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    posted a message on The City Construction Challenge
    Quote from Towelsauce

    Ok so after 6 full nights of lighting up my area im 95% sure its zombie safe at any stage of the day. Also had to place blocks on the outside of the wall to stop the many ninja spiders that kept climbing and ambushing me.


    This is an image created by Cartograph_G for an overview of the enclosure. I know there is a structure at the bottom across the river, that is my wheat farm, i know it doesn't exist inside the walled off area but it would be such a hassle at this stage to make a wall around an area where i have no idea how big i want it, when just 1 building/farm occupies it thus far.

    Dear lord that's a massive wall. :blink.gif:
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    posted a message on The City Construction Challenge
    I finished stage 2 yesterday - here's the update:

    I didn't have to build a mine because the ground is full of rather large caves holding all the coal and stone I've needed so far. I found plenty of iron too - and smelted it in preparation of stage 3.

    A problem I've run into though is the lack of animal respawn. Dunno if this is bugged ATM, but it was a tedious task to find all the sheep I needed because of the four additional beds I wanted to make for the town hall.

    Anyway, here are the pictures:

    View of the town hall plus my little shed. The town hall could use a little of detail on the outside though.

    My shed got some windows :smile.gif:

    Here are the items needed to advance to stage 3:

    Now for the town hall.

    Main meeting room with a little library in the back:

    Upstairs I put four beds in case some folks are visiting the town or in case of emergency (Creeper blasts the house, Lightning, etc.):

    Downstairs is a working space with workbench, furnace, a big worktable and a chest with some useful resources, ready for use by the public:

    The next - so far unprotected - room is the treasury, currently empty:

    The town hall and my shed are connected via a cobble stone path. A dirt track leads to the new cemetery as I had a small discussion with a Creeper (he won):

    In the distance (right edge of the picture) you can spot my cacti farm:

    Another distance shot, this time my reed farm:

    Onto stage 3 - iron here I come :smile.gif:

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    posted a message on The City Construction Challenge
    Quote from Karlovsky120

    Here's and idea!

    Create a graveyard and for every death you experience, create a new tombstone!
    You could also make like underground catacombs or something...

    Yeah, I will do so too - I really like the idea Soluxis had :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on The City Construction Challenge

    This sounded like real good fun, so I accepted the challenge and just completed stage 1.

    I spawned in a big wood, near a tundra biome which seems to be perfect for building a city (large flat lands). As a bonus many animals are roaming the area - yay, first night in the world in a warm and cosy bed!

    The first shelter was a bit basic and was rebuild in the following days - entirely of wood - after many a trees have been chopped and even more trees where planted.

    And now for the foto love story:

    My rebuild shelter with the wheat farm next to it:

    So far the I couldn't harvest anything from the wheat farm as it's missing water - but no iron until stage 3 :sad.gif:
    Anyway, here's a close up of it:

    Tiny living room with a workbench and a chest for the stuff I don't want to carry around all day:

    The bed room with the Chest -o- Progress, holding the needed items to advance to stage 2:

    Inside the chest:

    Stage 2 here I come! Stage 2 will allow me to make me some nice steaks so my hunger and health problems will finally get fixed :smile.gif:

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