it, but a building in it's own right for it's own purposes, It ended up as the entrance to the apartments however, and more recently I have found this to be, problemetic. Here's why:

    If you look at the apartments face on, to get to the far left ones - you have to go through someone else's apartment, even with the corner entrance stair wells. To counter this, I have the front of the actual apartments inside about 6/7 blocks back from the front windows creating an access corridor on each level. I realised however I really only needed a lot smaller space for the stair wells and that I could half this building.

    I may be able to squeeze an extra shop in between the brick building and the corner now. Thankfully because of my silk touch pick I did'nt waste any materials in the demolition. The only downer being whilst doing the side red bars:- I got knocked of the ledge. I thought it was a zombie as that's what I heard, but when I returned to get my stuff I saw a skeleton inside at the far end of the corridor. Safe to say he must've shot me off the ledge.

    Now I have to remove a big chunk of mountain above the third new prospective building, which I am currently working on, slowly.

    Return to the Nether
    So I returned once again, fighting blazes, almost getting killed by them to get to the wither skeletons. I did bring back a further 2 wither skulls however, not that I realised the second one dropped. One step close to fighting the wither for the 7th anniversary in November.

    Mount DOOOooom Bastions
    I also found myself at the above for a while, finally putting a cobble under-ceiling underneath the bridge at last; and doing all the columns between the supports underneath the bridge as well. (By boat)It was very dark as well so I took the oppotunity to light it up as well.

    Of course I still have to add more detail and inter-sparse mossy cobble everywhere - on the bridge, on the columns both exterior and underneath.

    There was another strange turn of events however. I found my self on the fort walls to the right side of DOOOooom, and at first was trying to bring the crenelations forward a block with a cobble stair upside down supporting underneath. During the clearing of the top of the wall (Inner), I ended up making little battlement areas:

    I ended up rounding these off (Six width, half-circle) and extending them down the side.

    Now, they still need a LOT of design work yet and the minecart tracks that went into where the furthest left tower is had to be re-routed in the wall between these two towers. As you can see there are little spy holes to shoot mobs through. Since these pictures though I have flattenned the terrain around the side of the fort, so the tracks no longer go up the embackment from the tunnel, along and back down again. They're all on flat land now and it looks much better.

    Another previous belayed project (Laziness):
    Back in 2016 I started this:

    To create or rather re-do the old portal, but inside an ender-dragon's mouth. What stopped me was how much black terracotta (nee: stained clay) I needed. Since then of course we've had the world of color update and I've picked it up, deciding to use black concrete instead:

    It might not look like I've done much except add a couple of nostrils, but keep in mind every black terracotta block so far had to be mined and replaced with black concrete (As well as removing more ceiling for viewing it). That alone took 3 & a bit stacks of black concrete, it went quicker than expected. I still have plenty of squid ink though so when I make the next batch we should see the start of a lot more...

    Silly things:

    • I was going to move the friendly animal mobs but instead elected to remove the barrier between the pigs and the cows and set all but 4 pig free. (One with a saddle kept.) I never eat porkchops anyway and am only keeping a few incase of the need for breeding for trading. The cows now have much more area to roam! Also changed dirt wall exteriors underneath sheep farm to brick to make it more solid looking.
    • Demolished old hut near the main bridge. When the old minecart rails used to go underneath the bridge via a glass tunnel, this old wooden shed was like a launcher hut for the minecart. It's been levelled to one block high and become a seating area. Another picture.
    • The roof of the main bridge has been given arcs that go over the top of it. The only thing I don't like right now are the end peaks at either end, need to make that more prettier. Another picture.

    Next update: Maybe the middle of October.

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    posted a message on Is minecraft dead??
    Quote from bobdsmc»

    what do u mean nice try =_=
    im just telling the truth
    and 80 % minecrafters hate 1.9 pvp i can see it on youtube (famous youtubers videos)
    monsters on story mode is just a suggestion and i got that idea on preston reaction video

    I'm not even going to asked where you pulled the 80% from as I doubt there's anything to back it, point is - just because a lot of people don't like 1.9+ PVP doesn't mean Minecraft is dying. Nor does some Minecraft youtubers who stopped playing minecraft = minecraft is dying. It's just a lot of assumption.

    If you like playing it then great! Keep playing it! Some people get bored for various reasons (Too much PVP, mini-games, not changing anything up, must have all armor/achievements/kill all bosses etc), which is time for them to take a break and play another game, it happens. Is it losing popularity?, maybe, but then it's been at least 8 years, it doesn't mean minecraft is dying, None of these points relate to sales or any decline in the game it may/may not have.

    It's the same tired arguments on here we've seen time and time again I'm afraid.
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    posted a message on Is minecraft dead??

    If you, and by you I mean the OP, did any research given the countless times this type of thread has been made, or any research at all; then you'd know it's not. There's little point even going any deeper as:

    The skeptic in me say you've just made this video to try and draw attention to your channel, purely and simply nothing else. I watched a couple of your other videos to see if this "depressed tone" of your voice was for the video theme, but clearly not. You bring practically no points to the table except you don'y like post 1.9 PVP (Your choice) and that some mobs from the storymode minecraft, which is more of a point and click based story adventure then actual proper minecraft, should be in the game.

    Nice try though.

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    posted a message on [Vanilla SSP Journal][1.7.10-1.12] To Make a Gold Farm

    That picture (Of the Skeletons) is the stuff of nightmares! (Hello! Yes, I've started reading this latetly!)

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    posted a message on Updates of a [6 year, 11 months] old Surival World

    Resource Pack: Painterly

    Shaders: Kuda Shaders, internals for interiors.

    Current home difficulty: 4.00 (3.75 at the chunk plaza)

    Current XP: 34

    Floors, tunnels n Enchantments

    I haven't done an update for a week and a half as I felt I hadn't done enough to warrant one. I wanted one more thing (Whatever it would be) before I committed. Another mini project (unplanned) emerged however.

    So at first I had been continuing in the new tudor build at the Chunk Plaza, but all internal work, namely the floors. I wanted the floors to have an old feel like the outside style so I already knew I would be working with a mixture of spruce logs and spruce planks. (I also used the last of the white concrete for the walls on the sides of the stairs on each floor continuing the tudor feel.


    *All pictures since these were taken have spruce planks floors on every level now.

    After this I took a break from the chunk plaza and have been getting my xp up after some deaths, and have been doing even more enchanting, concentrating on getting decent swords.

    After getting looting III on a sword x2 (One with unbreaking III, the other with fire aspect so they're slightly differe nt) it has made me focused on what to do for the 7th anniversary. I might fight the wither, for the first time in survival, ever. I have already been to the Nether but only managed to get one wither skull.

    I was there for a very long time, and it got a bit hairy at times due to the blazes, at one point having only one/half a heart. But I had plenty of food. Another trip is planned. I also made a change in storage and filled up a single chest with all my bow arrows, so any new stacks I make (All from skeleton drops/fights)go in the ender chest, so I'm re-filing that one up now. I made a spare ender chest to carry in my inventory as I have a silk touch pick. With all this enchanting it really feels like I'm building up to something, so maybe a fight with the wither for the 7th anniversary is inevitable?..

    The last thing, which was unexpected; was deciding to improve the minecart tunnel to the Half-way House station. A very long time ago I had been starting to stone-brick the walls but only got so far. The tunnel was also 4 wide so half-way the track turns from one side to the other.

    Although what I'm about to show you may look like I just but a long line along either side of the ceiling, there was more to it than that.

    I actually based it on half of a no.7 size circle and dug a three wide indentation all along the way along into the ceiling. Ths left all of the side bits at the top, all of which had to be converted into stone brick as well as the ceiling, continuing the walls in stone-brick all the way along (With a set back column every 5 blocks/5 wide 4 high) and taking the whole right wall (Again all the way along) back a block so it was now a 5 wide tunnel, not 4. Also of course after making it even, covering the entire tunnel floor with coarse dirt, which I already had most of a double chest of thanks to an overflow of dirt and gravel.

    Found some interesting things behind the tunnel walls, caves, a cleared out dungeon (Don't remember doing that, wish I'd keep the spawner though) and also a big chunk hole:

    When I got to the bottom into the side caves there were already torches around so again I must've explored it. I just don't remember doing it.

    At one point towards the end of the tunnel near the Half-way House station the tunnel goes back to 4 wide which triggered my OCD, so I made it 5 but then came another dilemma. It meant the track was right next to the 2-wide steps leading onto the path and the stairs up to the top floor of the station. There wasn't a good place to reput the stairs, seeing as you disembark off the left side, so i made the decision to do way with the steps on the outside to the upper level and have it inside instead.

    Hopefully this'll make more sense:

    So if you look to the right of the minecart you can see the outer steps to the upper level as it was..


    I guess I could've worked in the steps, but it didn't make sense to me to disembark off the left cross the tracks to the steps. I could've disembarked on the right but the steps would've been right there, I'd have to stunt the path etc. I just felt it was a better change to have the stairs inside the building, even if it meant some of re-jigging with the walls inside. A change is always good, even if it is minor.

    R.I.P. jack o'lantern on a birch log outside because of a creeper! (Just out of sight in pic #1) That had been there since the conversion to a station back in 2014!

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    posted a message on Dovecote/ bird house

    Nice use of traditional blocks as well - slabs, stairs and fences.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.12 Update Opinion Thread

    let me fix that:

    Quote from Wolftopia»

    Most people don't use resource packs on severs.

    There isn't just multiplayer but survival as well. So on severs it wouldn't matter anyway with players using vanilla. Aren't you just complaining for the sake of complaining?

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    posted a message on Updates of a [6 year, 11 months] old Surival World
    Quote from Joey_San»

    Getting the start is definitely the hardest part about a project like this, so good of you for surpassing that stage of the creative process! I look forward to seeing the rest of the Chunk Plaza; do you plan to populate the plaza with villagers or rather treat it as an aesthetic build?

    Thanks Joey, it will be a purely aesthetic build.

    One of the other things that spurns me on is not "Seeing the chunk wall" as in - eventually all the different roof heights, so they just look like they back onto a mountain. That excites me.

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    posted a message on Updates of a [6 year, 11 months] old Surival World

    Shaders: Mostly Kuda Shaders, interals for interiors.

    Current home difficulty: 4.00 (3.75 at the chunk plaza)

    Current XP: 25

    The Chunk Plaza/Last Days of Summer

    The last days of summer - for soon, very soon; I shall be switching to my autumn version of my painterly pack. It's not just my favorite time of year in game because of the grass color change and leaf color differences, but also my favourite season irl as well.

    For this update I shall be only posting about one thing, and one thing only - The Chunk Plaza development.

    For at least over a year, little to no work has been done on the project - converting an ugly chunk wall into homes & shops. The apartments still have the boarded up windows of jungle planks where glass would be, and structures are still in dirt, either from the original chunk wall or made up like the one on the corner as you come down the stairs to the boardwalk:

    At first, my recent idea was to just take some brick blocks over that I had loads of (From the days of a brick perimeter around my home and bay window) and convert the corner building by the stairs down to the boardwalk into more of a solid building. That was the original idea. It didn't take long, so whilst there I also converted the ground floor of the next corner building (With the white upper top) so it had white walls as well; using concrete. I also gave it a slight floor pattern inside.

    Not only is the bulding by the stairs now brick (I want to add more detail as it'a basic block right now, undecided about the flat roof), but the ground floor of the next corner building is now also white. You can also see two things. One - that I'm currently working my way up the side of that last building and TWO; that to the left of the apartments with the red lines you can see markers for a pitched roof, below which is just a giant hole in the wall.

    For a few weeks I've had this old tudor shop/front/pub front picture saved that I wanted to emulate in that spot of the chunk wall and it was time to start the third building front!

    I had to extend the roof back further at the top as it wasn't far enough to cover the back of the roof. It was during this roofing that I had a great fall (Or maybe doing the tudor log bits), despite shifting, and died. I went from 32/33 xp back down to just 7. Got xp back into my teens at the mob grinder at home, the rest generally fighting mobs whilst building and mining. especially coal. I also finally tried out my fortune II iron pick (Still would like fortune III diamond one) and got enough diamonds for a whole new set of armor without need to topuch the diamondfs in storage saved.

    It's funny how I got them, exactly in order head to toe. Mined and got 5 diamonds for a helmet. Mined 9 made chestplate with one spare, got 5 more - one short of trousers/pants. last batch - found enough to complete pants and boots with one spare to fix my main sharpness III diamond sword.

    Back to the roof however..

    One thing I do like though, is that when doing the roof; I also dug up at the cliff face above me, so there's a noticable dent in the chunk wall now from the roof! Only a small one, but still dent. It'll also become obvious that I took out the birch window frames of the ajoining building and used them for the main apartments instead, matching the light grey glass of the ground floor for those upper nine windows in said ajoining building. The apartment block also got some flowers in their flower boxes.

    Top floor has a bay window

    Roof from above:

    I like how you can see a bit of light in the bay window of the tudor house:

    Flowers in the flower boxes of the apartments to it's right:

    On the map:

    I have a rough idea for the floor inside the tudor house/shop (Not sure which) - I want the floor to be old looking so will use spruce planks and logs as a mix. One comprimise I had to make, was with some of the ceilings levels; it hid some of the outside tudor decor/didn't quite line up right. Only the bottom floor has my standard 5 block high then ceiling, the rest are 4's.

    I'm already thinking about what I might want as the next building. I do want a big cafe along here as well. I do feel like I have made the start of some notable progress now, which is good as it drives me to keep going with it!

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    posted a message on Does anyone here actually build roads? XD
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    11 stacks of iron is basically nothing - a few hours of caving, or the amount I find in an average play session (and as much as 20 stacks before), and you can find more if you exclusively focus on getting iron, with gold being even easier to find (relatively speaking when compared to what you need and not including mesas; you only need one powered rail every 38 blocks to maintain top speed; I use 33 as I can easily split stacks of rails and lay half a stack without counting).

    Even mineshafts by themselves easily meet all my rail needs many times over, I've never had to make regular rails (the average mineshaft has about 300 rails; I've taken nearly 130,000 from them and used around 15,000. They are only 40% as common in 1.7+ but that's still around 52,000, and iron ore is more common in newer versions, which also have powered rails as loot).

    Also, if you place your railway underground you'll get some iron, and possibly gold, just from digging it (I place all of mine in 1x2 tunnels at y=58-59; this is not the most optimal elevation since I often dig through surface dirt; the best, of course, is y=11-12 but that is a bit too deep and would intersect far more caves and I don't need the resources).

    At least 11, you also can't really compare our play styles when you do mostly all mining, I build, adventure then do some mining. Whilst coming across an abandoned mine would be less likely in that region, I do get what your saying though on why it would make sense underground getting iron and gold as I go along.

    In general discussion:
    I just don't think some get that I prefer going by donkey, reguardless of materials cost and whether it'd be more proficient (Minecart chest inventory + My inventory + donkey), and seemed determined that it I did this.

    It is my world folks.

    Quote from Pykaxe»

    Start at the Mesa end and work back - even if you don't like digging mines, you should get more than enough gold/iron/rails just clearing the mesa mineshafts (up on the surface, so easy to find, and full of gold) to get you home. As far as getting the loot back, minecarts with chests are your friends; and if you leash your donkey, he'll gallop along behind your cart even as you ride back at full speed.

    Village clerics sell them. Trading is good xp, and villages can be fun building projects. :)

    I have a nice little trading area, so I'll have to see what my Cleric has. :) you just never mine at all? On a world more than a few weeks old, how do you not have multiple backup sets of at least halfway-decently enchanted diamond armor (and tools, and weapons)? O.o

    My main world is 6 years, 9 months old, it has never been about having "The best armor/weapons diamonds can enchant". (Covering what else I do above).

    Please don't rain on my play style if you know nothing about it first.

    I mine when I have to, I use my ores and don't just hoard them away - weapons and tools mainly. Some hoarde, some use what they have I'm the latter. I've never constantly craved diamond armor, it's an "In-case" thing for me as I learned how to fight mobs PVE long ago. With the combat changes I re-learned and never have a problem with it, armor is simply a case of "If I need it." With the difficulty increasing in my home region in the last year or so it's only now that I do feel I want a little added protection, there's nothing wrong with that.

    I hope that answers some questions.

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    posted a message on Does anyone here actually build roads? XD
    Quote from KirinFrost»

    Actually i enjoyed reading the conversation xD

    Quote from Sharpe103»

    Very interesting.

    You surely have enough resources to make a rail 6 km, though, right? I don't have an iron farm or hoard or even mine half what I encounter but I have enough for a 10+ km rail, not counting a couple double chest of rails collected from abandoned mine shafts. EDIT: Ah, you probably mean the gold. It would take a lot. Of course, that's one reason I'm building a gold farm right now!

    Wouldn't you be able to cast ender eyes in newer chunks? I understand that it might mean traveling quite a distance, like 10, 15, or even 20 km depending on how much exploration you've done, but pearls and blaze rods aren't usually items in short supply for a mature world like yours. Yours is the oldest I follow, so this new knowledge of it comes as an unexpected surprise for me.

    I've started calculating it in my creative copy of my main world, at first marking off evey time I lay 16 rails, but eventually marking off twice after every 32 rails. So far I've got about maybe half way, and calculate I would've had to make rails 60 times. Multiple that by 6 for each 16 stack and it's 360 ingots = about 5 & 1/2 stacks so far. It's reasonable to assume it would take at least another 5 & 1/2 stacks of rails, so at least 11 stacks of iron, let alone the gold. You see where this is going.. This is also a straight line route that veers left at the end near the mesa, whether it'd be bettter in a zi-zagging directional more direct route, who knows.

    I could do all this but it's just about personal preferance I guess, I prefer to go by donkey simply as I can bring back more with it's inventory than I could without him.

    Reaching the end: I could do a long travel, I'vce already done one 20 000+ ride on a donkey, so casting a ender pearl in a newer chunk isn't unimaginable. It may suprise you to learn I only have about a dozen of each pearls and blaze rods currently. The latter is no problem, I have a spot in the nether where I can farm blaze rods, but I'd have to kill a LOT more enderman, I guess that's one thing that's always stopped me as well having enough pearls. I certainaly have enough arrows from skeletons over the years, a full double chest at 2 - 3 stacks in the next double chest. (About 57 stacks)

    At the moment I'm concentrating on keeping my xp levels up, or trying to; for tools, weapons and armor. With a local difficulty at my home at 4.00 currently, it's my priority. I have a diamond armor set for show in the armoty and want one to wear (Yet to test my fortune pick but I've only got fortune II so far) and enchant the armor. After I've done my tools, weapons and armor then I can consider a long game and possibly soing some end game things. :)

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    posted a message on Does anyone here actually build roads? XD
    Quote from Sharpe103»

    Very interesting.

    You surely have enough resources to make a rail 6 km, though, right? I don't have an iron farm or hoard or even mine half what I encounter but I have enough for a 10+ km rail, not counting a couple double chest of rails collected from abandoned mine shafts. EDIT: Ah, you probably mean the gold. It would take a lot. Of course, that's one reason I'm building a gold farm right now!

    Wouldn't you be able to cast ender eyes in newer chunks? I understand that it might mean traveling quite a distance, like 10, 15, or even 20 km depending on how much exploration you've done, but pearls and blaze rods aren't usually items in short supply for a mature world like yours. Yours is the oldest I follow, so this new knowledge of it comes as an unexpected surprise for me.

    I can't express how much elytra and shulker boxes changed my style of play nor impress upon anyone strongly enough how much bow boosting and rocket gliding increased my enjoyment of Minecraft. However, my main interest is distant exploration, so I'm the prime target of those additions.

    I applaud you for not using ADMIST. I don't use it either. Not using it is why I felt such great joy finding my first mushroom island. Not using it sent me on my epic journey to find a jungle biome. It has its uses and people who want to use it can do as they please, of course; but it's not for me.

    By the way, I'm also a Transformers Gen 1 fan. ;-)

    I'll message you if that's okay?, as I don't want to de-rail (Baddum-tish) this thread.

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    posted a message on Does anyone here actually build roads? XD
    Quote from Sharpe103»

    In your main world, the six-year-old one in your sig, you've not beaten the Ender Dragon? And don't have enough resources for a very long minecart ride? Not that anything's wrong with that, I'm just curious. If so, is it because you just focus so primarily on building or?

    Like I say, just curious.

    That's right with both.

    The Mesa is x coordinate = 5000/6000+ my home is 556. I could try it but it'd probablly take every bit of iron and gold I have. Besides a donkey is fine as I can bring back more with it's inventory. As for the ender-dragon of I've not beaten one in my main world as, being 6 years, nine months old - it'd be very difficult to find a stronghold. I won't use something like ADMIST also, as it goes against my playing values. :)
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    posted a message on How Many Worlds Do You Have?

    I have 15 survival ones (Not including ones I'm not sure about/whether I'll keep), several creative ones - not including creative copies of some survival worlds (Which would amount to 13) for experimenting/test building and for my main world looking into it's past.) If you include all those it's 35, but 15 main survival ones as it's SSP I play on the most.

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