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    posted a message on Are You Satisfied?

    For the most part yes, whilst there is always room for improvement; overall - yes.

    If they stopped after 1.14 (Need that unserwater update) I would still be happy. I've been playing it consistantly for almost 7 years straight, the fact I have two world from that era I still play on - one specificically more than the other hence it being my "Main world"; speaks volumes. Do I get bored? - no. Do I get bored of world - sometimes, but very few of those other worlds do I want to continually keep up with. I've found it better to stick with worlds that are a bit older, nor do I create a new ones with each new version. That's just me however, but I still can't see myself quitting anytime soon.

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    posted a message on How did you discover Minecraft?

    A friend showed me the game at his place back in September 2010, when I got back home I tried it myself and fell in love with the game straight away and bought it straight away. Keeping in mind it was even cheaper back then. YouTube minecraft videos didn't really come into it for me, I loved the freedom of it, the creativness of it. Being able to build things just using my imagination and go exploring deep (very dark) caves as they were back then/finding my wayhome/mystuff after dying and solving other problems.

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    posted a message on (Finally) Updating my Survival World to 1.12 After a Very Long Preparation

    Nice work - stick with it! You'll be suprised how much it can grow over the years!

    If you're going to live oudoors though, maybe think of some sort of defense system? Even with enchanted weapons/armor etc I worry about a creeper accidently blowing up one of your chest especially with the valuables. Also protecting the bottom villagers from zombies.

    Just a helpful suggestion to consider. :)

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    posted a message on Updates of a [7 year] old Surival World

    Resource Pack: Painterly

    Shaders: Kuda Shaders, internals for interiors.

    Current difficulty: 4.00 (Current location: Home)

    Current XP: 10

    All the.. small things

    After two weeks it's literally the title, some small updates.

    This goes for things like replacing the lava in the lighthouse to dealing with the storage problem for arrows. With the first, I've changed it to a redstone lamp connected to a redstone tick so it flashes. Right now it's only one redstone lamp howerver so even though it is small you can see it flasing at night - just. I've thought about strobing redstone lamps (plural) but it presents two problems 1) my redstone knowledge, and 2) the bigger problem the lack of space - it'd have to be very, very compact. I will have to do my research.

    With the arrows, after fillng the enderchest again I moved the storage enderchest (Not my inventory one) next to the crafting bench so I could make the regular singular chest next to it a double:

    Now I can fill my enderchest up again with new stacks of arrows!

    The other problem I had in storage was the singular chest for damaged armor from mob fights, awaiting repair before going into the armory. I had already filled the singular chest and bits of armor were creeping into the "General Items" chest. Having watched too many Mumbo Jumbo videos (As I'm subscribed to him.) I used his idea of using ice to transport things and got the idea for an armor transport chute from storage to the armory directly into a double chest. After working out the mechanics of where the chute had to go, there was only one place it could be situated:

    At first I used a dropper but there was a backlog on the ice so I switched to a dispenser instead, now I can just pop them in and hit the button; knowing it'll go directly to the armory. Also with added anvil in there too.

    It never rains in my world mainly because at some point in optifine I turned off weather - and then forgot about it - forever. So no only did I turn it back on, but I enabled rain puddles as well. So here are a couple of pretty pictures just for the sake of it.

    Building stuff:
    One main thing I wanted to get rid off was this that I started but never did anything with, mainly as I was unsure what to do with it.

    Behind the facade was a the flat ugly chunk wall - and this was no better. Many months ago on my creativce copy of the world I had created a little dam/water dam thing and finally went to work making it happen on the actual world:

    With the original ugly cobble wall, my minecart ride ran parallel behind that ugly cobble facade, if you look in the new pic to the just behind the left side of the log/fencing border you can see a new tunnel actually in the chunk wall. The new tunnel goes from downstairs in the station now, opposite where you leave to go back home. The new tunnel does render the upstairs and it's tunnel useless now, and at first I blocked all the tunnel off, unsure of what to do with upstairs. Since then, I have decide just to make it a fictional apartment for the "Station master" (Also fictional!).

    very recent extentsion for extra room:

    Lastly, at the Chunk Plaza...

    I used the last of my white concrete and did the inside apartments outer wall, it's corridor and using the last of my glowstone to light it up. This is the corridor between the outer exterior building wall and the actual apartments' outer wall, which I don't think I got round to showing as it was mostly cobble then.

    I also finally made up a new batch of white concrete about 6 - 8 stacks (With the chunk plaza being situated neart a part desert)to do the apartment block roof and get rid of the grass of the chunk wall on top - as it looked silly on the map. By the time I was done I only had 11 blocks of all those stacks left.

    Map changes - Chunk Plaza specific (Upper right)

    The last map is because I got back to removing layers from the top of the third Chunk Plaza building on Wedsnesday. On that day I got from layer 18 down to 14, on Thursday down to 12 and yesterday down to just 10 layers for that low, low building! (Future cafe.) With the shape of the chunk wall next and to the left of the third new building, I decided the fourth will be a skyscraper type office building. Retaining the chunk wall height there, I temporarily roofed over the top in dirt after building it up several layers more.

    That's about it.

    By next Friday I should've reached the desired level with the roof height of Chunk Plaza building #3 doing a couple of layers a day. Also on the maps, the gray bridge that goes to the island to the left of the chunk Plaza, was extended slightly. Just to give it a slightly more tubular (Like totally tubular dude!) look on the map. The water/dam thing also looks cool on the map to the left of that bridge/crossover. I also like how you can see all of the tudor building roof now on chunk plaza building #2 after removing a very ugly jutting forward out bit of land from the original chunk wall.

    *Technically I have not reached the 7 year mark "in game", which I worked out to be day 2555, currently I am on day 2388. (Almost at 2400!)

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    posted a message on Updates of a [7 year] old Surival World

    Resource Pack: Painterly

    Shaders: Kuda Shaders, internals for interiors.

    Current home difficulty: 4.00

    Current XP: 12

    Post November D/L Update

    So I've kept myself busy since releasing the latest update. One of the things I wanted to do immediatly was cut that large room you enter for the underwater minecart tunnel - in half. Which would also mean making the proposed glass tunnel dock to the new route into that room. The only problem being is that I've no idea what to do for the back of the room going spare now:

    (Minus the glowstone now as well):


    The ender-dragon portal is coming along now after making more black concrete also:

    The second main thing was changing the trading area farm again, or at least the trapped villager. Following a different tutourial, I've opted for the trapped villager above ground rather than below it with further villagers trapped below that one in the glass roof below the floating platform. Due to where the farm is, it does mean the singular trapped villager is on a floating platform outside and above the glass roof of the farm. (Out of zombie reach though.) I had a lot of fun (Not) creating dirt tunnels to get a villager up to the plaform and villager(s) into the catchment area in the glass roof below him!

    It worked for a while but after three new villagers stopped. I thought the ones in the trap were to high up and so let them down and got new ones in a block lower and still nothing. In the first picture, to the left of the glass ceiling; I had to put fences (Fake trelis?) on that oak stair roof to stop zombies crawling onto the glass roof. Similary, (Although I don't like how it looks), stone slabs across the low iron fencing to stop zombies climbing over. The zombies are getting smart however. When I'm on the other side of the new glass dock they will use the tunnel to come at me, until they reach eye line with me of course. I am next to a stone-brick pillar though, so as soon as they get in-line with it on the other side - they turn back around again. Some are smart enough to actually use the glass dock however and come through to await their glorious death at the hands of my flaming sword!

    In small news, at the Half-way House the kitchen diner extension from long ago and further along the chunk wall minecart tunnel' both only had stairs on the edge of the old chunk wall. For both on top there was lumpy ground with spruce trees which really bugged me when looking at it on the giant wall map in the map room as it looked silly. Although hesitant, I removed the trees and terrain on both and filled in with spruce planks, stairs and slabs giving them full roofs. It looks much better on the map now and the kitchen extention now has a raised roof because of it, instead of the flat dirt/stone one it had.

    Lastly, I'm back to the new half-flanking towers on the sides of Mount DOOOooom's walls. Yesterday and today I've been doing it on the opposite side by the ocean. The front faces are still very, very plain and need a little work but that'll come. I need to figure design & detail, just the basic structures so far.

    Bottom of the map wall between towers before:

    Bottom of the map wall between towers after:

    *Technically I have not reached the 7 year mark "in game", which I worked out to be day 2555, currently I am on day 2320.

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    posted a message on I don't think Minecraft has gone downhill or dying or anything like that
    Quote from TheSteamNerd»

    The game itself should have no reason for a huge decline there a huge variety of modpacks and their are thousands of servers with very unique gamemodes, so the fun aspect of the game should remain. For the most part it could be the fact of people making videos that discourages all these things to be pursued. Also if you are in want to grow a channel in Minecraft I believe now is the time and if you want to see more great discussions and rants just check my link as I roast Minecon Earth on it.

    Your making a huge fallacy there.

    IF your assuming there's a decline in the game because these top Minecraft youtubers stopped using minecraft as their main video subject. They only stopped because it's not making them money any more.

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    posted a message on The off hand is being made Useless
    Quote from AlphaShard»

    The left hand will still be useful for holding maps, compasses and shields.

    That's not really enough though.

    I don't agree with it. If they go through with it, they're really back-peddling IMO.
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    posted a message on Which mob are you going to vote for in Minecon Earth?

    Probablly "B", although I think the explanations of these mobs coud've been a little better.

    A - Unless your going down to the bottom of the ocean I don't see that much of a bother, unless they actually come up at you from the bottom of the ocean.

    B - Is about the best one for me as It's extremely rare I sleep I'd rather mine/fix things do other stuff. Al this "It can be bypassed easily" - yeah IF you use a bed, just like the argument of you can avoid mobs! IF, you use a bed, it's a choice. I'd rather try and fight one. Again though,player choice what they do.

    C - To me with the camoflaging it seems more of a pain in the buttcheeks than anything else. Something that can eat you and make you loose all your stuff, yeah - good job! Where does it spawn? Anywhere, everywhere?

    D - Would be my second choice, I just hope it spawns anywhere in the nether not just in nether fortresses, it would give the nether more of a boost as ghasts are managable and blazed generally stick to the vicinity of Nether Fortresses.

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    posted a message on Updates of a [7 year] old Surival World

    Official early November D/L release now on page #1, post #1 :)

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    posted a message on --! Who has the most MC name changes?

    I've only changed my once also, I don't really feel the need to keep coming up with new ones.

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    posted a message on Strange Place ? or its Bug?

    Just to confirm, TheMasterCaver is absolutley right about these leaves. My main world is almost 7 years old and I still have loads of these trees in the vacinity of my home started in Alpha 1.2.0

    I took the resource pack off for these.

    Standing outside the bedroom, take note of the mountain I'm facing.

    Behind this mountain is where I have a lot of them still (Last picture using optifine zoom):

    There's even one by the church build I don't think I've ever cut down as I can't bear too! I kinda like having them around!

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    posted a message on Who here still actively plays the game?

    Still activley playing SSP after all these years, can't see myself not playing anytime soon. I don't think I've ever spent so long on any video game period. When my friend showed me this game I never thought it would be the keeper that it has become.

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    posted a message on What version did you think Minecraft went wrong for you? [POL]

    I'm with C1ff and SheILuser on this, no real updates hgave made it go wrong for me and I still enjoy the survival aspect immensely.

    Like the latter, the only thing I never liked was mooshroom islands, I always just thought they looked silly, but it doesn't change the game for me as I have no desire to go out and find them. The only light bug-bear are mountains involving terrain generation since several versions+ ago, most just come across as same-y and more like lumpy hills rather than mountains. Extreme mountains do nothing for me and amplified is too much.

    You can still mine - and craft, and in another thread someone mentioned mods breaking but that's the nature of mods. There's nothing wrong with them but you are using them so expect them to break when things change, it's happenned since day one of the first mods. There's no point moaning about it, and it is up to the author whether they update those mods or not to later versions. Just like you can choose or not choose servers with pre or post combat update concerning PVP. If you don't like it - fine, stay on the server in it's past version, there's no right or wrong just preference.

    I'd rather have slow updates personally then get something that is rushed or half-finished or never gotten back too such as half-implimented ideas in the early Alpha/Beta days. Also yes I have been playing since Alpha before I get accused of "Oh you must not have played in Alpha/Beta then!".

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    I decided to start a new main world in modern Minecraft, I'm not abandoning my almost 7-year-old main world by any means but I wanted to try something new without obscene amounts of travelling , chunk walls and limitations. Although I've had other worlds they've been "ideas" not "main worlds" so this'll be the first in a very long time.

    I spawned unremarkably in a forest of natural oak, birch and dark oaks, at least the latter gave me early mushrooms. Seeking a higher ground to get a perspective of the world around me i did see something in the distance at the end of the first night that was promsing - my favourite biome.

    First night inventory:

    Spent the night fishing using this stream:

    Something good for the morning:

    Savanna biomes are my favourite biomes so I want to settle there and one part seems equality fascinating a rounded low hill and behind it a more tall and slanty mountain, handily right next to a desert.

    The rounded low mountain isn't wide enough to build on without major terraforming and that was a flat spot up on the slanty mountain, which also has a waterfall down one side. I've set up a small camp on this flat spot on the slanty mountain but I'm not sure where to build yet. The waterfall led me into a cave which after a branch mine also led into a ravine (No abandonded mine.) Here's the camp, inventory for night 3 and I think night 5 respectivley and interesting mountain shapes in the distance.

    Not sure where or what to build for a home yet, there's a nice green patch of grass among the savana grasslands. I don't want to do anything I've already done like yet another home in a mountain, modern home, home on a mountain, underground home, ravine home/castle fort etc.

    I'm currently trying to find inspiration

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    posted a message on Updates of a [7 year] old Surival World

    2 weeks laaaater...

    Resource Pack: Painterly

    Shaders: Kuda Shaders, internals for interiors.

    Current home difficulty: 3.88

    Current XP: 35 (Reclaimed, after a death)

    Return to the Nether//Unexpected & Silly Things

    Slowly I have been digging out the structure for a third building in the Chunk Plaza, originally this was to be a very low building - one up and one down but I did change my mind to have two storeys above ground level as it would be extremley low next to the tudor building. It's still very early days yet thougn, but I'm thinking it'll be a cafe.

    Meanwhile this happenned:

    When I originally carved the skeleton structure for the apartments, the corner building wasn't meant to be part of it, but a building in it's own right for it's own purposes, It ended up as the entrance to the apartments however, and more recently I have found this to be, problemetic. Here's why:

    If you look at the apartments face on, to get to the far left ones - you have to go through someone else's apartment, even with the corner entrance stair wells. To counter this, I have the front of the actual apartments inside about 6/7 blocks back from the front windows creating an access corridor on each level. I realised however I really only needed a lot smaller space for the stair wells and that I could half this building.

    I may be able to squeeze an extra shop in between the brick building and the corner now. Thankfully because of my silk touch pick I did'nt waste any materials in the demolition. The only downer being whilst doing the side red bars:- I got knocked of the ledge. I thought it was a zombie as that's what I heard, but when I returned to get my stuff I saw a skeleton inside at the far end of the corridor. Safe to say he must've shot me off the ledge.

    Now I have to remove a big chunk of mountain above the third new prospective building, which I am currently working on, slowly.

    Return to the Nether
    So I returned once again, fighting blazes, almost getting killed by them to get to the wither skeletons. I did bring back a further 2 wither skulls however, not that I realised the second one dropped. One step close to fighting the wither for the 7th anniversary in November.

    Mount DOOOooom Bastions
    I also found myself at the above for a while, finally putting a cobble under-ceiling underneath the bridge at last; and doing all the columns between the supports underneath the bridge as well. (By boat)It was very dark as well so I took the oppotunity to light it up as well.

    Of course I still have to add more detail and inter-sparse mossy cobble everywhere - on the bridge, on the columns both exterior and underneath.

    There was another strange turn of events however. I found my self on the fort walls to the right side of DOOOooom, and at first was trying to bring the crenelations forward a block with a cobble stair upside down supporting underneath. During the clearing of the top of the wall (Inner), I ended up making little battlement areas:

    I ended up rounding these off (Six width, half-circle) and extending them down the side.

    Now, they still need a LOT of design work yet and the minecart tracks that went into where the furthest left tower is had to be re-routed in the wall between these two towers. As you can see there are little spy holes to shoot mobs through. Since these pictures though I have flattenned the terrain around the side of the fort, so the tracks no longer go up the embackment from the tunnel, along and back down again. They're all on flat land now and it looks much better.

    Another previous belayed project (Laziness):
    Back in 2016 I started this:

    To create or rather re-do the old portal, but inside an ender-dragon's mouth. What stopped me was how much black terracotta (nee: stained clay) I needed. Since then of course we've had the world of color update and I've picked it up, deciding to use black concrete instead:

    It might not look like I've done much except add a couple of nostrils, but keep in mind every black terracotta block so far had to be mined and replaced with black concrete (As well as removing more ceiling for viewing it). That alone took 3 & a bit stacks of black concrete, it went quicker than expected. I still have plenty of squid ink though so when I make the next batch we should see the start of a lot more...

    Silly things:

    • I was going to move the friendly animal mobs but instead elected to remove the barrier between the pigs and the cows and set all but 4 pig free. (One with a saddle kept.) I never eat porkchops anyway and am only keeping a few incase of the need for breeding for trading. The cows now have much more area to roam! Also changed dirt wall exteriors underneath sheep farm to brick to make it more solid looking.
    • Demolished old hut near the main bridge. When the old minecart rails used to go underneath the bridge via a glass tunnel, this old wooden shed was like a launcher hut for the minecart. It's been levelled to one block high and become a seating area. Another picture.
    • The roof of the main bridge has been given arcs that go over the top of it. The only thing I don't like right now are the end peaks at either end, need to make that more prettier. Another picture.

    Next update: Maybe the middle of October.

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